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Teenage Christian Says She Saw Hell and Warns that People Who Listen to Michael Jackson Music Are Getting Trapped in Satan's Web

Hell; Lake of FireAngelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora of Equador claims that when she was 17, she died for 23 hours and was personally given a tour of heaven and hell by Jesus. Her mother, a devout Christian, says the girl died but admits that she did not call a doctor because she wanted to give God 24 hours to bring Angelica back to life.

The Christian devotee says that there were all kinds of people in hell, including her relatives and famous people. Kids who play Pokeman or watch too much TV are in hell. She alleges that demons are running all over the place, back and forth from hell to earth, turning people from the lord. She claims that she saw Jesus weeping profoundly because he couldn't do anything about it.

Among the celebrities Angelica says she saw being tormented were:

  • Pop musician Selena, who supposedly "would scream and demons would hurl spears from afar into her body and she would cry, 'Help me, Lord, have mercy on me, Lord!' But the Lord told her, 'It is too late.'"
  • Pope John Paul II, tormented for eternity 'because he did not repent' and had amassed a great deal of wealth.   According to Angelica, "He had a large serpent with needles, wrapped around his throat, and he would try to take it off. I pleaded with Jesus, 'Lord, help him!' The man would scream, 'Help me, Lord; have mercy on me; take me out of this place; forgive me! I repent, Lord; I want to return to Earth, I want to go back to Earth to repent.' The Lord observed him and said to him, 'You very well knew. You knew very well that this place was real…It's too late; there is no other opportunity for you.'"
  • Michael Jackson was in hell, according to the Christian girl, because he made a pact with the devil to become famous.  She warns, "Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson's songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell.  Right now, renounce it in the name of Jesus! Jesus wants to set you free, so that you will not be lost."

Thousands and thousands of people are choosing to walk straight to hell, the young doomsdayer proclaims on her website, and that demons hold meetings in hell, plotting out their attacks.

The young woman then goes on to describe the rapture, which seems almost as bad as hell:

Daughter, I am going to show you something: How I am coming to Earth for a holy people. I am going to show you how the day of the Rapture will be." We walked to a place with a giant screen, and I saw people in it. I could observe the whole world. Then suddenly I saw thousands of people disappearing. Pregnant women had their pregnancy disappear ,and they looked like they had gone crazy screaming.

Children had disappeared from all over. Many people were running from here to there, screaming, "This can't be, this can't be! What's happening?"

I saw those who had known the Lord, that were left behind. They were saying that Christ had come, the Rapture happened. They screamed and wanted to kill themselves, but they couldn't. The Lord told me, "Daughter, in those days, death will flee; Daughter, in those days the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth." There were accidents but I didn't see a single dead person: all of them were alive, although injured.

After the Rapture I, observed enormous traffic with thousands of people. He told me, "Daughter, look, this is how everything will happen." I then saw people running from one place to another, shouting, "Christ came, Christ came!" They would plead, "Lord, forgive me, forgive me, take me with You!" But sadly the Lord said, "It's too late. The time to repent is now."

Angelica has apparently turned to preaching the gospel along with her schooling. She has a Spanish language video which tells people that they need to repent.  Her story is popular on Christian websites.

Voice over version of video:

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  • Kivahut

    I was dropping acid when I was 17 too! I saw Mickey Mouse and Mr. Potato Head doing the Funky Chicken dance in our living room. My mom thought I was psychic. I had to tell her years later that I was just tripping.

    • It's pretty sad that kids are so heavily indoctrinated that these are the types of visions they get. I've been seeing this story on various Christian websites as "testimony" and after reading it, am left not sure if it was something concocted by the mother/daughter.


      • very soon you will believe all she said the thruth

        • rose

          i agree with you tunde,coz our apostle is also teaching us this kind of things even we didn't know about angelica mora.

