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Catholic Identity Cards Available As the Year for Priests Launches

Friday, June 19, marked the "World Day of Prayer for Priests," the beginning of the "Year for Priests" proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI.

The corresponding website, WorldPriest.com, offers the new "Catholic Identity cards" that people can carry around in their wallets. The site states,

In this secular world, everyone these days is standing up for their rights. The rights of people with different ethnic background, those with disabilities, older people, and one-parent families – all rightly must be recognised and are enshrined in law. Our wallets are filled with plastic cards proclaiming that we shop at this store, deal with this bank or are a member of that gym. In this context it is surely the right time to stand up and in a gentle way make a statement proclaiming that we are Catholic, and one tangible way to do this is to carry the Catholic Identity Card.

The back of the card has a prayer on it for priests. The front reads,

I am a Catholic.
In the event of an accident or an emergency, call a priest.

There is no cost for the card, other than shipping. However, donations are welcome.

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