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Anonymous Going After Scientology This Month

Anonymous Going After Scientology This Month

Anonymous' flagAnonymous, the group ofย  activists that the Westboro Baptist Church accused of hacking its network of sites, a claim that Anonymous denied, is going to protest Scientology this month.

The United States' IRS recognized Scientology as a religion in 1993.ย  Anonymous' goal is toย  have the group stripped of the tax exempt status.

Radar reports that Anonymous is staging protests against Scientology in New York City, Irving, TX, Santa Rosa, CA, Nashville, TN and Scientology's U.S. base, Clearwater, FL, on April 16.

Anonymous emerged in 2003 as a group of online and offline activists, and became associated with "hacktivism" in 2008.

In 2008, the Church of Scientology called anonymous "terrorists" when the group protested the headquarters in Clearwater.

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  • So Interesting. I just had a discussion with a friend today who had investigated Scientology to perhaps become a Scientologist. When I referred to them a a religion she went a little ballistic and stated Scientology is not a religion. I asked her what it is then and she had no answer.

    • LOL!

      • GreatBusby

        I notice that the moderator is censoring posts that are not conform with her prejudice. Is that part of your Terms of Service?

        • If you are new at commenting, your comments do not appear immediately. This is because we get at least 3,000 spams a day.

          Comments with a number of links in them, as well as other comments that are not cleared by Akismet also go in the spam bin and are checked as I have time. If you feel that is prejudice, too bad. I'm not going to say I'm sorry for having some modicum of spam filtering here.


      • GreatBusby: That's what happens when you ASSume you know what's going on. Well done, Deborah!

    • GreatBusby

      Obviously Scientology is a religion. It would be ridiculous to think that some pimply Anonymous would have more clue than what came out of 60 years of scrutiny by scholars.

      Anonymous is the new inquisition, except that they pray for drugs, prn and immorality.

      • Longcat Meowster

        Please. Name these "scholars" and other projects they worked on. Go ahead. LRH is a liar and a thief.

  • Didn't Anon go after them before? I thought they did at least.

  • Mike

    Not "before"… "still".
    That's part of the reason why all surveys and independent studies find a very small number of scientologists. In fact, the numbers are so small, the last pew survey grouped them into the "other" category!

  • Anonymous

    In the early 70's I had never heard of Scientology. But they were cruising the streets with a big white van (this was in Denver) looking for people to take free personality tests. Of course they didn't say who exactly they were…just marketing or something like that. They took me & a bunch of other volunteers to their headquarters. They sent me nasty letters, came to my house unannounced, hounded me forever trying to get me on their "payment plan" for lessons. Worse than any bill collector or Jehovah's witnesses I ever heard of. I wish to god I had kept those letters! This was before we even dreamed of personal computers. I would scan them right now for the whole world to see. There's a slight possibility I might still have those in my attic. That's my next spring cleaning project. Believe me, they are all about the $$$$$$$$ and nothing else! They should be paying taxes in my opinion the way they go all out for your pocketbook.

    • lorina

      hey anonymous, when you find those letters please post them on whyweprotest, for the fun, and edification, of us all…kthxbai

      and to admin: thanks for the well-handled and fair modding in these comments

  • Jesse

    Anonymous was called terrorists after sending ten thousands of hate mail, physically threatening Church members and damaging church property. This was followed by several convictions of Anonymous members who are still in jail now. These guys are criminals and have nothing but hate to spread.

    Sources for mod:

    • Oh please, all those links are Scientology links. Both Jesse and Lee work for Scientology's intelligence division, the Office of Special Affairs. Anonymous has been protesting Scientology continously, legally and peacefully since February 2008. The only attacks have been Scientologists on Anonymous members. Most recently, two weeks ago,in Paris, three Scientologists set upon, beat and stomped a protestor,kicking him in the head, breaking his nose and causing other injuries. One Scientologist was arrested and the others are being investigated. Anonymous and other concerned citizens (including ex members) are protesting Scientology's crimes, not their beliefs. These crimes are many and include slave labor, human trafficking, child abuse, forced abortions, false imprisonment, beatings, etc. etc. If you google Scientology and abuse, you can read for days about all the crimes.

      • I noticed they were Scientology links too, Katie. Thanks for pointing it out here.

        Do they seriously have an Intelligence Division, Office of Special Affairs? I don't know enough about Scientology to know if you're kidding or not — but if it's true, that's hilarious!

        More seriously though, the beatings are not funny. We had a man on our talk show who helped people escape from Scientology … it was toward the end of a show on skepticism and things just started getting really interesting when the time was up on the show. I should see if I can get him back on again because some of the things that he had to say were truly disturbing.


      • Jesse

        Yes, they are Scientology links. What's wrong with that?

      • They really do! Google Scientology and OSA, read and find out all the lovely things they do.

        Sorry I missed that show; would like to hear it. And the beatings are only a small part of it. There are so many crimes, from human trafficking to people being held in their "gulags" or re-education camps, the RPF. Some excellent articles to google: The Truth Rundown; the New Yorker and Paul Haggis.

  • Lee

    @Jesse I can attest to that. Some of them call themselves "Anonymous" in an attempt to have some "hacker ethos" rub off on them. Psychopaths, really.

    • GUest

      Another OSA "internet handler", admin. The server logs probably say they came from the same netblock.

