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God is a Guest at the Royal Wedding

God is a Guest at the Royal Wedding

royal weddingLike many other people throughout the world, I am sitting here watching the royal wedding. I should be sniffing in disgust at such a display of elitism, such imperial inequality, such a celebration of the establishment supported by a wayward church.

I should – but I can't. I am overcome by the magic of the event. The genuine love of the crowds, the respect shown to the people by the couple themselves. In spite of myself I am proud to be a citizen of a country in which an event like this can happen.

Sometimes it's good to have one's beliefs (or the lack of them) challenged. To say yes but maybe, maybe, there is another truth here to which I am blind. Surely the spirit of God is present in London today.

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  • As magical as it all is, and seeing how I believe that God is every where and in everything, God probably was there today. But I doubt He/She sanctioned today's spectacle personally. The God that I know and have come to love would not really support the type of inequity between a government, a church and the people. God doesn't make such distinctions. God loves the beggar as much as the Queen. But it was a beautiful day, I admit.

    • I totally agree Sheri, which is why I was so surprised at my reaction. I no longer think of God as a "being" with opinions and judgments but as the glue that binds people together in love, enabling them to put their differences aside for a while. There seemed to be plenty of that "glue"around yesterday.

  • Perhaps times are changing Chris. Perhaps the new generation will usher in a better way of thinking, where hierarchy will no longer be the rule. Where people are made sovereign and allowed to rise to new heights despite those who would keep them oppressed. I can hope.

  • Lets hope so.

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