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Man Claiming to be Jesus Says He's Going to Transform into a Superbody; That Those Marked With the 666 Will Also Be Transformed

Man Claiming to be Jesus Says He's Going to Transform into a Superbody; That Those Marked With the 666 Will Also Be Transformed

Jose Luis De Jesus

Jose Luis De Jesus

A Spanish-speaking man in Houston claims to be Jesus. And he is going to be "transforming" soon.

Calling himself Jose Luis de Jesus (The Man Christ Jesus), he says that radiation leaking from Japan or elsewhere will empower the bodies of those bearing the mark of the 666, which he says is a misunderstood number. According to the latest press release from The Man Christ Jesus, the chosen do not need to worry about radiation leaking from Japan's defunct nuclear energy plants or elsewhere:

“Radiation won’t harm the Elect of the Kingdom 666, but rather our bodies will absorb that radiation since our new clothing will be made of materials like fire, atoms… and radioactive material” revealed Jose Luis, The Lord.

“While radiation produces death for those that are not sealed 666, none of that will harm us,” He continued. “People today are fearful [of rising radiation levels], but we are not. After all, it is what our new transformed bodies will be made of – radioactivity and power. We will be powerful beings.”

Soon the world will see the All-mighty body of Jose Luis De Jesus transformed. For behold, the LORD, Jose Luis, will come in fire, to render his anger in fury (Isaiah 66:15). And all those who have dared to confront Him or doubt, astonished by His Omnipotence and Splendour, will undoubtedly say:

“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Rev 13:4)

The Great Day is near. 447 days or less.

According to his website, The Man Jesus Christ will transform in just over 396 days from date of this writing.

666 is a good number, according to Jose Luis de Jesus:

The Bible says that in this number there is wisdom, it is a number of man, of “beast” which due to the vocabulary of the ancient times, it was used as a word to refer to man. It was a man, with certain wisdom, who would come explaining the mysteries that would beat the ignorance of the saints. A man, who with his wisdom, would govern nations. The only one indicated to make these prophecies is God himself.

His followers have been getting 666 tattoos so that they have the special mark that will transform them. These can be viewed on the gallery of 666 tattoos.

End Tiimes preacher Paul Begley says that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is a false Christ, a false prophet, and a demon of hell. "Are you serious!" he proclaims, characterizing Jose Luis de Jesus as one of the smartest deceivers he's seen. Begley says that Jose Luis de Jesus has over a million Hispanic followers, is seen on 250 television stations and is heard on about 150 radio stations in the Spanish speaking community.

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  • What stupid insane man. Has he studied Madame Curie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Curie and others who have died of radiation poisoning? Granted there is nothing wrong with 666, for at one time it was a number of good importance in superstition.

    666 is the three parts of the day in Egyptian mythology- morning, noon, and night. Even in some other religions of today, it's not a bad number, but I can't find where people can read about it.

    What I don't get is that last dude. He can see through all these humans claiming to be Jesus Christ, yet he has at least 2 Jesus' on a stick on his walls. He can see through the humans, but not through his mythology. He can't see where "being saved" is a fantasy in itself too. Interesting.

    • The last guy rants tirelessly about the "signs of the times" and put great stock into the dying birds and fish earlier this year. I guess he's converted quite a few people to Christianity.

      I've also heard that the # 666 had good connotations in mythology.

      It never ceases to amaze me that so many people buy into all of this nonsense.



      • It never ceases to amaze me either. It's all insane.

    • kivahut

      Jesus on a stick! That's awesome! Can I steal it? LMAO.

      Also, 666 was the numerical value of the Hebrew characters (that also represent numbers) added up to in the written name of The Emperor Nero

      • Why not? I stole it from some fellow Ex-Episcopalians or Ex-Catholics.

      • When I was in theology school my professor took nearly every name out of the Bible and could get 666 from it in some way, and he took celebrity names, and calculated 666 out of their names too. Biblical numerology is about applicable as shit on a stick.

        • LOL! Bible codes probably fall into that same category. I think someone did it with one of Microsoft's manuals.

        • I wish the writer of Revelation were alive so we'd ask him what he had in mind when gave the 666 code, i'm sure the prophetic literature theorists would all be confounded to find he meant something or someone long dead and different than what they'd imagined. some one once calculated 666 from Reagan's name–i really don't recall how he did it but it was all so absurd

          • You know what? I have the number 666 in my driver's license number.

            Wonder if that means something?


            • I'm sure it does; that's probably why you missed the last judgment day rapture–lol!

  • And why don't the Christians believe him? Because not even the Christians take their own religion seriously.

    It's just fine to just believe in something, but for those things you believe will happen to actually happen? Absurd!

  • ork ork

    hahahah you're all insane

  • Shityshitybangbang

    cool story bro

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