      • BarryBigs

        Hi there. Wondered when you'd show up. So transparent. You always say the same thing. Kind of dorkey actually. Can't you come up with a better line?

      • Yes, Guest, they're all from the same IP. See next page of comments.

    • imominous

      Scientologists are fond of bawwing about death threats, bomb threats and vandalism. Considering that they cry to the cops when we're legally protesting, I find it interesting that there are ZERO police reports from the Scilons regarding death/bomb threats. They complain if we touch their driveway, so I imagine the phone lines would be burning up if they actually ever DID receive real threats.

      Buncha baby whiners. Where's the proof, you stupid clams? And don't steer us to the idiotic YouTube "threat" you created with your own graphics. Dummies.

    • imominous

      Scientology sources don't count because Hubbard said, "The only way to control people is to lie to them. You can put that in your book in great big letters."

      So, a "religious organization" that approves of lying to get its way isn't really a legitimate source of information. Neither are your links.

  • Former Member

    Yay, Anonymous is doing the right thing! They need to keep those Sciotology criminals on their toes!
    Hey COS m,embers, here 's a funny joke for you-

    How can you tell when a Scientologist is lying?
    When their mouths are moving!
    Seriously, COS is going to disappear very soon, it will die like all the other cults and the leaders will do hard time in federal prison!

    • BarryBigs

      Keep whistling dixie former. You couldn't make it when you were a current, you'll never make it now.

  • No, they call themselves Anonymous because they do not give out a name. Critics of Scientology previously were hounded and attacked by the cult. This way without a name, it is harder to figure out how to attack you.

    • Jesse

      All it does is it makes it easier to spread disinformation and hate because none of these guys is accountable for what they are doing. If they had to take responsibility for their actions they would not date to open their mouth that way.

    • BarryBigs

      Ridiculous. They call themselves anonymous because they are chicken s**t and then they make up stories to justify being cowards.

      • imominous

        Anonymous has a saying, "Dox or GTFO."

        This is why we don't have to make up stories. The documented stuff is bad enough.

      • Fred Milker

        Louanne/BarryBigs- how do you know this to be true?

  • BarryBigs

    Oh not another BS story about anonymous. C'mon you don't believe this bull pucky.

  • JeanneB

    How ridiculous. These comments are either deliberately false or just plain stupid. No offense intended but you can't honestly tell me you think Anonymous is anything but a bunch of criminals. I mean really, who could believe they were serious. Sheesh

    • Quentin Hubbard

      A scientology minister and OT VII in Colorado, Rex Murder was recently convicted of first degree murder for shooting his business partner in the head three times. Then there is scientology minister and OT Ponzi Schemer Reed Slatkin who is still in prison, then there is scientology staff member and child rapist Gabriel Williams, then there is child rapist Anthony Strawn, ………

      • lorina

        that would actually be Rex FOWLER, tho you're right about the convicted murderer part ๐Ÿ˜‰

        might as well get the correct name out here in the media

    • Fred Milker

      for the record- he shot the man (Thomas Ciancio) three times over a severance check ($10,000). It was Ciancio's son's birthday, they were going to use the money for a birthday party. The man was a US military veteran, and left behind a devastated family and community. Ciancio was quitting because the business was failing after Folwer embezzled a quarter million dollars to give to scientology.

      Fowler tried to kill himself, too, but hte bullet failed to kill him. After hearing about her husband's injuries, according to the police report, Ms. Folwer only demanded his briefcase that contained "confidential church material" that the investigators "wouldn't be able to understand".

      • And then there is the Scientology "minister" Wally Hanks, who was recorded by one of his victims beating a child that refused to study his Scientology courses. Just Google "Wally Hanks beating a kid" to hear why there is an entire website exscientologykids(DOT)com dedicated to the child abuse victims of this criminal cult. This creep was reported to have raped some of the little girls he was "auditing" (brainwashing).

  • The following are all from the exact IP, using different names and free email accounts:

    ~~ JeanneB
    ~~ BarryBigs
    ~~ Jesse
    ~~ Lee

    Here is an update as of 4/12/11 @ 10 p.m of the various identities using the exact same IPs … this info is also in a separate comment:

    Summary of users associated with exact IPs:

    Batch #1, all using the same IP beginning with a 1 and ending with a 6, with various gmail addresses/name combinations:

    JeanneBa (beginning 3/31/11 at 3:11 p.m.)
    Louanne (beginning 3/31/11 at 5:33 p.m.)
    Jeff (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:08 p.m.)
    VicVic (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:47 p.m.)
    Jesse (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:07 a.m.)
    Lee (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:20 a.m.)
    BarryBigs (beginning 4/11/11 at 9:21 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 3:51 p.m.)

    Batch #2 โ€” Exact same IP that begins with a 6 and ends with a 7:

    GreatBusby (beginning at 4/11/11 at 9:11 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 5:54 p.m.)

    All of them from the 1st IP are from a confirmed corporate proxy server for Church of Scientology International. The 2nd is associated with a cemetery but could have been piggy-backed on that IP.

    Whether these are the same people or not are up for you to decide, based on their writing styles etc. We have retained server logs for those who wish to complain that these are lies.


    • Hahahaha, nice job there admin-that's the OSA IP address!

      I think I love you!

      I'd guess California.

