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The Values of the Christian Right: American Family Association host likens Native American Indians as 'abominations' and declares that today's Native Americans must leave 'indigenous superstition' and convert to Christianity

Native AmericanSaying that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington wanted to convert Native Americans to Christianity, ignoring the Six Nations, and mocking the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans, Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association compared Native Americans at the time of the country's founding to "abominations" that the biblical god of the Old Testament was "vomiting" from the land.

In his "Focal Point" program aired on American Family Radio, Fischer talked about the "moral disqualification by the Native American tribes from their right to have sovereign control of American soil" and how today's Native Americans must drop their superstitious beliefs, convert to Christianity, and move off of reservations.  According to Fischer, the reason that so many Native Americans live in poverty is because they "cling to the darkness of indigenous superstition instead of coming into the light of Christianity and assimilating into Christian culture."

EDITOR'S UPDATE:  It should be obvious that this is a news story reporting on people associated with the American Family Association, a designated hate group.  It is not our endorsement.  Take the time to read it before calling us Nazis, haters and the rest.  We report on what the religious right is up to because we feel that people must know about them and how they influence politics and society.  Their message is often very offensive.  We are not going to hide in a corner, reporting only happy, politically correct news in order to avoid hurting people's feelings.

The following is a transcript of the video posted by the American Family Association (the video is on the bottom of the page):

I left off with the excerpt from the Declaration of Independence in which Thomas Jefferson says one of the complaints against King George is he's trying to stir up what Jefferson calls 'the merciless Indian savages' against settlers — European settlers — on the frontier and Jefferson cites the fact that their known rule of warfare — in other words, everybody understood this — is that they're going to kill everybody.  In a just war theory under Christianity, your goal is enemy combatants.  You want to avoid civilian casualties if at all possible.  In Indian warfare, Jefferson says the purpose is to inflict civilian casualties regardless of age, sex or gender.


The Native American tribes ultimately resisted the appeal of Christian Europeans to leave behind their superstition and occult practices for the light of Christianity and civilization. They in the end resisted the attempts to “Christianize the Savages of the Wilderness,” that's  George Washington’s phrase.  He supported that, he thought it was a great idea, thought that's what we ought to do.  Get them civilized and Christianized.  That was Washington's objective.  Neither of those worked.  The Indian tribes were neither Christianized nor were they civilized.  They refused to accept those efforts.

They also rejected Washington’s direct counsel to the Delaware chiefs in 1779.  This is what Washington said to the chiefs of the Delaware Indians, “You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life — that is to become civilized — and above all, to learn the religion of Jesus Christ.”  To become Christianized.  So Washington says look, this is what the Indian tribes need – they need to become civilized and they need to become Christianized.  That was his direct appeal to the Delaware chiefs.  It didn't take.  It didn't work.

Thomas Jefferson three times signed legislation that appropriated federal tax dollars — this is Mr. Separation of Church and State — three times signed a law that provided money out of a federal treasury for the evangelizing of the Native American tribes. It all came to naught.   One tribe after another rejected the offer of spiritual light and advanced civilization.

Missionaries were sent to Indian tribes including Marcus Whitman.  Marcus Whitman went to tribes in now what is southeastern Washington and he was tomahawked to death by the Cayuse and Umatilla Indians in 1848 in what eventually became the Oregon Territory.

Now, as I mentioned, God explained to the nation of Israel — this is Leviticus 18 — that because of the “abominations” — that's God's word, not mine — because of the abominations of the indigenous Canaanite tribes — and by abominations, he was referring to incest, adultery, sexual immorality, homosexuality, and bestiality, all of the above were abominations in God's eyes — he said the land had become unclean and “vomited out its inhabitants.”

I have an explanatory paragraph.  Is this to say the same thing holds true for native American tribes today? In many and perhaps most respects, the answer is of course no. But in some senses, the answer is still yes. Many of the tribal reservations today are still remain mired in poverty and alcoholism because many native Americans still to this day continue to cling to the darkness of indigenous superstition instead of coming into the light of Christianity and assimilating into Christian culture.

You know, I think the best thing that the father of children that are born and grow up on an Indian reservation is get them off of that reservation.  Get them mainstreamed, convert them to Jesus Christ, and get them off the reservation and into American life.  Help them to become full fledged American citizens instead of hanging out in dependency, in poverty and sterility on the Indian reservation.

Now we still have, this Native American superstition is alive and well and it is being fostered and encouraged by the President of the United States.   Remember the invocation that was offered at that Tucson event, the memorial for the people that were killed by Jared Loughner,  remember they had that Native American guy?  And where did he seek his inspiration from?  From the Seven Directions.  That's his words, the Seven Directions.  And he was seeking direction from “Father Sky” and “Mother Earth,” rather than from the God of the Bible.

Now I suggest this column is liable to generate a firestorm of nuclear proportions but here is the takeaway for me. This is the takeaway, the bottom line for us.   Here's the sobering lesson for today. America in 2011 is as guilty of “abominations” as the Native American tribes we replaced. We have the blood of 53 million babies on our hands through abortion. We have normalized sexual immorality, we've normalized adultery, we've normalized homosexuality, all of these are horrors in the eyes of God, and we are witnessing a surge in incest, pedophilia and even bestiality in our midst.

