The Bible Slam: Genesis Chapter 26

We run into King Abimelech again in this chapter. Previously, Isaac's father Abraham met up with him in Genesis Chapter 20, when he lied to the king by saying that Sarah was his sister instead of his wife. Abimelech gets punished by God because of Abraham's lie.

In Genesis 26 (link to King James, with notes), Isaac follows in his father's footsteps by lying to King Abimelech and saying that Rebekah is his sister and not his wife. This time around, however, Abimelech is not punished for the lie because he looks out the window and sees Isaac "sporting" with Rebekah and tells his people not to touch either Isaac or Rebekah because if they do, they'll be killed.

There is some stuff about well digging and skirmishes, and Isaac names a well site Beersheba. Oddly, Isaac's father Abraham had already named the well site Beersheba in Genesis Chapter 21, which had a similar account about skirmishes over wells.

The chapter ends with Isaac and Rebekah not being very happy with their son Esau's choice of wives. He has two of them — Judith and Bashemath.

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Talking Points.

Lying is Okay if God Likes You. We are now at the third time in Genesis that God's chosen people lie.   It's the same lie … husbands say that their wives are their sisters.   (See Genesis 12 and Genesis 20.)

Same Story, Different Names.   The accounts of Abraham and Isaac and their dealings with King Abimelech (if this is one and the same king or two kings having the exact same name) are almost the same, even down to the well site being named Beersheba.

More Polygamy.   Polygamy is common in the Christian's Old Testament.   Here, we have it again with Esau.

The "Inerrant" Word of God? It is getting more and more difficult to believe that there are no errors or conflicts in the bible as we keep reading along.

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