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Pastor says tornadoes were 'demon possessed' and a sign of the apocalypse

Pastor says tornadoes were 'demon possessed' and a sign of the apocalypse

Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley

Theologian Paul Begley says that the tornadoes that ripped through the southern states were demon possessed.

The Indiana pastor says that signs described in Matthew 24 and the Old Testament books of Hosea and Daniel are being fulfilled "with dead birds, fish, cows, eagles, whales, and now people."  Begley has been preaching end times doom almost daily, after thousands of dead birds and fish were reported in Arkansas in January.  "Are you ready for the apocalypse?" he asks.  "Are you serious? Are you saved?"

He speculates that economic woes will lead to a one world government and the mark of the beast.

According to Begley, Harold Camping is a false prophet.  He admits that Gary DeMar and other Christian Reconstructionists consider him a false prophet and wonders what bible the Christian Reconstructionists are reading.  Begley has never said that the apocalypse will happen on a certain day, but says that there are a lot of signs pointing to it.

He says the world is uncivilized and full of abominations with abortion, child molestation, men marrying men, and idol worshipers "tripping over themselves over the Dalai Lama."

Begley says that 159 people have been saved after watching his YouTube videos.

President Obama toured the storm damage in Alabama today. "I have never seen devastation like this," he said. "It is heartbreaking."

The president noted that the damage was inflicted in just a couple of minutes. He promised that federal help will be made available as soon as possible and that the government will do all it can to help the communities rebuild.

CNN reports that the storms killed at least 326 people in six states and left entire neighborhoods in ruins.

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  • rabbiviking

    Satan must of sent a batch of Tasmanian Devils to punish America. Where did that preacher get his credentials? Fink Theological Seminary for only $49.99? The last thing these poor victims need is to have some podunk pastor attribute this tragedy to demonic activity. They have been traumatized enough.

    • It's sad, really. He's still going on about the cows that died, never acknowledging that they ate some bad squash. There are people who really believe this stuff … and you're right, the last thing that the people who suffered from those tornadoes need to hear is that they were the result of demonic activity.


  • When people are looking for signs of the Apocalypse they always seem to see them everywhere but in their own backyards. It's always everyone else bringing on the wrath of god. Never a moment of introspection wondering if perhaps something they've done has pissed god off a little.

  • So Paul Begley thinks that the tornadoes that killed 300+ people were possessed by demons, but Harold Camping is wrong to assign a date to the so-called "Rapture?" Both Begley and Camping are utter lunatics.

  • I've said it before: this guy is delusional

  • rabbiviking

    There is no difference between their macabre presentation of the God of the Bible, and Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution. Those who advocate such fanatical views manifest their own bane, twisted psyches. Those who salivate at natural disasters and pound their pulpits, proclaiming that God's vengeance is being poured out, are themselves demented.


    I will not attempt to assess the WORKS of the LORD?
    But could the USA be receiving His WRATH for making WAR throughout the WORLD and being the #1 ARMS MERCHANT???!!!
    Obama disgraced the Nobel Peace Prize that Mother Teresa enhanced. But McWar would probably have been WORSE!
    God bless America – we certainly need it!

  • Scott H

    So, when disaster comes to Haiti and Japan, it divinely sanctioned, but when it happens in the US South there must be demon possession involved?

    This guy is a toad, and his message is ill for anyone who would hear it.

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