      • We get these once in awhile. I find it mildly entertaining. Thanks for your comments, Katie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ha ha, once again the "dauntless, defiant and resolute" $cientologists get rumbled as the fakes they are, and run away and hide.

      Hassling these dumb clams is the best fun you can have with a computer. They make it so easy to! Good job Anonymous owns the internet.

    • It becomes even more entertaining.

      IP of all those personalities originates here:

      Here's a closer look:

      >>> EDITED: The person calling herself/himself Louanne, using a gmail account and the exact same IP as the others, says that what I have revealed has endangered her (his) life, subjecting him/her to rape, as well subjecting him/her to threats like dead rats being placed in his/her mailbox.

      How this IP info could possibly reveal where this unidentified person, whose real name and whose last name we do not know, actually lives is beyond me, but I've removed the general information about where the IP is based.

      What I had previously pictured here was the subway stop near the IP for which it is impossible to identify a specific individual posing as several people, using the same computer. Nonetheless, I decided to delete it. < << Deborah >>> ADDITIONAL UPDATE AS OF 5:00 P.M. PACIFIC TIME 04/12/2011 <<< The IP associated with Lee, Louanne, JeanneB, BarryBigs and Jesse has been added to our blacklist. This means that posts coming from these people will be automatically banned from this website as they have added nothing constructive to the conversation, have used swear words and threatening language. If Louanne is a legitimate person and not the same as the other personalities, then she will be able to post in our comments from the comfort of her own home, a public library, or even church headquarters and will not be associated with the same IP as the one that has been blacklisted from this website.

      • Actually, I'm enjoying this- I've never seen her so spun up as when you hit a nerve like this.

        I'm assuming, deborah, that you've taken the time to look up this "louanne" name. It's funny, she runs a website (linked in the website field of this post) in which she claims to respond on behalf of the church of scientology to critical articles and media reports presented against the Church… she also has a few other sites. All she does, all she talks about, all she has to her under that character name is scientology. Nothing else, no depth beyond that, there. Sure, once in a while her "real" self comes through, but it's rare.

        I love it when she goes on about masked protesters, calling them "cowards" for hiding their identity. Yet, she hides hers just as much. And when you give a clue as to who she is, then she freaks out.

        I wonder, louanne, the address was a scientology one… did someone prank call the church?

    • Louanne

      Wow, you are LYING ALL IN PUBLIC????

      Who paid you for this bullshit or what's happening here? Just to make sure you understand: I am one person, a real one, and I have no reason to use different accounts.

      I will visit you in person if need be, or give me a number to call. It's not ok.

      • You were Lee before. Same IP as the rest of 'em. Is this like New Age channeling, with different spirits coming through?

      • Louanne Lee

        How should I know, smartass???? I am on a community network.

      • imominous

        We know who you are "Lee" "Louanne" "Whatever."

        We've seen you cut n' paste, respond to articles without reading them, and bawww about the mean maskies out front.

        Sucks to be you.

    • Louanne Lee

      The first prank call. I am getting my lawyer involved now. You don't know what you are playing with, do you?

      • fred milker

        Yes, admin, you're dealing with a member of the most litigious "church" in history. See that's where she goes real quick? Lawsuit!
        tell, me, louanne/any-other-accounts-you're-using, how is this site responsible for someone finding your phone number?
        Lounne, you were caught. Unless you're really saying that all those accounts were using the same EXTERNAL address as you were at the same time? really?

      • Fred Milker

        You don't know the half of it, Deborah! I'm pretty new to a knowledge of scientology, but I've seen enough to be sickened by the way SOME of them behave. You should check out Louannes blog, where people are in there bragging about psychiatrists being put out of work, and saying such things as, "your a critic, therefor you have crimes. That's all I need to know." So, you're not the first to be threatened, just the first to have evidence about their dishonest tactics.

    • beware, Admin, Louanne and another sock account of hers is claiming that you LIED and that they filed, gasp, a COMPLAINT! I assume they filed it with the National Internet Truth Department or something. You'll like this- Louanne is "planning to visit" you because of "violent threats" she's getting about your horrible lies.
      this might be good. ๐Ÿ˜‰ check out the link in my "website" field to see the conversation.

      • So you've been watching it, too. Good post, Fred!

        Yes, I'm quaking in my boots over the sock puppet threats.

        Looks like you're getting threatened by the exact same personalities.


      • Louanne Lee

        Deborah, could you please answer?

    • Mike

      Louanne's been seen doing this kind of thing before. You can tell by her writing style and time stamps, it's real clear. This is just the first time it's been confirmed by IP address. But this certainly isn't the first time she's done this.

  • Hahaha, nice!

    I think I love you!

    I guess California.

    • Louanne


  • Or Clearwater, the CoS mecca.

  • Gee, this is news. Anonymous, graduates of master degrees of aimless web surfing, strikes again and protests for it's own sake with no real agenda but to draw attention to themselves and protest against something they really don't understand.

    • Protests are for the sake of people still trapped in the cult, to show them there is another option, how is that "no agenda"? Also you say Anonymous "Protest something they don't understand" On the contrary, thanks to Wikileaks & others leaking the "secret documents" of scientology (which would normally cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain) We are now in the position where members of anonymous know more about scientology than many scientologists do.

    • Oh OSA… you are getting handled in these comments, arentcha? Davey is gonna be pissed. I hope you don't have plans for the next couple of days because you're going to get sec-checked within an inch of your life. Maybe even a comm ev? I mean, no one could be so incompetent at their job as to be handled by a bunch of pimply basement dwellers, right?

