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Al Jazeera: Friday, January 28 is 'The Day Egyptians Lost Their Fear'

Cairo bridgeAl Jazeera calls Friday, January 28 "the Day Egyptians Lost Their Fear."

The news station captured footage from the eastern side of the Nile that showed thousands of protesters crossing over to Cairo via the Kasr al-Nil Bridge and police attempting to ward them off with canisters of tear gas and water canons.

Some people caught the canisters in mid-flight and tossed them into the Nile.

Thousands of ordinary Egyptians from all walks of life defied the riot police, who retreated from the crowd.

The police had tried to ward off protesters for hours.  By nightfall, the Egyptian people had taken control of the bridge.

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  • D. Weber

    While protests in Egypt may be justified and necessary; burning, looting and similar behavior is not, and reduces those who participate in such behavior to the status of "rioters" and not demonstrators. Additionally; such behavior only destroys private property and infrastructure which will later have to be rebuilt at the cost of the people. I find it interesting that such behavior is not more often condemned by observers.

    • Actually, we did discuss this in a past article — the museum in Cairo was looted and valuable artifacts destroyed. I definitely agree … the looting and similar behavior is not commendable.


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