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Man Arrested by Police for Planning Massacre of Abortion Service Providers

Man Arrested by Police for Planning Massacre of Abortion Service Providers

George Tiler Abortion Provider Assassinated in 2009

A man, Ralph Lang, 63, who traveled about 100 miles from Marshfield, Wisconsin, to Madison, on May 25, with a plan to kill abortion doctors has been apprehended by the police. Ralph Lang, who will appear in United States District Court on Friday, was charged by federal prosecutors on Thursday.

Ralph Lang was arrested by the Madison police late on Wednesday night after he had accidentally discharged a handgun in his motel room hitting the door but not injuring anyone. The police later tracked him to a Motel close to a Planned Parenthood center. According to the Huffington Post, Lang told police officer Angie Dyer that he had a plan to "lay out abortionists because the are killing babies."

Ralph Lang who has a long history of targeting Planned Parenthood centers was  also arrested sometime in 2007 in Madison outside a Planned Parenthood building. He told officers that everyone in the Planned Parenthood center should be executed and accused the Police of not performing their duties. When he was arrested on Wednesday night he told the police that he refrained from "laying out abortionists" in Madison the week before because of "spiritual struggles" and he was not "100 percent in sync with God."

Ralph Lang probably was already "100 percent in sync with God" when he was arrested on Wednesday night and might have "laid out" a few "abortionists" had the police not arrested him in time.

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  • He should have kept his mouth shut to those who protect the babykillers. It's the babykilling abortionists that should be in jail, not Ralph Lang.

    • Ralph Lang attempted to commit murder. Abortion drs do not. Rather drs who do abortions ARE saving lives.

      • Rachel

        Mriana, Google this so-called Rev's name. He supports these domestic terrorists. He doesn't give a hoot about women and girls. He's just disgustingly obsessed about the contents of our uteri.

  • How ironic it is that the same people who justify the killing of abortion providers, and then wrap themselves in the American flag and tote bibles to their pro-war rallies are the same people who claim life is so sacred they want to make abortion illegal. Seems to me like a twisted sense of values.

    • It does seem to me that anti-abortionists (i don't call them pro-life) refuse to consider the fact that the issues in abortion debate are more complex than a simple binary decision tree problem: the complexity of the issues require a carefully balanced compromise as reflected in the "balancing test" principle employed in the historic roe v. wade decision. Doctrinal dogma simply prevents anti-abortionists from looking at the other side of the story and appreciating that things are not either white or black in the real world–we live in a world of a continuum of shades between white and black..

  • Johnthomas,you always have an excellent way of expressing ideas. The idea that every situation is black and white infers that all of us have experienced exactly the same things from the time we were born, and should therefore, always arrive at the exact same conclusions. I supposed it takes compassion and empathy to see life from another POV even when we have not had the same direct experience. Ironic how many in this country have neither empathy for compassion.

  • IMHO, anti-abortionists are the ones who are anti-life, not abortion drs. Abortion drs are PRO-life and have saved the lives of many women. Meanwhile, anti-abortionists have killed far more people (including unborn babies that women were getting pre-natal care at Planned Parenthood and not an abortion) and show a form of mental illness, but through their ideology they seem to condone murder, even though they spew "thou shalt not kill". How sick and demented is that? George Tiller is a martyr for a just cause, which is women's health care and rights.

  • I never got why it was okay to kill in order to protest killing. It just doesn't compute in my head.

  • southpaugh

    Most things in life are not black-and-white, but one detail at the basis of the abortion debate is strictly binary. Anti-abortion, anti-women's rights, and just about every facet of anti-equality sentiment comes from unsubstantiated, unprovable religious assertions that are based on conviction mistaken as fact by those who insist their myths require everybody to play along whether they recognize that god paradigm has any authority or not. The inappropriate nature of denying secular, Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights to others based on religious superstition and magical thinking cannot be any more graphically and obviously wrong to anybody not indoctrinated in or otherwise infected with the god based paradigm. Forcing others to behave as if they agree with anybody else's religion or religious ideas is the very reason the founders put the Establishment Clause into the Bill of Rights. If, for whatever reason, you don't agree with a woman's right to free access to abortion, don't have one yourself. That's as far as the rights of anybody not involved directly in any given procedure extend on the issue. In other words, if it's not your personal abortion, you have no right to interject, interfere, impede or affect it in any manner whatsoever. Grow up and deal with it.

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