  • Apparently it is news enough to attract OSA's attention. Why do you guys show up and comment if it isn't news? Are you so used to the crimes that they aren't really news to you anymore? Unfortunately, for all of us that are aware of them, the crimes will continue to be important until CoS is stopped from abusing people (even including poor OSA folks forced to work around the clock responding to articles like these).

  • Scientology Sucks

    the Cult of scientology is a major scam.

    see for yourself…


  • Anonymous

    Religion is Free, Scientology is neither.

    Google "Lisa McPherson"



  • Anonymous..

    Thanks for outing the OSA socks admin.
    Instead of admiting the truth the scientologist claims you are being paid to lie about the ip info.
    Ps do not give your number or email to the osa sock.

  • Anonymous…

    Are you going to fair game the admin osa sock?
    Anwser the question osa sock.
    How many kr's have you written that have sent fellow scientologists to the rpf osa sock?

  • Bob Johnson

    Louanne Lee says " The first prank call. I am getting my lawyer involved now. You don't know what you are playing with, do you?"

    Yes Louanne we do know what we are playing with, one crazy cult member who's job it is to "Always attack never defend." Louanne what's it like knowing that you have slaved thousand of hours doing this instead of bettering yourself? Is doing this what you had in mind when you first joined scientology?

  • fred milker

    did a whole bunch of comments just… dissappear?

    • No. You're on a new page of 'em!


      • fred milker

        wow, this has become a popular thread ๐Ÿ™‚
        I guess I'm not the brightest crayon in the knife drawer, lol.

        do, please, be careful about giving any personal information to the group. There's countless stories of some very serious problems that arise from doing so.

        by the by, do you show, on your end, when a user edits a comment?

      • Yes, I know when they edit, when they post, and what the IP is.

        The person purporting to be "Louanne" says that she is getting threatened from Anonymous and has asked for my phone #. I am probably going to remove her comments soon.

      • fred milker

        oh, I hope you don't remove them! This is really quite an important discussion, and just plain fun ๐Ÿ™‚

        I ask about the edits beause I was thinking that she added the phrase "thanks Jesse" when she posted at April 11, 2011 at 8:56 pm in order to disguise the fact that she re-posted something from another sock, but it's just a suspicion, of course.

        She's been talking about "anonymous" threats for years, but the FBI and local police has always determined that the "bomb threats" and "death threats" have no validity to them, and she can never, will never, and has never produced any evidence to pack up her alligations.

      • Louanne Lee

        Deborah, what is this? I was asking if I could call you on a number that works.

        • As I've already told you in response to your comments in the contact form, the subway stop picture was removed. Since you are now using a different IP, there is no way that revealing that someone posing with numerous personalities off of the same IP has compromised your identity or whereabouts.

          As I told you before, I see no reason to have a telephone conference with you. I am not interested in giving you my personal phone number since I have no idea who you are.


      • Did this Louanne person get poned? (how do you spell that? Spell check doesn't seem to have slang) That's so funny if she was given a non-working number and got poned. Good show!

      • novu

        And yes that describes Co$/OSA in these comments perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚

  • fred milker

    Of course, too, they have to follow through with it. This is what they call "bad PR", the same reason why L. Ron Hubbard ordered that they no longer call the harassment of enemeies "fair game", although he specified in his memo that the practice is to continue.

    And David Miscavige, the person who runs the group (dispite the fact that he was not appointed by Hubbard as the ultimate leader of scientology, but merely to manage his books and writings and "ensure pure application of the tech") is one that would not tolerate such a simple, yet damaging mistake. Take a look at the man- expensive suits, fancy shoes, private jet, many cars, custom motorcycles- the man lives like a king from the money that scientology brings in. Anything that costs members, or potential members, is a very serious offense. I'm not going to tell him ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous…

    I find it strange that the person who use's the louanne sock once blew from scientology.
    She was very angry that Dm took her golf cart away.
    And don't ask it's a long story.

  • fred milker

    enough fun for now, time for dinner, lol.

    But, interesting to note- did you notice that Louanne and all of the "alleged" sock accounts fell silent at exactly the same time? And not only here, but also at the huffington post article. Kind of creepy, isn't it?

    deborah, could you please email me, when you get a chance? I have some more information to give you that's not relevant to this discussion, I don't want to tie up your board ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous…

    Just a polite warning.
    Never give your email to anyone in an osa thread

    • fred milker

      ^ second that one. Or, for that matter, anything that could be used to track you down. If you think you're being too paranoid, you're not being paranoid enough. Not like they have skillz or anything, but they have a lot of money, and can hire those that do.

  • fred milker

    by the way, deborah, she's trying to intimidate your with empty threats. You've broken no laws and you know that. She knows it, too. They are trained to bully others until they get what they want, and right now, she wants her public mistake to go away. Threatening you is the only way she thinks she can do it.

    • I think Deborah knows this. Even so, I can't believe I missed out on a lot with this thread. I just got an update and you see all the posts in this thread just from that one update! This is some crazy stuff and that Anon dude… Is he for real or a poser? If he's for real, cool! lol I mean, cool, as long as this site is cool with them and they don't do anything to it. Otherwise, not so cool. Still, regardless if the's a poser or for real, this thread is crazy.