  • COinMS

    I put no stock in such stories. The human mind is capable of conjuring any number of 'afterlife' scenarios when in the throes of a near-death experience. For Bible-beleiving Christians to give such stories credence shows a lack of faith in the Bible, which after all is supposed to be the final authority on such matters.

    In the Bible, several people returned from the dead and not one of them mentioned anything at all about the afterlife. That would have been THE place to inform people, because certainly the onlookers would have asked for information about what happens after death.

    Nothing was mentioned because death is likened to a sleep; it is unconsciousness, annihilation really, until the Resurrection. IMHO.

    • I don't take stock in these visions either, COinMS, but I do think if the visions are actually experienced (I'm not sure in this case), then they reflect what's going on in the subconscious. This mirrors the pitiful amount of fear and judgment that's pounded into kids' minds in the name of a god.

      The rapture, eternal hell … from my reading of the bible, I do not see them in there.


    • Zech

      You see,I think this girl didnt see it right. Study the Scriptures… Hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire and will share the same fate with unbelievers and unfaithful Christians,ditto the devil. Hell is like the world of the dead,not a place of unquenchable fire. There cannot be a demon holding a Spear to torture anyone because the demons themselves will be under everlasting torment. I think she saw a picture of hell that had already been painted for her.

      • elizabeth

        Zech it is that the devil will be thrown in the lake of fire with his demons and unbelievers after the rapture and the end of the tribulation.Study your bible seek God! Ask for forgiveness! I cant stand the thought of anyone going to hell it will be horrifying !
        Main Events That Will Occur
        After the Tribulation

        1. The Second Coming of Jesus
        Immediately following the Tribulation and right in the middle of the battle of Armageddon, Jesus literally descends from heaven where every eye will be able to see Him. Jesus will land on the Mount of Olives and He will then destroy all of the invading armies who have come against Jerusalem. Their flesh will dissolve while they stand on their feet, their eyes will dissolve in their sockets and their tongues will dissolve in their mouths.
        Jesus then throws the Antichrist and False Prophet into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. Jesus then throws Satan into the bottomless pit where he is kept chained up for a 1000 years. The rest of unsaved humanity is kept in Hades (Hell) until the 1000 Millennium Kingdom is over.

        Jesus will literally rule our earth from the city of Jerusalem for 1000 years with all of the saints ruling the nations of the earth with Him. There will be no more wars ever again. Wild animals and beasts will be tame. People will live long lives – possibly up to a 1000 years. There will be no more weeping or crying.

        After the 1000 years have passed in the Millennium Kingdom, Satan is let loose from the bottomless pit for a little while in order to go out and attempt to deceive the nations of the world for one last time. God allows Satan to tempt and weed out the restless bad apples that were born into the Millennium Kingdom. They will all converge on the city of Jerusalem to go into battle.
        Before any battle is fought, God will destroy this invading army with fire. Satan is then cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where he will now join the Antichrist and False Prophet. All three of them will now remain in this place forever and ever and we will never hear from the devil again.

        All of unsaved humanity is now pulled up out of Hades (Hell) where they will now all stand before God for their final judgment. All of those whose names are not found written in the Book of Life are thrown into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where they will all remain forever with Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

        Our earth and our atmospheric heaven are now done away with, and in its place we will get a new heaven and a new earth. There will no longer be any seas. There will no longer be any night. There will no longer be any sun or moon because the glory of God will be illuminating the earth.
        There will no longer be any more death in any way, shape or form. The curse of Adam and Eve will have finally been broken and done away with for good. There will be no more sorrow, pain, crying or weeping. All things will be made new.
        God the Father Himself will now come down from heaven and dwell with man forever and ever in this new heaven and new earth. We will also get a new city of Jerusalem which will come down from heaven itself.
        The foundations of the walls will be adorned with all kinds of precious stones. There will be 12 gates with an angel at each gate. The gates will be made of solid pearl and the streets will be solid gold.
        There shall no longer be any temple as God and Jesus will be the temple Themselves. All the nations of the earth shall walk in Their light and the gates into this city will never be closed.
        Now with Satan, all of his demons, and all of the bad and unsaved people taken out of this new heavenly environment, we will now all live happily ever after with God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, all of God's good angels and all of our saved loved ones in the most perfect God-environment imaginable – with no more pain, sorrow or death ever again!
        This is our final end. This is our ultimate destination. Keep your eyes on this final glorious end as we start to approach and enter into these end time events. It will help get you through the fire.
        Remember, God will win in the end and so will you if you keep your faith in Jesus Christ through what may be some very difficult times ahead. Jesus Himself has already told us that those who are the overcomers in this life will be the ones to rule the nations of the world with Him in these coming eras.

