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May 21, 2011 Judgment Day: Frightened Young Woman Asks for Advice from God Discussion Readers

May 21 warningIn our contact form, we received a request for advice about the May 21, 2011 doomsday scenario promulgated by Harold Camping and his followers at Family Radio. The young lady is frightened about the prediction.

Our advice is this:  The sun will rise on May 22 and nothing will happen.  Camping has had a series of failed prophecies.  So-called end times prophets come and go, and none of their prophecies are valid. Your mother might need your love and support after May 21 when Camping's  followers need to regroup and reassess what they believe, so stay strong. You have nothing to fear and have every right to not believe Mr.Camping and to find your own truth.  In being discerning, you are setting a good example for your child.

Here is the unedited post with the name omitted for privacy  — please give her your advice and support.

i am 24 years old. my mother has been listening to harold camping since i was 10. i dont know much about the bible. all i know is that it scares me. i wanted to know how can i deal with the fact that i dont believe this man? i believe he is instilling fear into everyone.  i am still trying to figure out what i believe and im trying to raise my child in the right way. please if you have any insight it will help me greatly.

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  • majii

    Young Lady,

    I'm a Christian who doesn't follow any teachings except those in the Bible. Please don't listen to Camping and others who are pushing this endtimes conspiracy. I read my Bible daily so that I can know what it says when it comes to things like these. The Bible says that no one knows when the end will come, except God. I was reading in the new Testament recently (IIRC, it was in the Book of Matthew,) where the disciples asked Jesus when the end would come, and he told them that even he didn't know, and that only the Father knows. IMHO, this makes these predictions and those who are pushing them false prophets, because if even Jesus says he doesn't know and he's the Son of God, then this Camping fellow and the others can't credibly predict when the endtimes will occur. It's because of people like Camping that I left my local church and decided to seek God on my own. They oftentimes allow their egos to subvert the word of God and the teachings of Jesus for personal gain, not to win souls for Christ.

  • Wonderfully, God always warns His servants the prophets before He brings judgment. The Bible says God does NOTHING without revealing it to His prophets.

    Am 3:7* Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

    Folks who believe Jesus, who is God, does not know the time are misguided. Jesus created the world. He created time. And He will come to execute judgment day at the appointed time.

    visit the latter rain on Yahoogroup if you have questions.

  • Ian

    If I had a burrito for every time I've heard this, I would own Taco Bell.
    Your mom is probably going to be a little excitable until May 22 or 23, but after that, you might want to get her out a bit more. Until then, reassure her that you love her, no matter what. Religion as a subject might not be the best thing to bring up. It might be a cool idea to hang around later that day when things are over. And I know you won't rub it in. Maybe cook her something nice.
    Wow, you've listened to him since you were 10? I agree with you that he is a scary guy. He is very scary.
    Keep your mind open, and keep on your spiritual search. Never doubt that God loves you , your child, your mom.
    Actually it could be WORSE…one sect promised God was coming back and folks got so worked up they sold their houses and gave the money to the church.
    This led to lots and lots of law suits later on.
    Another cult in East Asia started to murder it's members and set it's church on fire when ITS' End Times prediction didn't pan out.

  • Shawn Patrick

    Beware of Darrell and the Latter Rain, they are Family Radio fronts. Just remember, Family Radio is a doomsday cult who works for Satan. Their goal is to mess up as many lives as possible, get people to commit suicide/murders after May 21, and to get people to give them all their money, and get young people to stop persuing college and careers. Family radio is evil.

    Things will be fine on May 22 and Jesus will still be there for anyone for the asking. Family Radio was wrong on all their predictions in 1994 through 1996. They are wrong this time.,

    • Schwartz

      You nailed it. This cult wants to take your money and then watch people kill themselves on May 22. Family Radio should have their tax exempt status removed and it's leadership put in prison due to fraud.

      • William

        @Shwartz: I think it is quite ironic that I found your comment after I searched Charity Navigator's website. In fact, you will find Family Radio is -extremely- faithful to the donations they receive. Harold Camping takes $000.00 from the ministry. Can you bring up a quote from Family Radio, or Harold Camping, that tells their listeners to kill themselves? Before you critique a book, perhaps you should read it first. For example, in the book 1994?, by Harold Camping, he does not come to a conclusion. Instead, he claims that it is a possibility. What do I know of a man's heart? What would I gain from a man's teaching? Thank the Lord that we have the entire Word of God!

        2 Timothy 2:15
        Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • Schwartz

    Family Radio teaches that if you are still alive on May 22, that there is no hope of salvation and earth will be destroyed completely by Oct 21. They encourage listeners to commit suicide and save their children from the final wrath of God.

    Harold Camping and his cult deserve to be in prison and their tax exempt status revoked. It's just plain old fraud they are doing.

    And speaking of tax exempt status, why is Family Radio giving out tax receipts if the world is going to end in 2011?

  • Jesus was quite clear: no one knows when the parousia will take place except the Father. As far as I can tell, the Father isn't letting anyone in on the date.

    Harold Camping has been predicting the Second Coming for quite a while now, and he's always been wrong. Well, actually, anyone who gives a date has been wrong. Everyone who claims they know when it will happen is wrong.

    The Bible is a collection of writings which give accounts of different peoples' experience of God over the millennia; it is not a puzzle to be deciphered. People like Brother Camping who think they have broken the code are always wrong.

    My advice is to live your life as if Jesus will return today. Do what he said to do: feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit the prisoner and welcome the stranger. Then you won't have to worry about his return.

    Padre Mickey

  • Luvsunshine

    I am a Christian. You don't need to be worried yet. The Bible is very clear that there will be a WORLD leader (the antichrist) who will make a 7 year peace treaty with Israel and break it half way through before the world ends. He will also make war with the saints.
    We don't have a one world order, currency, or leader yet, and so no peace treaty has been signed for 7 years yet. That means that the end will not come yet, there is still time.
    In the future, you and your mom should always check what the Bible says against what other people in power say to protect yourself from lies. God Bless.

  • COinMS

    I sympathize. I grew up in a strict evangelical church that always held the rapture over our heads. God is love, and these people who say they know when Jesus is coming back are all wet. Don't fret about it, it's absolutely not true. God has wonderful things in store for the weary world.

  • Mriana

    He's not instilling fear into everyone. If you want a Xian POV, my mother would quote, "No man knows the day or the hour". However, Revelations is part of a genre of literature called Apocalyptic, which was popular around that time.

  • anonymous

    I think Harold Camping's "teachings" are a load of manure. If I were you though, if you are scared I would read the Bible that day and pray about it, but personally I wouldn't worry because I think Mr. Camping is just trying to instill fear into everyone.

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