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Poll:  Should people have the legal right to assisted suicide?

Poll: Should people have the legal right to assisted suicide?

EKGAfter Jack Kevorkian's death, the topic of assisted suicide has entered the public debate again.  While a number of pro-life religious groups have included bans on assisted suicide as part of their anti-abortion campaigns, the issue generally has not had a lot of media attention.  This past week, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement opposing assisted suicide.

Contrary to the statements of the Catholic church and other religious groups, advocates of assisted suicide maintain that a patient should have a right to seek help in terminating his or her life, particularly in situations of a terminal illness with unbearable pain.  This allows a patient to die with dignity, they say, without relying on expensive life support systems and medical care.

What's your opinion?

The poll will remain open until the early morning of Sunday, June 26.  Your vote takes just a second or two, and is anonymous.  Our polling software tracks IPs (which do not reveal your identity) in order to stop double voting.

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Should people have the legal right to assisted suicide?

  • Yes and No: If the law is clear it is an individual's choice, made in writing as an adult with a sound mind, then it is fine. But the law shouldn't allow for arbitrary decisions by others. (57%, 8 Votes)
  • Yes. (36%, 5 Votes)
  • No. (7%, 1 Votes)
  • Unsure. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Other (Please comment below). (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 14

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  • If the person is truly terminally ill, with a lot of pain, then they should have the right to make such an end of life decision, but only if that is that case. If it is something like depression they are suffering, then no, that shouldn't be an option, because depression is treatable.

    • I agree, Mriana. I have provided in my will to pull the plug, so to speak, if it is a terminal condition that will only rack up a bunch of expenses and there is no quality of life.


      • I need to get a will made out too, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Seems odd that a grown woman would not know how to do such a thing.

        • There's relatively inexpensive software that you can use. I had an attorney do mine, but a lot of people just use software. Some can save you money by having you do the form on your computer and then an attorney will review it.


  • Kathy London

    This is not a "poll" – in the sense that there is no representative sampling of any population (not even of people who come to this web site). The results will mean nothing about what any group thinks – and we won't even know what defines the group who responded. It may be an interesting way to generate comments, but I dislike the "proofiness" implicit in calling this a "poll".

    • The poll is not meant to be a scientific study. It is only a poll of the people who read God Discussion. If you must be picky about the group being defined, here is your group, but again, this is not meant to be a scientific poll.

      • You're exactly right, Mriana. Other online newspapers and other sites also run polls and do not have an extensive questionnaire that asks for a lot of demographic, personal information.

        Kathy, do you want us to call these surveys? Or questions? What exactly are you demanding of us that exceeds other websites? Seems to me that it is apparent that this is not a scientific poll.


        • Kathy London

          My point is, no one knows what group is being polled. I doubt the group is all God Discussion readers (I did not enter a vote, for example). "Reader Survey" would be a better term. Maybe people understand this is a handy way to generate discussion, but not everyone will. We are subjected to way too many poorly designed and run "polls" in the media – where they are treated as news! Polls like this are more like newspaper horoscopes than news – entertainment.

  • I think it should be strictly restricted to doctor approved geriatric cases

    • What about the person who has terminal cancer? Should they have to die in pain or would an overdose of morphine be good? Overdosing on morphine is the same thing, if you ask me.

      • i wanted to qualify my statement by saying that in geriatric cases and only in other special cases as recommended y a qualified physician and psychiatrist but i did not have the time to post…

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