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2026 and the End Times — Messiah appears on the moon

the moon messiahAdding to the string of gloom and doom predictions comes the "prophesy" of 2026, when a great big huge comet is supposed to smack into the earth and create global destruction.

Alas there is good news, according to MFI Universal, which proclaims:

Images of the Awaited Messiah, Imam Mehdi and Kalki Avatar, His Sublime Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi as well as Lord Jesus Christ have appeared miraculously on various celestial and terrestrial objects, and can be called upon in time of adversity.

According to the group's video (below), you're supposed to recognize the divine faces appearing in the moon and elsewhere today to avoid disappointment tomorrow. Twenty26.com states:

These miraculous images have been known to heal ailments, speak in all languages, and grant Invocation of the Heart (also known as Zikr-e-Qalb/Simran), the means to enlightening the heart, to aspirants without bias. You too may test this. During the times of trouble and adversity yet to come, look to these images (particularly the ones in the Moon) for your everlasting salvation!

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  • Prateek

    Could Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri be the Kalki avatar?

    I attended a lecture by Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri in Delhi. I could experience an aura. He seems to have attained God-realization. I think he has founded IIPM to embark on his mission as a Spiritual Master. Each of his public talk looks like a mass darshan programs, with followers hungry for spirtual knoweldge.

    Most unlike other Hindu teachers, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri gives no importance to rites, rituals, or ceremonies, but attached the highest significance to love for knowledge, which is the highest form of God. Divine knowledge recognizes no barrier of caste, creed, religion, race, sex, or nationality but spreads directly from heart to heart. IIPM's rank no. 1 in global exposure is a testimony to this fact.

    Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri has a magnetic and captivating personality whose appeal is evident not only in his settings but before large audience, but also in personal interactions. Encouraging around him an atmosphere of spontaneity and good humor, Prof. Chaudhuri himself possesses an ease and grace of manner and relates himself with no apparent effort and on their own level to people of all types and from all social backgrounds.

    I think we should love and honor him not merely as a great spiritual teacher but as the actual divine Beloved or Manifestation of God in human form.

  • Shaheena Masoud

    Oh yes I agree the world is going to end, and I wouldnt be surprise if it would be due to a comet.

    As for the image of Gohar Shahi they claim is on the Moon-I see it. I'll definitely have to test it though before I make up my mind about it.

  • Stacey

    I agree with this article. There is so much scientific evidence that proves we are living in the dark times. Thank you for sharing this with us. I will call upon the Awaited One. Many people do not want to believe that the world is going to end soon. But not believing won't change the facts – wake up people!

    • lisa

      I agree many people do not want to believe they are living in the end times. Whereas most prophesies have been fulfilled.
      Nostradamus predicted that the messiah's image will appear on the moon.Nasa have also seen images on the moon and sun.
      I can also see these images on the moon and have spoken to them.People may wonder how you can speak to an image.
      They are not images carved in the crater,they are sub-spirits.
      Messiah Ra Riaz and Jesus Christ are the only hope for humanity.They are hope for our eternity. Jesus said that he comes from the unseen world and has his own kingdom that no eyes have seen no ears heard and never smelt its fragrance.Messiah Also has said he comes from the unseen world and has his own kingdom Riaz alJannah.

  • A very impressive video, however, a saddening event. What does catch my attention is, that this, for the first time (amongst all that have claimed or predicted some sort of apocalypse) gives the common man a hope.

    A majority of humanity does still believe in God, and ironically, all seem to wait for this "Messianic" figure, and this video seems to appeal to that sort of genre of humanity.

    I hope it's true; it is believable. And well done to MFI Universal.

  • Steven J.

    I'll have to agree with Shaheena Masoud- I'll decide when I test their claims myself.

    I gotta say though, the video looks more like an epic trailer than anything else! I checked out their website and I'm convinced about the end times bit and I know it may sound crazy but I could see the images they pointed out in the divine signs section.

    Still though, I have trouble believing an image can "save us all" but I'll remember it…who knows, it might come in handy. Theres no harm in keeping an open mind, but like I said I'm not going to say anything until I try it for myself.

  • Rosemary

    I am pleasantly surprised to know about the images on the moon and other places. I have heard that too that the awaited Messiah's image would appear on the moon. That's something extraordinary.

  • Im going to have to look into this.
    The image is quite clear i must say; too clear and prominent to be dismissed.

  • I'd dismiss this as yet another story, however, the image that this video depicts; it seems to clear and vivid to be shrugged off.
    There must be something to it. Surely needs a read.

    Good article.

  • Im surprised. This truly does make sense, thought its highly overwhelming, it shall take time to settle into and completely comprehend. However what really gets to me is that, for years I myself have been researching on various Religions, not only Prophetic religions but man made also, e.g Deism. But I've realised its only an established theory, given into practise yet not given any results. Even the religions today have been adulterated to a degree to where no man can find guidance and enlightenment, and all of them have become unfathomable, with all the ridiculous man made "so called" prophecies. But if you go deep into all these religions, you can vaguely but surely see theres a resemblance in certain references from different religions. And MFI here has collected all those, and I see your sincerity, finally there's someone thats not trying to distort the image of guidance but clarify it for us to reach God, or beyond. I love your reference pages on http://www.twenty26.com with detailed explanatory. Thank You, I've subscribed to your newsletter and I've also downloaded your book "The Religion of God" on iPhone. Once again, truly thank YOU!