    • Tilma Rios

      Sorry, but, COinMS,you really don't know anything about faith, belivers, or bible. Read the bible.Where speaks about Lazarus. He was JESUS BEST FRIEND. Do you really think Jesus best friend, after ressurected was going to speak about hell if he never went there. People are able to talk about places there have been. Believing,or not, is up to you.

  • Christina

    The world will end soon. Half of me is afraid, but the other half of me is happy. I just hope nothing will happen to my baby in my stomach. It's my first pregnancy.

    • mike

      how many generations of people believed the apocalypse would happen in their lifetime? all of them so far. nothing is going to happen, just like every other end times prophecy. please just worry about taking care of that child and stop being so naive.

  • Patricia

    The thing is, each and everyone of us should guard our relationship with God. As long as we walk daily with Him, His Holy Spirit will lead us along the right path. We need to read His word cause His word reveals to us how we should live our lives according to what God wants. Draw close to God and He will draw close to u.

  • Carl

    Jesus said, " I will be with you always, even until the end of time" so don't despair just keep your faith in GOD. I am Catholic and my opinion is that this is a partial attack on Catholism amongst other things. It attacks our previous Pope and Our Blessed Mother, which is blaspheme and can only come from someone inspired by satan himself.

    • carl, my advise to u is to follow jesus christ as the true messiah and lord,dont follow people they lead you astray,those who violated jesus's commands dont defent them,its not a matter of beeing catholic,but beeing a "TRUE" christian.I BELIEVE U DONT WANT TO FOLLOW POPE TO HELL,BUT TO FOLLOW JESUS CHRIET TO HEAVEN

  • I really think that her visions are very creative–great stuff for a magical realist postmodern fiction novel!!

    • There's a big part of me that leans toward the "this is an attention getting scam" theory. Maybe she genuinely thought she saw those things but I agree, it would make for a great fiction novel or Christian horror flick.


  • God love us so much.Let us repent for our sins this is the only salvation that we can go to heaven…

  • Ciel

    God reveals His message to us in many ways. It is possible that He did take this girl to Heaven and to Hell. I do not believe that it is an attack on Catholicism, as one person suggested, it just follows along the lines of Scripture. The pope is not infallible, he is a human being like the rest of us, and in need of the blood of Christ for forgiveness.

    If you who are reading this think that Heaven and Hell are a joke, and that this girl is just hallucinating… take the Bible and read it. Wouldn't you rather be prepared, in CASE there is life after death, as I believe. We have the choice in life to believe that God's love offering, His Son Jesus, was a sacrifice for us in order to be washed free of our sin and be able to have eternal life. Or we can refuse to believe that our souls are immortal. The choice is yours.

    In giving our lives to Christ, we have the hope of eternal life, we experience God's love and forgiveness in our lives, and are able to live under His guidance to live our lives to the fullest, where we are the most happy.

    Just because one is a "good person" – will not save one's soul. And the demon world is just FULL of demons and devils, waiting to trip us up.

    Beware! A word to the wise is sufficient, and God gives us His Word and His Son, to freely receive….

