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Religious News Verses:  Monkeys, Dragons and a Lost Inheritance

Religious News Verses: Monkeys, Dragons and a Lost Inheritance

newsSome villagers in a small settlement in South Africa were traumatized after a monkey was burned by a village mob because it was supposedly a witch.  They said it was going around Kagiso "talking to people."

In a horrible story about the poor animal being chased, pelted with rocks, doused with gasoline and burned after it tried to get away,  Times Live reports that children were frightened and confused.

A local authority explained that villagers do not understand that animals might wander into townships if their habitat was destroyed or they were separated from their "troop," and blame such visits on superstition.

Dragons play their part in myth and superstition, but creationist and evangelist Ken Ham thinks that dragons are actually dinosaurs that lived side by side with humans a few thousand years ago.  The American Family Association, a conservative Christian activist group that promotes "a Biblical ethic" in society, has also been promoting movies lately.  One of these is Ham's  "Dragons v. Dinosaurs" flick that purports to scientifically prove the dragon-dinosaur claim.  The American Family Association says it has over 2.4 million members (as of July 2010).

The May 21 Judgment Day has come and gone, and Time reports that because of the effects of cognitive-dissonance theory, many of Harold Camping's followers faith will become even stronger.

One woman's faith will not become stronger because she is dead.

And her heirs are furious.

CNN Money reports that Eileen Heuwetter was shocked to find out that her deceased aunt left nearly her entire estate to Family Radio in May 2010.   She and her sister were each left $25,000 from their aunt's estate. The rest, totaling $300,000 is going to Family Radio.

The estate is about to close in a couple of weeks and lawyers say the family has no recourse. According to CNN, Family Radio did not respond to their requests for comment.

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