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May 21 Judgment Day and Allegations of Donation Scam: Rapture Victims May Sue Harold Camping

May 21 Judgment Day and Allegations of Donation Scam: Rapture Victims May Sue Harold Camping

The suggestion is being raised on some forums on the internet that those who have donated money to Harold Camping to help "sound the trumpet of Judgment" should on Monday morning call their lawyers and sue Harold Camping, his Family Radio ministry and associates/affiliates to recover their donations.

According to minstrywatch.com, the net assets of Harold Camping's Family Radio is estimated at over $120 million, a massive asset value accumulated exclusively from listener-supported funding.There have been allegations of donations scam involvment in Harold Campings Judgment Day campaign when Chris McCann's ebible fellowship website and Bible Ministries International joined Harold Camping's Family Radio and began promoting themselves with the subtle suggestion that the three ministries were the only true end-time ministries to which believers who want to be Raptured may donate to.

Even though ebiblefellowship.com claimed, a few days to May 21, 2011, that  it had stopped receiving donations due to "shortness of time until May 21, 2011," skeptics have noted that ebible fellowship went out of its way to recommend Harold Camping's Family Radio as the specially anointed ministry for believers to continue donating to, claiming that ebible fellowship has no affiliation with Family Radio.

Harold Camping had severed all relationship with the organized church claiming that the "Church Age" had ended and, thus, according to skeptics, set the stage for a situation in which scam artists and other opportunists may see a chance to rake in quick profits for themselves by associating with his ministry.

Close watchers of religious cult movements such as Harold Camping's believe that suing Harold Camping and his associates for recovery of donations should set a precedent that will discourage future Judgment Day date-setters whose prophecies disrupt the lives of millions and cause lifelong trauma to their followers.

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  • Lynette

    Camping has given the believers of Christ a bad name. Those that truly read the word of God knew that today was not going to be the beginning of the end. No earthquakes as he predicted. I hope those that did fall into his cunning trap and end time scam get some kind of financial restitution. The revenge will come from God and should be left to Him.

  • Adrienne

    The man should be prosecuted for felonies and spend the rest of his demented life in prison! He has caused a great deal of harm to credulous people, while raising millions of dollars for his "family" radio. Believers have spent their life savings, broken up families, quit their jobs, and stopped planning for a future. Religion should not get him off.

    • Yes, you are right, I believe Judgement day and end of world, God will tell us, none of
      human kind able to predict it, we dont play

  • IMHO Any lawyer who takes this on should lose their license. Anyone dumb enough to believe Camping's fantasy deserves to lose what they have. To be rewarded monetarily for being delusional is not how someone learns to use rational thought.

  • But with that said (my comment above) I do believe Camping should in some way be relieved of his money. Who should sue him I'm not sure, but he does need to be held accountable. Perhaps this could be the beginning of churches and non-profits now being stripped of their tax exempt status unless what they do uplifts and offers a positive service to the community, which is what non-profits are supposed to do.

  • DRS

    If you were that naive and that "lost" that you followed and believed A REGULAR MAN that he knew some special inside info then it's your fault and I do not feel sorry for you. Bible says to beware of false prophets but these people gave away their money and some spent their life savings. They should have no recourse as you can't fix "stupidity"

  • Kagehi

    Just like to note – You can't sue him on religious grounds, since the court can't touch that. Its the dark side of separation, and one that, unfortunately, is *liked* by most believers. No matter how atrocious, dangerous, or disturbing something religious is, who it robs blind, or possibly kills, its nearly impossible to sue over it.

    That said, a family *might* sue him over wrongful death, maybe, if they didn't personally kill their kid, or the like (like the mother who, thankfully, survived, along with her kids, when she tried to cut their, and her throat), over this, and had a case. Proving fraud would be a lot harder. To do so you would have to prove that he knew it wasn't going to happen, or that he knew that no bank/financial institution would survive the end, thus collecting the money only made sense if it *didn't* happen, etc. It would be nearly impossible to manage to get the money back, because if giving every dime you have to a church constituted fraud, or illegality on the part of the preacher/church, we would have seen more than a few such successful cases already. We don't, because religion is the only choice you can make, where being conned by someone, by a false leader/church/etc. gets you nothing, and them a 'get out of jail free' card.

    You can't even sue, as a priest, your own church for failing to pay you your pension, or maintain your health care, or anything else that involves money, membership, or the members having a say in who is a member, or how the money is spent, or even *if* it is. Such things are outside the court system, and if they where not… The number of people screaming persecution over having to follow the same rules everyone else is expected to, from a CEO to a homeless person, would be, if you will forgive the comparison, Biblical in magnitude.

    But, you can't have it both ways, and be able to punish people like this nut, while letting everyone else get by with more minor sins against their members. Either everything is on the table, with priests and churches standing equal to the rest of us in these matters, or they remain **immune** to threat, when they do them. Either you can sue them for fraud, or you can't. Either they are all open to being called guilty, when they lie, or distort, or are just mad, or they are all protected. We made one choice years back on that matter, and this sort of thing is the result. How much do we, as a society, not just members of some random church or other, than considers itself better than this, actually regret that protection and immunity? That is the real question that needs to be asked, and answered. Because, so long as its ignored, this joker, and his like, will remain untouchable.

  • Oh don't worry y'all. He was mistaken. He now knows the correct date and all will proceed as normal. (tongue in cheek)

  • Mac McQueen

    The worst thing about this whole situation is that these crooks are going back to the well for a third time.
    Camping, McCann et al need to discover the joys of a very dark prison cell.

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