    • Ray Emmanuel Guveya

      Even though the existance of God can not be proved through reason, one should wager as if God is there for they is nothing to lose if he doesnt exist and every gain in it if he does. Blaise Pascal

  • Evangel

    Well people I'm not sure how accurate what this young girl saw was true,however too many people are having these experiences around the world,just because it's not on main stream news doesn't mean it isn't true.I can say without a shadow of a doubt that demons and fallen angels exists because I have personally experienced them.I have also experienced the power of Jesus dealing with them.

    Lots of you would rather believe in magic,hallucinations and the explanations of the supernatural as drug induced experiences or some chemical imbalances of the brain,but what you refuse to understand is that science and the like are relatively young compared to the spiritual and it is also so naive to exclude the spiritual out of the equation hence many are deceived.

    You need a lot more faith to believe that everything boils down to science and other explanations other than the word of God.Demons,Fallen Angels and Spiritual Wickedness in high places all exists and your opinion doesn't change their existence.Accept Christ into your heart today because it might be too late for you to.If you are 100% sure you don't need Him then die without Him its a risk I wouldn't advise anyone to take.You have been warned and it is recorded in your personal file in heaven once you read this!!!

  • peace

    The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is true and real. That is my every desire to meet with christ on the last day. Only true believers shall be raptured.
    If she formulated the story to make money out of people, her punishment will be worse than that of the ones she claimed she saw in hell but if what she said is true which I believe I want to be with Christ and worship God forever and ever.
    Let's make our way right with God, so we won't be found wanting on that day.
    God has used this little girl to pass a message to his children, that the day of redemmtion is near. Weap no more christian, your helper is coming to wipe our tears away n take us out of this wicked world to a place without sin and pain.
    Strife my brethen to be there

  • how can u believe such stories? Jesus said only the father knows when the rapture would take place so how come her revelation is not in line with the gospel

    • A word is enough for the wise. This article never stated that Jesus told the young girl when the rapture would happen. Instead it says he showed her a glimpse of what the Earth will be like (chaos, mayhem, accidents, no death). This is similar to everyone knowing what it is like for a house to get robbed or for a car accident to occur…yet nobody knows when it will occur and if it will happen today, tomorrow, or next tomorrow. I didn't wake up January 11, 2011 and say "oh hey, I'm going to get into a accident today." It was not revealed to me…YET it still happened. So instead of sitting here denying what this girl SAW, get right with JESUS CHRIST! I know I am, I was whil'lin out Saturday but no more for me! I repent Lord Jesus, please come into my heart and renew a right spirit in me. Search me now and know my thoughts, try me now Lord. Thank you Jesus, I LOVE YOU!!

      • Polonia Hoko

        hey fanx for that comment!..i know how it feels like to turn awae form gods words..i steo go to skul and i live here in Tonga..being a christianity is a part of my life i will alwaes remember!..just wanna sae love you to all the people out there and that hope you make the right decisions when the time has come..love Polonia Hoko

        • elizabeth

          I love you too and stay with Jesus he is the way the truth and the light! God Bless You!

  • jesus said only the father knows when d rapture would take place. And is there any place that says when a man dies,he goes to hell to burn?i believe when people die they are unconcious,sleeping till jesus comes at the sound of the trump. Thats why the bible says: the dead in christ shall rise first.

    • I can't quite remember when it was, but didn't the rapture teachings start in the 1800s? There are many who say that the dead sleep and then, if they were deemed wicked, have a second death in the Lake of Fire, which is not eternal.


  • sarah

    How come when, someone get to talk about hell, there is an uproar, and all of a sudden God is a loving God, and would not allow people go to hell, indeed he is a loving God and also a God of wrath, who honors his word more than his name, so he has said in is word John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. Give your life to Jesus Christ, the son of God so you can escape eternal damnation in hell. God bless you richly.

    • Samari

      A Just Judge WILL make sure crime is punished Because he loves humanity. Someone Has to pay for Sin committed. Sinful Man Cannot Pay God's required penalty that's why Jesus came to pay for our sins as He qualified to Meet God's requirement.

