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Creationist group says homosexual indoctrination in schools is because of Darwin

Creationist group says homosexual indoctrination in schools is because of Darwin

evolution and a deityThe religious right has labeled efforts to teach tolerance as "homosexual indoctrination."

TPMMuckracker neatly summarizes the religious right's fury over the April 20 Day of Silence protest against LGBT bullying in the public schools.  "To hear some on the political right talk about it, 'homosexual indoctrination' is already a problem in public schools — and it's about to get much, much worse," TMP observes, citing remarks made by David Barton of Wallbuilders, the American Family Association, Liberty Counsel and numerous other "family" groups.

The following video put together by Mass Resistance, a group in Massachusetts that is still fighting gay marriage and tolerance of the LGBT community, is an example of "the evil of this radical facet of the Leftist enemy" according to a forum poster at the You Know It's About Liberty forum. Showing that children of same sex parents have trouble with permission slips, that gays or lesbians are bullied, and that there are famous gay and lesbian people has enraged some of the people at It's About Liberty, one of whom had to "suppress the impulse to reach out and throttle anyone who would deliberately seek to pervert children." Anther wrote, "Suffice it to say anybody sending a kid to a public school like this is truly endangering their child!"

Teaching Evolution Leads to Homosexual Indoctrination.

Right Wing Watch pointed out that the creationists place the blame on the "homosexual indoctrination" movement on Charles Darwin.

In a lengthy article published at the Creation Studies Institute titled Secure Daughters, Confident Sons, Glenn Stanton declares,

Those who hold godless ideologies have long understood that the best way to transform societies and change the way people traditionally think is by indoctrinating children from the earliest stages of education. In the last century, this methodology was effectively employed by those who held the atheistic ideologies of Nazism in Germany and Communism in countries such as the Soviet Union, where the state assumed total control of the educational system—even to the extent of turning children against parents. Of course, both of these worldviews fully embraced Darwinian evolution as a way to justify their actions and nullify the beliefs of their largely Christian populations. While U.S. federal government does not have that kind of authority in our school system (not yet, anyway), is it any wonder that those who lack a biblical worldview in our country, including those with a gay agenda, have seized upon our primary schools as the main vehicle of transforming our nation more to their liking?

In America, the adoption of evolution in our schools has paved the way for the introduction of the gay agenda. Those pushing it understand that nothing will more thoroughly and quickly undermine the traditional biblical foundations of our country than the normalization of homosexuality among our nation’s school children, regardless of their parents’ beliefs. Currently, under the banner of “tolerance” or “equal rights,” states like Massachusetts, New York, California, Wisconsin and Minnesota are actively implementing a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) curriculum in their public schools. But those behind the effort to legitimize LGBT lifestyles won’t be content until this kind of curricula is taught in all of our nation’s schools. So what is being taught, you might ask, that should concern those of us in the creationist community?


From time immemorial, man has sought to rid himself of the God who created him. Our fallen nature resents being accountable to our Creator, much less submit to the notion of judgment, and makes us want to be our own gods. While many vain philosophies have come and gone over the course of human history, perhaps none has been so successful as the theory of evolution at deceiving people into believing that it is possible for people to be the god of their own lives. When he wrote Origin of Species, while he was reluctant to admit it himself, Darwin knew full well that he was providing a rationale for a godless universe. However, as Darwin’s grandson, Julian Huxley, wrote, “Darwin pointed out that no supernatural designer was needed; since natural selection could account for any known form of life, there was no room for a supernatural agency in its evolution.” If anything has become absolutely clear in our day, it is that the ultimate goal of evolution is to get rid of God. To the evolutionist’s chagrin, 150 years after the publication of Darwin’s book, belief in God stubbornly remains, especially in the United States. This has caused evolutionists to ramp up their efforts and to engage in an aggressive campaign of brainwashing, censorship and deception. And, once again, this is where our public schools come in.