  • Anonymous…

    Are you going to prank call the admin?
    Are you worried that you will gain no points for silencing critics because you made matters worse because of your epic fail.
    You flunked on this one so badly you must be an sp.


  • Mike

    Fun fact: louanne is now posting through a free proxy website.

    Louanne: how, praytell, did Deborah cause such things to happen to you? Did someone somehow glean your phone number and personal address from the publicly avaiable information?

    I suggest that what you're saying is not truthful, and that you were caught at it. That's also why none of the sock accounts are posting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Louanne Lee

      Thanks, Mike. You make my point about the truthfulness of Anonymous comments (I am living with the person who pays this line).

      • What is it? A commune?

    • mike

      says you… and I would have NO reason to doubt you, what with your track record and having no reason to lie about that, lol

  • Anonymous…

    You are living with the person who pays the landline.
    Is that Dm by chance?
    We are going to put this up on twitter/Facebook/reddit.
    This level of fail cannot go unpublished,it will be out there for all the internets to see.

    • This is certainly an interesting introduction to Scientology. By posting the obvious, I had no idea what it would unleash!

      We've had another person doing this, too, about a year ago, calling me "an Ivy League intellectual socialist communist Nazi who wants to expunge Christianity from the face of America" for disagreeing about something in a comment. Like this situation, it appeared to be the same person using about 8 or 9 different "personalities" from the same IP. Turned out that a lot of other sites were experiencing the same thing so we all blacklisted the IP.


  • This is some bizarro crazy stuff. The laughter helps my headache a little, but it is the best part of my day so far! Don't ask, but you can figure that if this is the best part, then rest of my day wasn't so great.

  • Anonymous…

    The anti scientology anons do not promote or conduct illegal activities
    not like our scientology friends whose criminal activities are well documented.
    And yes I am an anon and a poser,and my epeen is big.
    much bigger then rufus t fireflys or herro's
    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bob Johnson

    Louanne screwed up, Louanne screwed up. Neener neener neener. It's off to the RPF for you.

  • Norman Starkey

    The day when OSA covert postings are being detected is a day of JOY!!
    Anonymous are a force that is Vital. Check out

    for what Anons are protesting about.

    Even my native south africa doesnt stink as much as the creeps in CoS Mgmt.

    Got to go the midget is calling.

  • Anonymous…

    This is a big introduction to scientology and it's critics as well.
    This would be considered a small skirmish,and scientology lost this one as they always do.
    I just wanted to say thanks Deborah.
    If you have any questions go here whyweprotest.net

    • Thanks Anonymous! This really has been an interesting experience, particularly since I haven't said anything good or bad one way or another about anyone other than pointing out the obvious, based in writing styles, date stamps, Gravatars and the same IP.


  • Amanda

    This is hilarious. I think the best was when Louanne demanded the admin's information. You mad?

  • Well, if this Luanne is an OSA, she really screwed up:

    BTW, I only found this, because I couldn't figure out what OSA stood for. It appears the only reason why they out do the FBI is because they aren't kosher- meaning they don't follow the law.

    • Good link, Mriana. Been reading about this group, too — I've never heard of it before.


      • Thanks. It's really insane. I wonder, for those who leave, just how much intensive recovery from "religion" therapy and counseling they need after all that crap.

  • More interesting stuff:


    "Be prepared to be harassed. They are very protective and aggressive towards anyone who is writing any story on them. I was at their property on a public sidewalk doing a stand-up, never even talked to anyone in Scientology, returned to the TV station, 15 minutes later and before I got there they were on the phone to the news director demanding to know the context and wanting equal time. They're very clever, very skilled at media harassment. I was not prepared for that kind of harassment. I never ever received anything like that from any other source. They're an untold story. They've scared a lot of news off. They're getting away with murder. I say put on your asbestos suit and charge.
    Bill Press, Los Angeles radio and TV commentator, quoted in Scientology from inside out, by Robert Vaughn Young"

    Well, this Luanne is a hot one, even though she screwed up. What is the punishment in a cult for screwing up?

  • L. Ron Hubbard- apparently a paranoid schizophrenic, who tried to teach his people to "Don't ever defend. Always attack."

    That was a big FAIL on Luanne's part.

    • Fred Milker

      well, he DID request psychiatric care from the VA after he left the Navy (being relieved of command more than once)… it doesn't seem that he got the care that he requested.


      • Didn't his son commit suicide because he was gay and felt harassed all the time?


      • Fred Milker

        His son DID commit suicide, yes. Of course, one could draw their own conclusions as to why, but his interview with penthouse explains a lot.


        Hubbard had very severe family problems. Several of his children wouldn't speak to him, and he married his third wife while still married to second! Later, both his second and third wives claimed abuse and torture. What a strange family life!

      • Reading that letter, I would have to R/O PTSD, Depression, and bipolar. Something was more wrong with him than just paranoia and I doubt it was PTSD. My question is, why would anyone listen to someone who is that mentally ill? It makes no sense. Maybe he was psychotic too. Who knows. 1947, psychiatry and psychology wasn't advanced as it is today, so there is no telling what his mental illness was. In fact, that was around the time they started drilling holes in people frontal lobes. So we were still in the dark ages with mental health, but you would think people today would be smarter than to fall for a psychotic man's teachings, but then again I guess it takes all kinds.

