Acharya's Religion 101 for Seekers

Acharya's Religion 101 for Seekers

These articles and rants come from a series written by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S in the 1990s, during her early years online, when the wild worldwide web was a new and strange playground for free speech. A number of these essays represent responses to emails she received-some of them not so nice. As such, her replies at times may be deemed surly, to be sure, especially as concerns the essay, "Proof that God Doesn't Exist," as one example. Acharya has nevertheless left it pretty much as is, just for your amusement, to serve as another, more "playful" aspect of her writing.

As concerns the controversial subtitles in the chapter "RELIGION IS MENTAL ILLNESS," these are summaries of quotes by other books and authors. For example, in the Old Testament the Israelites are depicted as slaughtering whole groups of people in the Levant, including the Canaanites and Midianites, beginning some 4,000 years ago. Fast-forwarding to the modern era, Acharya has included a quote from Ralph Schoenman's "Hidden History of Zionism." The quote about Islam comes straight from the mouth of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, while commentary about Christianity is from James Haught's "Holy Horrors."

Table of Contents

An Atheist Here to Destroy?
Christianity-The Roots of Anti-Semitism
Judaism-4,000 Years of Massacring Neighbors
Slavery by the "Good People"
Islam-God is a Psycho
Religion is Mental Illness
Is Buddhism All It's Cracked Up to Be?
"Buddha" is a Compilation of Characters
The Variants of Buddhism
Mysterious Tibet
Buddha's Character
Proof That God Doesn't Exist, Prayer Doesn't Work And Religion Creates Psychosis
My God is Bigger and Better than Yours!
Does the Cosmos Know the Pope Exists?
Does Anything Matter?
All Pumped Up with Nowhere to Go


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  • Luke Warmwater

    I've not read any of the published work of D.M. Murdock/Acharya S, but I have heard several hours of Podcast Interviews she has done with informed interviewers over the last few years.

    For me, she comes across as extremely erudite. Her research is deep and thorough and she's an articulate and coherent speaker with a voice that's easy on the ears.

    I also find that she is full of courage and compassion in presenting and defending her ideas.

    I have no reservations about recommending her and her work to anyone exploring the history of religious ideas in all cultures, except for only one caution:


  • I've read several of her books, but not this one. She has a blog, forum, a couple Yahoo groups… I think I've been on her sites for a few years now. I highly recommend her books.

  • AND she'll be on our show for a 2nd time next week! Yeah!

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