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Decorah Eagle Owl Scare

Decorah Eagle Owl Scare

The parents of the three eaglet chicks in Decorah, Iowa had quite a scare last night. Buzz around the internet said that the parents were on high alert after an owl was heard close by. Since large owls, such as the Great Horned Owl will kill and eat animals are large as a fox, the parents had cause to worry. But both Eagle parents were vigilant as they protected the nest and their young eaglets by calling back in response to the owl, who could be heard in the distance, letting it know their nest was off limits.

Someone caught a few minutes of the episode which occurred after midnight early Tuesday morning and posted the video on YouTube:

The Decorah eagles as they have come to be called since they are located in Decorah Iowa are fine today. The live streaming video sponsored by the Raptor Resource Project runs 24/7 and has been viewed this year by over 12 million eagle enthusiasts. And for those who may not have been enthusiasts before, be warned: after watching for even a short time, it’s difficult not to get hooked.

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  • This probably the most "wholesome soap opera" ever. So interesting! The excellent updates.


    • KatzKids

      I've been addicted to the site since the egg stage. Now we have three beautiful babies to watch and worry about.

      I was an anxious & over reactive Mom with my first son & I found myself in the same state of mind with the eagle babies. I almost had a fit one night when Dad eagle was sound asleep & the two kids (#3 hadn't hatched yet) popped out from under him. Dad didn't even twitch & I grew convinced that the kids were going to freeze if he didn't wake up & cover them again. I found myself yelling at him to wake up. He was really exhausted & slept on. Finally he woke & fed them. Needless to say, they were just fine & well tended & I've mellowed out. =) They know what they're doing. Fascinating.

      I was tickled to find you've been watching them too. Thanks for all you do!

  • I was never hooked on a regualr soap opera like I am this nest. I may need to go to raptors anonymous.

    • KatzKids

      LOL! Let me know where to sign up.

  • KatzKids, thanks for reading the article and for sharing the amazing journey with the Eagles and babes. It is amazing how they just know what to do to make sure these little guys survive.

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