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The Anti-Christ Exposed!

ATLAH church serviceWondering if the anti-Christ has made its appearance? Or how about the "false messiah?"

James David Manning, PhD of ATLAH Media Network reveals the three prongs of a hell trinity here on earth today. Manning is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City. In November, Manning warned his followers that if there was marriage equality, then it would pave the way for "your ugly granddaughter to have sex with her dog."

We missed hearing this sermon, when it was originally delivered in October 2008.

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  • This sounds bizarre coming from a church pulpit

    • He's pretty famous in some circles for absolutely bizarre sermons.

      • Luvsunshine

        Yeah, I don't think ANYONE should go claiming someone is the antichrist until they know this person fulfills Biblical prophecy. Did he/she sign a 7 year peace-treaty with Israel? A world ruler? Recover from a "fatal head wound"? These are only some of the things the Bible tells us to look for.

  • carpenter777

    Let us not be fooled by the seven year peace treaty you are referring to the protracted 7th week of the Daniel cp 9 … You might want to look at that scripture mot closely… The angle of the Lord Gabriel makes clear the course of the 70 weeks and there is no protracted week. Christ fulfils the covenant of the law here, and is “cut off “ from us in the midst of the week, He is the end of the law unto righteousness, and justification through the Law, According to the Law, and there by frees us from it, and our sins, You are dead to the Law threw the law in this way. Only in this way is any man free, When you are alive in Christ,

    Daniel Nine is the prophecy to the Jews, and us who believe, and become the “ Jews of the heart” A prophecy to inform us of this event when the Messiah would come and fulfill all things. This is what Daniel was asking to know and this is what the angle bought to him from the Word of God. In the end times..the desolations are decreed until the end and the time of the gentiles is finished,” the number of the gentile is come in.” See the 2300 years prophecy for a better understanding on this,. After the times of trouble upon us gentiles, Both secular and Muslims, and gentiles who are carnal believers. … Then the close of the age will come. The false prophet is already been established in the hearts of millions many years ago. and We will see those nations guided by those teachings rise like a flood across the land That even the very elect would be fooled if ” it were possible”. If you keep waiting for the seven years you;ll find your self one of the five foolish virgins who did not prepare their lamps filled with the “oil of gladness” , that is the Holy spirit of God. When His spirit is walking in you and you in it, then you can be seen as his by the “gathers”. And you will be called sons of God. But if you say in you heart “ my master delays” then sudden destruction comes upon you. You had wasted your time looking for the fulfilment of un-righteous false teachings. Be sure and know that our Lord is but at the door. Fill your lamps. For the Narrow path is paved with Love and peace and forgiveness, Kindness and gentleness. So encourage others who believe to walk after theses things.

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