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Christian Group Uses Natural Disasters to Evangelize to Children

Christian Group Uses Natural Disasters to Evangelize to Children

natural disaster - tornadoWhen natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding occur, children often wonder why bad things happen.  A Christian outreach is taking advantage of this by spreading thousands of pamphlets aimed at healing children's emotional trauma by converting them to the Christian faith.

The Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) says that food and shelter is not enough in the wake of natural and man-made disasters. The CEF says that it "attends to another need just as pressing: The desperate need to understand why God let this tragedy happen."

The CEF distributes a booklet titled "Do You Wonder Why?" to children who are the victims of disasters. The Christian booklet explains "[disaster's] roots in humankind's collective choice against God; the hope of the gospel; and the wonder of a God who loves them, watches over them and will never forsake them."

According to the CEF's press release, it has distributed a half million of these books to survivors of Hurricane Katrina. It is distributing booklets to the tornado-struck regions of Alabama and Missouri. 10,000 booklets were distributed after earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, 32,000 in Haiti and another 20,000 in Eastern Japan.

According to CEF, once their booklets reach a disaster area, formal and informal partner organizations such as the Salvation Army, Southern Baptist Relief teams, Christian newspapers, local churches, schools, stores, and supermarkets help distribute them. In Alabama, a power company distributing food and water also distributed the Christian booklets. According to Doug Clarke, the CEF State Director for Alabama, "these distribution centers were more than willing to distribute the booklets; they had nothing to provide the children to help them through the crisis."

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  • There's a desperate need to know why "God" let this (a tornado) happen? I didn't know there was. I think there would be more of a scientific need to know why the tornado happened. That's the way it was in my household. My sons got the scientific version before they got any mythical stories. The science can be shown on a smaller scale too, a lot easier than a mythical story can be shown. BTW, why does the story the children have to be getting as to why be Xian? Why not Anansi's version? Although I don't know how often, if ever tornadoes occur in Africa. How about the Hindu version? Buddhist version? Deism version? Oo! Let's live dangerously- the Wiccan or Voodoo version? If there is one. With science, there is only one explanation and not multiple superstitious human explanations. Everything else is just a story with no scientific evidence as to it factualness.

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