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Federal Taxes due tonight at 11:59pm

Federal Taxes due tonight at 11:59pm

tax dayIf you haven't filed your taxes yet, you still have till 11:59pm tonight Eastern Time to get them postmarked with April 18th's date or electronically filed. Normally taxes would be due April 15, but the District of Columbia's holiday celebrating Emancipation Day had the same effect that a federal holiday would have on the rest of the country–because the 15th of April fell on a weekend of a holiday, the IRS traditionally allows filings to be made the next business day, or in this case, Monday, 18 April.    TownTalk.com adds:

Those who have tax liability face penalties if they do not file by the due date. Taxpayers can file for an extension by the due date, but that is an extension to file only, not an extension to pay. People with unpaid tax liability after the due date face a monthly late-payment penalty and an annual interest charge.The IRS is again urging people to use its Free File service to ensure their returns are filed on time and to cut down on administrative costs. The service can be found at www.irs.gov/efile.

A partial list of documents to have an hand when preparing a return or having one prepared for you includes:

»Wage Statements (Form W-2)

»Form 1099

»All other income amounts

»Unemployment compensation received (Form W-2G)

»Social Security card(s)

»Driver's license(s)

»Dependents' Social Security numbers and dates of birth

»Last year's federal and state tax returns; last year's state refund amount (if applicable)

»Mortgage interest paid and real estate taxes (Form 1098)

»Total of all cash and non-cash charitable contributions

»Any records to support your deductions

»Form HUD-1 or its equivalent if filing for a First-Time Homeowner Credit

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