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Eagles die, igniting more 'dead birds equals the end times' speculation by fear mongering preacher

the end timesAn abnormal number of bald eagles have been dying in Comox Valley of British Columbia, Canada, due to starvation.  Because of a shortage of salmon, they have been eating poisoned  scraps and rats at a landfill.

Baptist preacher Paul Begley proclaims that this is an event correlating with biblical prophecy, and continues to declare that dead cows, fish, birds, crabs, whales, eagles all are bible prophecy coming true as signs of the apocalypse upon the world.

Begley says that the eagle deaths are the fulfillment of Matthew 24:28:

24:28 For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

He say that time is running out and he can save people, bragging that already 43 people have been "saved" because of his YouTube videos. It will be too late to pray if you aren't saved now, he warns.

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  • Sally

    Hmm, the verse doesn't say the eagles are dead…wonder how much his Youtube videos ask in payment for this salvation? Bet Sarah was the first one up.

  • http://www.yahwehyeshua.com James the Just

    Dead birds and fish are mentioned in end times prophecy but we must remember that these events ARE NOT the center or focus of the end times prophecy, other than the events in Revelation that pertain to dead sea life, when that happens there will be NO question.

    The most important thing to do is don’t get caught up in the end times hype because the majority of the folks who will tell how it is are simply there for their own accord. Listen to those who repeat what the Holy Bible states and go from there. Find the Kingdom of GOD! http://www.yahwehyeshua.com

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