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Yahweh The Mountain God

Many people have not read the Bible. Those who have — or those who have been following our Bible Slam series — will notice many references to mountains and what may be a volcano. The young man that we've featured as our "Bible Slam" reader put together some fascinating material in the video below that suggests that Yahweh was simply a mountain god. We've added some written narrative to accompany the video.

Over time, science, research and technology have explained natural phenomena such as the rise of the tides and volcanic eruptions. Before this knowledge became common, humankind would attribute this natural phenomena to gods.

In reading the Bible and other historical literature, Yahweh is featured as a mountain god. The Old Testament frequently talks about Yahweh living in Mt. Sinai. The mountain is smoking and shaking in the Old Testament stories. The current Mt. Sinai is not a volcanic mountain; however, as the video (and narrative) below suggest, the biblical Mt. Sinai was different from what we currently know.

Stories from sun gods and other sources were passed around verbally until they were written down in the books attributed to Moses. The biblical Moses may have had some of his roots in the Egyptian Akhenaton, which has many strong correlations to the biblical Moses story. There are no historic records outside of religious texts that substantiate that Moses was a real person, or that the biblical Mt. Sinai is the same as the current one. In fact, the present Mt. Sinai was named after the one in the Bible.

Some scholars think that the Mt. Sinai in the Bible was actually Mt. Bedr in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The biblical Moses' father-in-law was a priest in Midian, which is in Saudi Arabia. When the biblical Moses had his burning bush experience, it is likely that it was in Midian. The Midian culture at that time worshiped a mountain god called Jahve.


Historical Deception – The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt, by Moustafa Gadalla

The JezusRa YouTube Channel

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