  • lisa

    Many people ask this question how can images save the humanity.
    Firstly they are not images carved in the crater,they are sub-spirits of the Messiah Ra Riaz and Jesus Christ.
    NASA have clearly seen these.
    Do test out these images. They speak in many languages ,they confer divine love and healing.

  • Well… Atleast you guys have scientific and religious references. Science doesnt clash with religion, they make a bond, a bridge beyond the horizon

  • Woah!
    Dudeeeees, keep at it, im not sure what to say. But its really interestingg anddd yeaaah overwhelming.
    but I wish we could re-navigate the comet up Gods Ar53.=)
    But still the Messiah soundsss awesome! so HALLELUJAH! and Amen to that Brother!

  • Seriously???
    Whats the proof????

  • I am horrified by such non sensual claims in name of Islam, people should be very careful to accept them, be it moon or the Sun , you or me, we do not reflect any one but the creator, who the heck is Gohar Shahi? People truth about Prophecy about Imam Mahdi is that he will show a sign in Moon, sign of GOD and not himself, and the sign is very simple, for Christians it is Deuteronomy of 18 18, Toral eclipse is bound by a repetitive law of 18 years(deuteronomy 18 18). It is also a law known as Torah, which itself is 18, not to forget the book of divine law which Hindus claim to have is also 18 vedas, and for Budhhists it is 18 Mudras defining 18 laws of Buddha(wisdom). Dont forget there is a proof against Athiesm too, the golden Ratio and rule of right hand law also stand by the divine books since The GOlden Ratio of all creation too is based on the same two constant numbers as unit and tenth of ratio 1618, the 18! What is GOlden ARK? 8 is an /\RK in math of all religions, it is the golden ARC of golden ratio and the right hand too, it is the mark of creation, a constant digital mark, and great seal of GOD is not dollar or paper of any other sort, GOld is the great seal in economy, the mark of beast is a divine mark $(pi-phi-18), hijacked and used by the beast of Usury to decieve many and make sale and purchase impossible without it worldwide! So here i am a challenge to Gohar Shahi when it comes to explaining the Prophecy of eclipse of entimes viz a viz Mahdi, Mashiach and Messiah all! None of them needed their photos be projected from Moon or Sun, who the heck is Gohar Shahi compared to them? Islam awaits no more signs, only scientific ones, Islam is a scientific religion, such aloof talk should not be attributed to Islam! Antikythera Machenism of Saros need be looked into to see what Splitting of Moon means, it is a totol eclipse obeying a fixed divine law, Torah law, Bible law, Quran law, law of right hand rule, golden law 1618!

  • @Ahmed1rfan
    You, my friend, are deluded and misguided.
    Get your facts straight man. Islam may have a part in science, however, so do all religions. And all religions have part in spirituality too. There are parts of the religion that cannot go hand-in-hand with science, those are the spiritual elements of the religion, and others are simple and can cooperate with science.

    So, yeah, just get your facts right.

  • Sarah

    Nonesensical? According to Islamic references its really not nonsensical; have you not heard about what Imam Jafar Sadiq's hadith: "Imam Mehdi's face shall shine on the Moon"? Do you know the meaning of Imam Mehdi? Mehdi means "The One of the Moon". If His Divine Eminence RaRiaz Gohar Shahi's image is on the Moon it means He is Imam Mehdi. Also, Quran: Soon we shall show our signs in the HORIZONS and within their selves until they are convinced this is the truth". "Our signs" can refer to a number of things- can God's sign not be the image of Imam Mehdi? Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); said, “O’ Companion, the day is not far, when you shall see Your Lord as close as you see the Moon”. It is said that a Sultan ul Fuqra can be called Allah (Sultan Haq Bahu said this). Imam Mehdi holds this rank. You can argue it both ways and HH RaRiaz Gohar shahi still fulfills the prophecy according to Islam.

    My dear friend, is it humanly possible to make an image on the physical Moon? The Moon is in the Horizons. This image is manifested by God Himself.

    Imam Mehdi, Messiah/Moshiach, Kalki Avatar- all these are titles that refer to one Personality. So yes, Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi's image is on the Moon.

    As for the "splitting of the Moon" you are referring to from Surah al Qamar- well, you need to study Quran thoroughly to understand the secret of that Ayat. Study the word ‘شَقَّ’. It translates to "erupt" or "sprout out" in this case. People often mistake this to the incident whereby Prophet Mohammd (May God send his salutations upon all Prophets) split the Moon into half, however the grammar indicates that the incident is yet to happen. Through Spiritual knowledge, the meaning of ‘شَقَّ’ would be: Something is hidden, and it suddenly erupts or sprouts out and thus comes to being revealed. In accordance and understanding to this theory, the Moon was plain and didn’t have any spiritual significance yet possessed a hidden secret, and when time came the image of HH Gohar Shahi erupted unto, and hovered above the surface of the Moon. To make the understanding of the word ‘شَقَّ’ easier, an example that could put forward is, ‘When Prophet Moses (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); applied his holy staff into the river; the water erupts and sprouts apart a path for Prophet Moses (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); and his nation to walk through.

    Prophecies from other religions regarding the Awaited One and signs in the skies are also fulfilled by HH Ra Gohar Shahi but since youre mostly talking about Islam I'm assuming you want to here the Islamic explanation.

    • Sarah

      Sorry, I meant "I'm assuming you want to hear the Islamic explanation."

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