  • Summary of users associated with exact IPs:

    Batch #1, all using the same IP beginning with a 1 and ending with a 6, with various gmail addresses/name combinations):

    JeanneBa (beginning 3/31/11 at 3:11 p.m.)
    Louanne (beginning 3/31/11 at 5:33 p.m.)
    Jeff (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:08 p.m.)
    VicVic (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:47 p.m.)
    Jesse (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:07 a.m.)
    Lee (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:20 a.m.)
    BarryBigs (beginning 4/11/11 at 9:21 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 3:51 p.m.)

    Batch #2 — Exact same IP that begins with a 6 and ends with a 7:

    GreatBusby (beginning at 4/11/11 at 9:11 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 5:54 p.m.)

    Whether these are the same people or not are up for you to decide, based on their writing styles etc. We have retained server logs for those who wish to complain that these are lies.

    Batch #1 comes from a confirmed corporate proxy server for Church of Scientology International.


    • Fred Milker

      How interesting!
      By the timestamps you provided, is the "shared line" that Louanne claimed she was posting from the same one that greatbusby posted from?
      Either way, it seems pretty clear to me. You've presented a logical argument… all she has is angry words and insults, no actual evidence. But what else is new, eh? The "evidence" would be so easy for her to share… she won't. She can't.

      • Hi Fred! Yes, the GreatBugsby and Louanne ones are the exact same. I am assuming that they are two different people.

        I have no reason to make this up. Someone had suggested earlier that they were coming from the same location. I was aware of it and went ahead and confirmed.


      • Fred Milker

        how crazy is that?
        You know what's funny? remember when she accused you of being "paid" to make up your "lies"? Many scientologists (such as louanne and her many socks) truly believe that pharmacists PAY people to attack scientology! Apparently, they think that the industry (they call it "the industry of DEATH") is so threatened by the technology of scientology, that they're funding some huge underground movement to bring down the group.

    • That's pretty enlightening, Fred!

      It would be a novelty to get paid to write something on this site, which is a labor of love to promote tolerance for belief and non-belief and honoring separation of church/state principles. The mission of this site has always been church/state and an opportunity for people to have a forum to explain their points of views so that we can all understand their religion or lack thereof.

      The Scientologists are welcome to submit articles that explain their religion and what they perceive to be good about it. It seems to me that would be better than trolling comments and accusing us of lying.


    • Didn't I see at least one of those first names somewhere else? Given the amount to time between some posts and the length of posts, it is possible to bounce back and forth between socks, but then again she could have been sharing the line too given that some, like the last two, are a great distance apart.

      Agree, it would be better for them to share what they think is good about Scientology, but mudslinging doesn't help anything.

  • Anonymous
    • Very disturbing video … and put together well. Aside from the special tax exemptions, I'm assuming that not *all* branches of this group force women to have abortions, etc. There's usually good and bad mixed into every group, although I have to admit, the stories I've been reading on various links on this thread are quite alarming.


      • When you first meet Scientology there are some good things; that is what lures you in. They often prey upon young people who do not know much of the world and may be insecure. They "lovebomb" you initially, and there are some initial courses about communication and business that some find helpful. It is a slow indoctrination to where you are cut off from friends and family, told you have to take more courses and donate exhorbitant amounts to learn more and "save the world" from the evil psychs- mortagage your home, sell your car, whatever. You are made to feel you have access to special knowledge that no one else has, so you feel special. You are actually told you are now "homo novis"-new man, one of the few chosen to help "clear the planet" and save the world. Hubbard dictated that you could lie, cheat, destroy enemies in this endeavor because what was the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics"-what was good for Scientology was what mattered.
        So slowly, you deny your prior life. You deny your family if they pose any troubling questions.
        The video also noted something else that is unique. Scientologists, by agreement with the IRS, can take educational tax deductions that no other people can take. Sounds amazing, but true, and is a possible violation of the establishment clause. Prior to 1993, when the IRS recognized them as a "religion" for tax purposes, the IRS had been going after them for millions of dollars of unpaid taxes. The IRS fought them for over 20 years. In response, the CoS filed hundreds of law suits against the IRS and individuals in the IRS. They also broke into government offices and tried to blackmail folks to change the status. Google "Operation Snow White" which was their attempt to infiltrate government offices and institutions to stop negative info about them. It would sound crazy if it weren't so true. Anyway, the IRS in 1993 suddenly backed down and made an agreement with them, if they would drop all their lawsuits. But no one has been able to see this agreement, as the IRS will not reveal what it says. The NY Times apparently was leaked a copy but the IRS has never confirmed it. So it is hard for courts to comment on why there is this tax deduction because they haven't been given access to the agreement by the IRS. It came up in the case of US vs. Sklar, because an orthodox Jewish couple wanted to take a deduction for the educational expenses of their son. They cited the Scientologist exemption, but were denied by the IRS because they weren't Scientologists. It went to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and the court said they weren't entitled to it because that would be a violation of the Establishment Clause. The Court also commented that they didn't see a rationale for the exception for Scientologists either, but that that wasn't the case before them, so there was nothing they could do about it. But they strongly suggested that something should be done about it. Hope that gives some background, and isn't just a wall of text.