As the saying goes, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” And this brainwashing technique is exactly what is being employed in our school system today, where evolution is being taught as an unassailable fact—instead of a theory. Of course, in order for brainwashing to be truly effective, alternative views also have to be shut out, which is where censorship comes in. According to its proponents, evolution has been so well proven that no “real” scientist even questions it any more. Therefore, the scientific elites proclaim that individuals—regardless of how many degrees they may have—if they don’t fully embrace evolution, they are not fit to teach in our schools. This is especially apparent at the college and university level, as documented in the film Expelled, where dozens of scienctists with Ph.Ds have lost their jobs for simply daring to question any aspect of evolution. Indeed, the scrutiny and censorship of ideas being practiced in academia today is worthy of the Spanish Inquistion. Of course, if evolution is true, not only is there no God, but there are no moral absolutes. Morality is all relative. Who’s to say what is right or wrong, or that marriage is only for members of the opposite sex? And besides, what’s to fear? If there’s no God, there’s no “last judgment” either! Hurray! At last, we can do as we please! Finally, we have found a way to become our own little gods, and so the deception goes.

Evolution Made Easy: The Theory of Evolution Explained.

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  • This article is pretty much a complete deception— pure balderdash! I'm a science-trained person who accepts evolution in its entirety. There is no conflict between my religious beliefs and my understanding of evolution. However, I don't believe that Genesis is a factual account of the creation. I believe it's a mythic story—important and beautiful with deep revealed truth but it's not meant to be literal. Additionally, I'm NOT an advocate of special LGBT rights either. I find that people who believe the narrow and distorted lies in this biased article are:
    a] extremist believers in young earth Creationism or other theocentric unscientific views of creation; (AKA Genesis-driven Creationists and IDers)
    b] don't even adequately understand the basic ideas of evolution. Inevitably, I find this to be 100% true! Evo-deniers simply DON'T understand what they're criticizing.
    Believe me. It is possible to believe in God, even a Christian God, and fully accept evolution.
    However, it's just impossible if you believe the Genesis story of creation is factual science… and that's what these fundamentalist types want all Americans to do.

    • The creationist nonsense is a QUOTE in the context of a news story and not the opinion of this website or its authors.


  • feetxxxl

    everytime some believer stands on a legalistic "the bible says" understanding, they are in effect attempting to place themselves as well as other believers, under the law, and in so doing the spirit of christ that lives in all as well.

    yet we we know that christ who is righteousness is apart from the law, and scripture says his love transcends it, and that as believers of christ we are no longer under the law, but instead the spirit of grace, who in christ is the one who leads our understandings.

    do it is not my understanding but his spirit who leads me understanding.

    • Mark Vincent

      @feetxxxl – your comment does not make logical sense. What is the point of your comment or its relevance to the article? I am desperately trying to understand your point of view and the validity of your train of thought.

      It is difficult to establish what you are trying to say in anything that you have written. Your final sentence is particularly vague.

      Please dont take offense to this reply but it is impossible to either agree or disagree with what you are saying if nobody can understand you.

  • Mark Vincent

    This debate should perhaps be extended beyond the fundamentalist Christian Schools to examine how similar practices are being rolled out in other religions.

    Evidence of similar practices could also be sought and referenced from examples in other countries.

  • Ken Ham looks like a prehistoric man, a Neanderthal. Maybe he's the missing link. I hope not though.

    I don't know anyone who believes in Evolution believes that homosexuality and alike is part of evolution. I think there is a difference between teaching tolerance and Evolution. Now I might be wrong, but I don't recall anything stating that our sexual prpreferences an Evolutionary adaptation. Then again, come to think of it, with too many people on this rock, it might be.

    Who knows, but no one is trying to indoctrinate children into homosexuality. That isn't possible. One either is or they aren't and it can be disappointing sometimes, because some guys are really cute and really nice, but I'm just not their type. Oh well. Such is life.

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