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New York man spends life savings in anticipation of May 21st judgment day

Religion makes people do what would be appear to be crazy things.  As a result of Harold Camping's May 21st prediction that the world will end and his followers will be raptured, a New York City man named Robert Fitzpatrick has done something that would make his poverty stricken dead Irish ancestors groan in despair–he blew 140,000 dollars–his life's savings, on something Harold Camping has already done–ads telling others of the doom and gloom to come.  Opposing Views reports:

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Robert Fitzpatrick spent $140,000 for an ad campaign for signs on subway cars and bus shelters around the city reading "Global Earthquake! The Greatest Ever – Judgment Day: May 21."

"I'm trying to warn people about what's coming," Fitzpatrick. "People who have an understanding [of end times] have an obligation to warn everyone."

Fitzpatrick told the newspaper how it will go down:

"It'll start just before midnight, Jerusalem time: It'll be instantaneous and global," he said. "There are too many scriptures talking about 'sudden destruction.'"

Fitzpatrick is obviously a big believer of evangelist Harold Camping, who claims to have calculated the date of Armageddon using clues from the Bible.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it didn't think twice about accepting Fitzpatrick's campaign.

"It's an individual's prerogative to spend their money as they see fit," said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

American Atheists responded:

"Doomsday cults are money-making enterprises," said David Silverman, of the American Atheists. "I wonder what is going to happen on May 22 when people no longer have their possessions or their savings and we are all still here and they don't have their rapture."


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  • The guy is simply crazy–he'll kick himself and hide his face in shame at 00.00001 hrs, may 22

    • RealitySpeaks


      No True Christian would follow this man. He is an arrogant Old fool who believes his own Bible translations.

      His followers are the worst, they trust “HAROLD CAMPING INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE…NOT THE BIBLE!

      Harold Camping is a horrible Bible teacher



      • Maybe he's the one who needs anti-psychotic medication and all his followers need to stop drinking his kool-aid.

    • KatzKids

      Camping has no shame, he won't be kicking himself either. He'll just have a new and even crazier explanation to explain the "delay." He did it before, he'll do it again.

  • Somebody PLEASE interview this guy after May 21st, provided he hasn't decided to commit suicide. I will want to know if he feels like he was made a sucker by Harold Camping. It's just so dismaying how many people have actually bought into this Apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo to the point that they are actually quitting their jobs, selling their possessions, and even abandoning their families to accompany the Rapture Caravan across the country, spending money on billboards and warning people of their impending doom. I want to read lots of interviews with these poor people on Monday, May 23rd.

  • I knew someone was going to be out and out stupid. Watch. He will probably end up in a mental hospital or dead shortly after the 21. Let's just hope he isn't dead. Hopefully there is an antidote for Camping's kool-aid that so many people seem to be drinking. An antidote that keeps them from doing something stupid that is.

  • This is sad. Just sad.

    What is it about people who buy into this nonsense? They seem to have a death wish. If we spent more time doing what is good and positive,
    rather than praying for the end, imagine how different things would be. If he wanted to give his money away, think of how grateful the tornado victims would be, for instance.

    To be honest, I hate end times crap. It enhances mental illness in our culture.


  • The only end times rhetoric I believe is that we are headed into a time where the vibration of the planet has the potential to be raised exponentially and when we align our hearts with the vibration of love we can transform the planet into a whole new world. That I can get behind. And whether it's true or not, the more people who believe it, the better the energy will be on the planet.

  • Never mind, come next week- the world will be destroyed and gone, or at least it will be for one man who will be putting himself in harm’s way now that he has spent his entire savings on his own crusade. But then again, maybe that’s what the whole campaign is really all about- resurrecting one man’s sense of self before he ultimately leaves the world.

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