      • It is interesting that some interpret that a just and loving God would require human sacrifice, like Abraham and Isaac. God stopped Abraham from sacrificing his own son, yet still requires it in the New Covenant? God violates his own commandment "Thou shalt not kill"…interesting.

        • elizabeth

          what? I pray for you some discernment and wisdom and understanding so you see! The bible said if you know the truth and deny it He will let you believe the lie! Read the bible and study it! read it out loud and you will begin to understand!

    • Zeek

      90% of the world is most likely not truly saved an going to hell to burn in the lake of fire forever.

      Jesus taught us to be loving in this world, but it's ok to torture people in hell forever if they make any mistakes and don't turn to him.

      I love Jesus so much that if he asked me to help maintain hell, I would do it. I would pour gasoline and burn Osama everyday for eternity, or your unsaved grandparents if Jesus asked me to. Jesus might take away my memory of it so, I wouldn't feel terrible every time I served him.

  • Ez

    Sounds like 2012 ?

  • Letitia Murphy

    Since when did you give yourself the right to become God and presume to know the destination that God has predestined for people, you cannot say you know God and make such a huge judgemental statement about people, certainly its your right to express your opinions, but thats not what you doing, you are claiming that what you are saying should be considered truth…… I am disgusted and disappointed that other Christians consider what you say and enter into the world of NOT LOVING THEIR BROTHERS, after all how can you love someone when you are looking down on them.

    • By "you" we're presuming that you are referring to the gal who made these allegations, not to the person who reported them.


  • what a beautiful story to tell and can be help to a person that saty far away from u this story it a vry help ful and rebuild the life of christian that read it is better to live in this life and be prepared for his come rathher than be caugth by jesus tyme and u a not ready but is good to tell us to remember that there is no repent after dying

    thank u brother and sister in the lord

    • Mike

      Beautiful? Maybe as a 'beautiful scare tactic.'

      I think it is horrible and repugnant.

  • dalton

    Personally i don't even have d time to read this long whatever……..this story says that Apparently micheal jackson sold his soul when he was 6yrs old….Or probably his parents sold his soul before they gave birth to him..Y didnt she say anything of the ppl she saw in heaven???Wat of the Muslim ppl??wat of the ppl who actually kill God's children…..She didnt even see osama bin ladin…or sadam husein … or even hitler…The ppl writing this……..I hv nothing to say to u…..Only that my spirit doesnt agree wit u….PPL of God….Go and read the revelations in your bible….Thats what you need to believe…

  • Aurora

    It may be a warning or it could be the truth.

    Many people will believe. Many will not.

    At the end of the day, what really matters is how we straighten up our own lives to walk with God.

  • Zech

    Its a pity. Study your Scriptures well. Rev.20 tells us of a lake of fire. And it also says DEATH and HELL will be cast into them,along with the DEVIL,UNBELIEVERS & UNFAITHFUL CHRISTIANS. That means that all the mentioned parties will share the same fate-eternal torment! Hell isnt a place of fire or torment,it is a place where souls await before judgment. It is the world of the dead. It is Sheol. It isnt a place of torture. The lake of fire is,and the bible says hell with be cast into it… That is correcting anyone's misconception of hell.
    Now about the vision. I dont believe her seeing people in a fire or seeing demons poke people with spears. The Word of God makes us know clearly that these demons will suffer eternal torment in the lake of fire. That means,contrary to the general concept/picture of the devil running the affairs in the lake of fire,he himself will be burning. These are just actualizations of the pictures of hell she had painted. About those she saw… I wont say anything about that,but the facts speak for themselves.