    • That is quite disturbing and I can see why a woman would come out of that being totally against abortions. There probably wasn't a justifiable reason for such abortions, except the child was spared from abuse, but IMO, that is still not a good enough reason. Those children who managed to get out of it, still had a chance to overcome the abuse that was done to them and be very decent good contributing and productive citizens. So even if those babies who were aborted were not aborted, suffered abuse, they could have still overcame the abuse, esp when the mother took the child and got out of it. I can personally nullify that reason as being unjustifiable abortion and I'm Pro-Choice. Besides, it doesn't sound like those women had a choice unless they ran. From what I read, running would have been a good option, despite being pregnant.

      • Mriana,

        Some do run, but others don't have the opportunity. Imagine you are raised in this milieu, your whole world is only other Scientologists. You have no other friends, no real schooling, in some cases, no driver's license or other id. You have no real way of making a living. Where would you go and how would you live? Plus you have had it drilled into you that if you do that you will be cut off from your eternity, you key to everlasting life, if you will. What do you do? Plus which if you voice this opinion, and therefore, they may lose you as part of the work force, they will put you in "sessions" to try to break down your will and get you to do it. They will separate you from your husband and work on him too. It is an agonizingly horrible situation to be put in.

      • It is obviously a real cult, without a doubt, but why allow people to be married if they don't want babies in Scientology? Why not just keep men and women separated for life so that they can't copulate? If they are worried about dying out, well abortion over and over again will do that, so cut out that abortion bit and go straight to the issue that causes it. Gee, I'd make a terrible cult leader. lol No sex. No contact with the opposite sex, more so than the Catholic Church. Now that would be very hard for any human and talk about sodomy… I'm afraid it would be all over my cult because of that. lol It would go down like a rock and not last any longer than that one religious group that didn't allow such things. I forget the name of it now.

      • Well, the not having babies thing only applies to the Sea Org, the paramilitary arm of the CoS. Those are the people who are responsible for maintaining the teachings and "ethics" of practitioners. They are the ones who are virtually slaves, working round the clock sometimes with little to no pay. Babies put a crimp in that work schedule. It is purely pragmatic decision; you can't work as much. It wasn't a doctrinal decision. Planned Parenthood near where their main base is located outside LA, got so many visits, they began to wonder what was going on.

        See you are thinking logically, about the marriage thing. But that is why your cult sounds like it would be much more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lol Thank you, Katie. It probably would be too, because I wouldn't force anyone to stay. They'd be free to leave whenever they wanted, but you are right, my thinking is logical and probably so would my cult. I just could not stop anyone from thinking for themselves, so it would probably be the most unusual cult that would not fit the rules of most cults. lol

        It's a good thing that PP checked into it or at least began to question what was happening. I wonder if any of the women who made it out, yet had 4 or more abortions were ever able to have children after that. I knew this one girl who was in her early 20s who had an abortion every time she became pregnant. Sometime in her early 20s, back in the late '80s, her uterus supposedly perforated and there was a high chance she could not have any children ever again. I often wonder how she found a doctor who let her have another abortion after another, without asking why she did not use birth control and other questions. Of course, if it did perforate, then there could have been more to her story than I knew, but it sickened me concerning how many abortions she said she had and I never once thought about asking what religion she was. Now I'm beginning to wonder, because none of it made any sense to me then or now.

  • Michael Vee

    Hey Lee and Jesse,

    it will do you no good pretending that $cientology is a great source of good for humanity, there is way too much evidence now that shows that $ci is a demented, fraudulent, money hungry Cult! Wake up or you'll be very very sorry one day, you'll be hung out to dry like all the others who saw too late what the cult was all about. Oh yes, a reminder that L.Ron Hubbard was a drug addict for at least the last ten- twenty years of his life. The autopsy also showed he had remnants of Vistiral – an anti-deppresant – in his blood. What ? couldn't he cure himself ? He was a hypocrite!

  • Anonymous…

    The staggered times of creation of the socks are probably deliberate to throw off suspicion.
    Also the the scientologists would have a little group think on how to handle the situation which would have taken time.
    I would like to complain about the scientology socks.
    I think it's a disgrace that these lies happened.

    • All of them from the 1st IP are from a confirmed corporate proxy server for Church of Scientology International. The 2nd is associated with a cemetery.


  • ElNino

    To learn more about Scientology visit:



  • Luke Warmwater

    Something not often mentioned about Anonymous, is their distrust of monopolies and monopolists.

    $cientology's agenda is to monopolize the spiritual, as if that were even possible. Their thinking is entirely anchored to the ideologies of monopolies.

    That is the key to their failure here.

    $cientologists also believe that they can monopolize the Internet, failing to observe and understand that, Anonymous Owns The Internet.

    Anonymous understands how opposed this technology is to the very notion of monopoly. They completely understand what is meant by the term – decentralization. This is how Anonymous works and this is how all the digital communications technology best works; totally decentralized.

    I hereby nominate the Admin/Deborah for the HBGary Federal Suck-Puppet-Destroyer-Of-The-Year-Award for the EPIC WIN here! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Awww, suck puppetsโ€ฆ. you mad?

    • I've been called many things before, but never that. Groovy!


    • If I understand what Anonymous is, yeah… Anonymous does own the internet. Anyone can be anonymous, esp if they have the computer skills, maybe even equipment or programs, to do it. In fact, my older son explained to me how "Anonymous" took down all of WBC's websites and kept them down for a couple months. Guess something got tired of screaming at the sites. lol At the same time, Anonymous might not have done it, even though anonymous did. Confused?

