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Evangelicals Want a Government Shutdown Instead of Compromise

Evangelicals Want a Government Shutdown Instead of Compromise

Using additional data from a recent Pew Forum survey about a budget compromise vs. government shutdown, Christianity Today reports that evangelicals prefer a shutdown over compromise.

They are unwilling to compromise on issues such as funding Planned Parenthood.

Christianity Today

Christianity Today's Breakdown of Religious Views on Government Shutdown

The majority of Americans, however, prefer that a compromise is reached.  A budget must be decided upon by midnight tonight if a federal government shutdown is to be avoided.

What does a shutdown mean?

The government doesn't really shut down if an agreement is not reached.  Social Security checks will still go out. Troops will remain at their posts. Virtually every essential government agency will remain open. Fewer than one in four government workers will stay at home.

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  • You know, this whole thing is insane and as I told Billy Long in response to one of his replies, I never voted for him and I have no intentions of voting for him in the next election either. This was in response to his wanting to cut funding for treatment assistance, research, and alike for Diabetes and patients thereof, because no cure has been found, so therefore, in his opinion, it is a waste of money and needs to be cut. The Religious Reich Rep. have no compassion for others and could really care less about others or so it would seem. Since that is the case, I think more Dems should stand firm on their beliefs, despite that it might lead to a gov. shutdown. The one problem with that is that the Dems are currently a minority in the House, but this bullying by Reps has to stop some how.

    I really don't have the answers, but if the current majority in office gets their way, this country is going to be a pretty sad place to live, but of course that is my opinion.

  • Mrina, I share you opinion. With the current batch of ideologues in Congress, if they end up getting their way, we will be one step closer to living in a theocracy instead of a Democratic Republic. If that happens even they will wish they hadn't pushed their ideas so hard since it may not be their religion that ends up being the ruling one.

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