Remember that Thomas Jefferson  wrote at the time of the Founding, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.” And I say  it is long past time for us once again to tremble for our country.  Who knows how long we have left before we've filled up the slop bucket and we will have morally disqualified ourselves from sovereign control of our own land.

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  • sickened that you call yourselves "american family"

    i drive long distances, so at times, flipping thru radio stations to find npr in other states, i come across AFR. i stop to listen for a minute and sometimes will stay for awhile. this is what happened yesterday as i was headed home thru va. i caught something about american indians and stopped to listen. i had to wait thru other things i didnt want to listen to only to become so sickened by what the host was saying i just could not beleive it. to say american indians were "savages" in this day and age is unbelievable to me. i am still so angry i am at a loss for words. i came across this article and can not even tell if the author agrees or not with what was said, but in reading the trascript, i am again sickened.

    • We do not agree with Fischer, as demonstrated in the tone of the first paragraph. However, it is a report and not an editorial and we let the readers decide what they want to think. One of the links in the 1st paragraph will take you to Liars for Jesus, a book highly recommended.

      Personally, I find Fischer and the American Family Association disgusting. The lies and hatred that they spew about Native Americans, Muslims, gay people, etc. in the name of Christianity and their Christian nationalism make my stomach churn … but this is the "Christian nation" that so many in America are blindly accepting. We report on them frequently because it demonstrates the mindset of what is going on in the world of social conservatism and would-be theocrats.

      Thanks for your comment. I can only imagine what this must have been like to listen to in "real time."

  • Tookie23

    Whoever wrote this article;

    You are essentially a neo-nazi, hate spreading, puke inducing source of atrocity. This is coming from a White Male, who is also straight.
    Why don't you get off your pedestal and realize that all you do is spread ignorance and at best cause the unification of the people you try to erode.

    Tell me, how much of the bible are you willing to create (and, or) put in your own context, and who are you to be throwin' stones buddy. Don't you know we all get judged at the Pearly Gates.

    • We are reporting what someone said to illustrate what the religious right thinks. If you can't take the time to read the title and the opening part before the quote, as well as the comments, then you are being just as hasty to condemn others as Mr. Fischer.

    • What I don't understand is why people like yourself think we condone this kind of behavior just because we WROTE about it. We absolutely do not condone what the AFA has said about Native Americans. I wish people would take the time to read the article before judging.

      • There seems to be more and more of that. 🙂

        • I'm wondering if we're going to have to write a disclaimer on every article LOL

      • Tookie23

        I did read it all the way through originally, by the end of it I was moreso just riled up.
        So I would like to redirect my anger towards the AFA and away from this website.

      • Apology accepted … and I can understand how upsetting it is. Wait to see what will publish tomorrow, which is pretty bad, too.


    • Tookie23

      Actually; I'd like to keep this comment as is… and direct it to the AFA as opposed to goddiscussion.com.
      Specifically towards the hate-monger that was seen in that video.

  • It is a shame they cannot see what Xianity has already done to the American Indians. To bad they can't leave well enough alone and let them be.

  • And Manifest Destiny rides proudly in. wow, such biggotry and self righteous judgment… I thought only God was suppose to judge. This guys ignorance is showing. Cherokees did become "civilized" dressing like whites, going to school like whites, building log homes like whites, but their skin was still the wrong color and the whites stole every thing they had built and then marched them off to Indian Territory on the long Trail of Tears. Big Foot and his people as well as Black Kettle and his people murdered under a white flag of truce with no arms to protect themselves. General Wells marched on peaceful Paiute villages again and again and again and again, and again, killing every man, woman, and child, throwing babies in their carriers alive into bonfires, cutting pregnant women open to dash their babies heads against rocks, raping, butchering, murdering in the most of savage ways, taking private body parts as souvenirs, sometimes skinning alive and tanning the human hides, village after village after village. Miss Christina Thomas who sang her native song is a survivor of these marches against her people. The Wintu of Mt. Shasta joined in the festivities of the Christian Whites and 10,000 men were poisoned by the food… yeah WHO WAS THE SAVAGES????????

    The legacy of so called Christians has Jesus turning over in his grave so to speak and has created a lot of the hatred toward "Christians". They do not live what Jesus taught and have no right to call themselves such. Thanks for sharing this, although it certainly takes one out of Peace.

  • I should have mentioned that Indians believe in a loving God, that is why Christianity and their hateful vengeful God didnt seem right to them. Whitman was killed because he was an evil SOB, who beat the Indian people, let children be "kidnapped" for sex abuse, and eventual burial, was very racist. The Cayuse simply got tired of it. They knew that NO man of God acted the way Whitman did and they didnt need his God. They had their own who was kind, and loving, and taught them to respect all life and the earth. Not just White people..

    Iroquois have a funny story about that. See The first woman on earth gave birth to two twin sons. Missionaries turned them into the good son (Jesus) and the bad son (Satan). The good son always did everything right thinking about man. The bad son only thought about himself. One day, he wanted to play a joke on his Indian People. He thought it would be funny to see them walk around like zombies and forget who they are. So the Bad Twin created the White man. After he made them, he was sorry, for they caused real bad hardships on his Indian people but he could not unmake them as much as he wanted to because his white children were just like him, selfish and dictatorial.

    Obviously not all Whites fit this description but I am sure that to the Indian, it must have seemed that it did. White women like Mary Jemison chose the Indians over white men of the time for a reason.

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