      One has to know how to do these things and without getting caught, in order to be anonymous. I can't do it, because I don't know how, but I understand how a DOS works. If one knows how to do it, they can be anonymous and if there is no one to point the finger, they are anonymous, but not Anonymous. Only an anonymous did it.

      The rest of the stuff, I have no clue how Anonymous does it and they don't always work as one person on their own. Sometimes Anonymous does work together, thus you have anonymous and Anonymous- two separate things, but anyone can be anonymous. Anonymous also works so that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, so one could be "White hacking" (ie Middle East when the country's net was shut down- the windows to help people get information in and out, the way he tells it, were done by "Anonymous") and the other possibly "Black hacking" elsewhere. That's how I understand it at least from what he explained to me, but that is how anyone can be anonymous and how Anonymous owns the net.

      Yeah, Deborah's good. She deserves the award. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Luke Warmwater

        For the record, Anonymous didn't take down the WBC sites; that Work Of Art was crafted by a Lone Wolf going by name of th3j35t3r (the Jester).

        Anonymous can be regarded as an "open" category – Anonymous Donors, Anonymous Authors, etc.

        DOS = Disk Operating System (Old School)

        DDOS = Distributed Denial Of Service (New School but highly illegal)

        WhyWeProtest.net is committed to the total destruction of the church of $cientology via legal methods and they are winning.

        Th3J35t3r has an interesting slogan:

        "There's an unequal amount of good an bad in most things, trick is to figure out the ratio and act accordingly. Stay Frosty."

      • Just to correct the information:

        DOS = Disk Operating System (completely unrelated)

        DoS = Denial of Service – trying to overload a node (server, router, pc etc) with lots of data to make it inaccessible (and there for denying service to any genuine requests). That's a basic explanation, there are more sophisticated ways of doing it that Anon does not currently use.

        DDoS = Distributed Denial Of Service – A DoS attack from many different machines in different places, much harder to stop

        The Jester is unrelated to Anon, but they had similar goals with regards to WBC. He uses a more sophisticated method of DoS attack that is more effective and harder to stop.

    • Luke, I know Anonymous didn't take down WBC's websites, that's why I put it in quotes. As I said, anyone can be anonymous, if they know how.

  • Shelly Miscavige

    Great work exposing Louanne and her schizophrenic internet habits.

    You may also be interested in learning about Shelly Miscavige, wife of cult leader David Miscavige.

    She has not been seen by anyone for over three years. David Miscavige has been having affairs and not wearing his wedding ring.
    Also former PR chief for the cult Heber Jentz is also missing.

    Rumour is that lots of very dark things have been happening on their Gold Base which is at Gilman Springs near Hemet, CA.

    I smell another Waco cult waiting to happen.

  • Here's the final summary:

    Summary of users associated with exact IPs:

    Batch #1, all using the same IP beginning with a 1 and ending with a 6, with various gmail addresses/name combinations:

    JeanneBa (beginning 3/31/11 at 3:11 p.m.)
    Louanne (beginning 3/31/11 at 5:33 p.m.)
    Jeff (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:08 p.m.)
    VicVic (beginning 4/4/11 at 2:47 p.m.)
    Jesse (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:07 a.m.)
    Lee (beginning 4/11/11 at 11:20 a.m.)
    BarryBigs (beginning 4/11/11 at 9:21 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 3:51 p.m.)

    Batch #2 โ€” Exact same IP that begins with a 6 and ends with a 7:

    GreatBusby (beginning at 4/11/11 at 9:11 p.m.)
    Louanne Lee (beginning 4/12/11 at 5:54 p.m.)

    All of them from the 1st IP are from a confirmed corporate proxy server for Church of Scientology International. The 2nd is associated with a cemetery but could have been piggy-backed on that IP.

  • Legion




  • Egads! What has been going on since I left?

    What an introduction for you, Deborah! If you google "Louanne" and Scientology, you can see literally thousands of her posts, in that and slight variations of her name. Because there has been so much negative about the CoS, she has been very busy, sometimes posting round the clock.

    I would like to correct a couple of points made by prior posters. Quentin Hubbard, the youngest son of L Ron Hubbard committed suicide. It was his oldest son, L Ron Hubbard Jr. who spoke with Penthouse in a very enlightening article. He actually changed his name to Ron DeWolfe, because he so wanted to distance himself from his father.

    The other point was about the forced abortions. This applies to women staff in the Sea Organization, which is patterned to be sort of like a paramilitary navy organization in style(although, except for one boat, no one actually goes to sea). It is this division that is responsible for "putting ethics in" on all Scientologists-that means enforcing It is in the Sea Org that there are the most egregious abuses. This has been covered in the NY Times, on ABC news nightline as you saw in that clip, and by the St. Petersburg Times story-the "Truth Rundown"-which is where you can find the videos of the two women in that clip. They have a multi-part award winning series at their site.

    Anyone who says anything negative is inherently lying. Even though you didn't say anything negative, because you called her out, you have to lying or paid by psychiatrists. Unfortunately for her, this is her world view.

  • imominous

    Hey Louanne,

    What do you liek on ur pizza?

  • anoncangirl

    Here's a link to Mark Bunker's (a long time critic of the cult) youtube site…a wonderful place to get educated about $cientology and their crimes!!


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