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Sarah Palin Aide pokes fun at Bristol and Mitt Romney in Leaked Tweets

Sarah Palin Aide pokes fun at Bristol and Mitt Romney in Leaked Tweets

Private Tweet messages sent by top Sarah Palin aid Rebecca Mansour on Twitter last year were published by the The Daily Caller yesterday. In one of the messages, Rebecca Mansour poked fun at Palin's eldest daughter Bristol when last July she (Bristol) announce that she was planning to marry the father of her son Levi Johnston. Mansour's comment in her private message on Twitter said, "I wish they were the Cleavers too. But it's life." She further wrote: "Two words: Patti Davis. Okay three more: Ron Reagan Junior. Two more: Billy Carter. Doesn't you family have one?…She (Palin) will hold her at arm's length. Even Thatcher was never able to disown her screw up son Mark. It's a Mom thing."

In another Twitter private message she called the supporters of  one of the leading 2012 Republican presidential contenders Mitt Romney "wacky as hell" and said, "I would love to tell Mitt's lackeys to stop backstabbing my boss anonymously."

Rebecca Mansour also wrote on Twitter that Sarah Palin "took a big risk endorsing Nikki (for south Carolina governorship). You don't pick a loser in SC. Very important state. Mitt has no hope of winning it…SC is crucial to someone like the Gov. She took a risk."

The Daily Caller which published the tweets claim that they received the tweets directly from the person Mansour sent them to. It is also claimed that some persons had tried to sell the messages to other papers before approaching The Daily Caller. The Daily Caller, however, denied paying for the messages. "We don't pay for stories," said The Daily Caller's editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson.

PalinTV the Twitter account which supports Palin has said that the tweets were leaked with the intention to "bring down Palin's kids."

This incidence coincides with the release of the book "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years," a book written by Frank Bailey a former top Palin aide.

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  • Andrea

    Why post the video? Everyone knows that the girl pictured with the booze, Levi, and the furry handcuffs is Mercede Johnston. Other pictures of Brisket getting her drank on were scrubbed back in '08.

  • Ummm… do you realize that those photos are of Mercede Johnston and friends?

    I'm no Palin fan, but the video does absolutely nothing to support your column.

  • Jane

    And you call the Palin's idiots. Those are not pics of Bristol in the vid. I'm no fan of Sarah Palin by any means, but please.

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