  • Christian

    I am very interested in this conversations and research about claims of people being taken up to heaven and Hell. I do not claim that this is not possible but I keep wondering about why Jesus in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man mentions about Abraham rejecting the rich man's plea to send someone from the dead to warn his brothers about the impending destruction. (Luke 16:31)
    I also try to refrain from any testimonials or teachings that have a lot of stuff that are not bible proven. eg, no one in the bible ever came back from heaven to tell about what they saw. (at least I have never read any) even the one's Jesus raised from the dead never testified about who is in heaven and who is in hell. The bible clearly states,
    "it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment." Hebrews 9:27
    Judgement is God's realm not man's and it is dangerous to talk of things only God knows as though they have been revealed to us and a good example is this; Who can say for sure they have seen or know who is in the book of life and who is not?

    So people, I suggest we work on our salvation with fear and trembling and not to speculate on things that are God's own secrets.

  • Tell you what. We'll bury the Xians each with a well charged cell phone, with a lots of minutes on it. Then when they get to the other side, any one of them can call one of us and tell us all about it. Meh, I'm sure your god has everyone's phone numbers. Just ask him. He's said to know everything.

  • This Girl Is truly a lifesaver

  • .. this is very interesting!! this story makes me realize that God truly loves us and He was our personal savior.. this story also reminds me to repent to all my sin.. thats why we shouldn't ignore this instead we should pass or share this story to ALL HUMANITY! AMEN!..

  • Nigelino

    Okey =) I get the whole picture and all the doubts but how about dead for 23 hours?! =) Dont you think that's a lil bit unexplainable? =/ And all the people who she told that God showed her that she's gonna die? =) They know before it happened 🙂 I believe it…I think the details of her story is really amazing 2

  • yes we are given the freedom to choose… the thing is, there's nothing wrong with believing with what she had testified… after all, it wouldn't hurt…

  • yes we are given the freedom of choice. some would choose to believe it, some would rather not say a thing, and others find fun in mocking it.. in my opinion, why would we close our mind in the possibilities that what she had testified was true?… after all, it wouldn't hurt if we believe in what she said.

  • R.T

    I read the full testimony of this on another website, the only part that I dont get is how by listening to Selena or M.J (as mentioned in testimony) you are walking to Hell?

    If you listen to Gospel music does this mean you are walking to Heaven?

    Heres a scenario for you:

    Theres a person who drinks and does drugs, LISTENS to Gospel Music because he likes the musical tunes, loves to sing, and loves the vocalists who sing these Gospel songs.

    The next person has strong faith in the Lord, is walking by Christ everyday, and uses their musical talents at church to Praise God. BUT he/she also listens to M.J or Selena because they love to sing and love their vocals (singing voices).

    Does this mean that the first person I mentioned is Walking to HEAVEN?? and the 2nd is Walking to HELL??? Surely that cant be right, Im not saying what she saw wasn’t true, but that does kind of throw me off, because I know people who fit in both categories.

    It also mentions how M.J made a pact with the devil to be famous? M.J was famous before he was 11, growing up he was forced(abused) by his father to sing and perform? Its hard to believe that a kid that young could have made a pact, given he was raised as a Jehovahs Witness.

    This is definitely a wake up call for everyone, even if it isn’t true…. There’s good preaching behind this.

  • Do you prefer the world to end in fire or in ice.but if it should end in ice then it would sophice.

  • Roger

    this is blasphemy. so wrong. Do people read the bible or make their own stuff up. We make God look really bad. Read the bible everybody, children go to heaven (ALL CHILDREN). Jesus says it. And second, Jesus is not weeping because he cant do anything about it, read the bible people. Is God weeping because of what we do in his name to how we dishonor him yes, but this is ridiculous people just read the truth, dont trust people in this world if they are not backing their statements with the truth which is the word of God.

    • lol And the Bible doesn't make "God" look bad? I mean, he turns Lot's wife into salt, destroyed cities, used bears to kill children, etc etc and then he kills his own son, who is Him. Oh yeah, murder-suicide. Nice. Yes, I know the STORY goes that Jesus resurrected and then became Casper, but seriously, how in the world can you say your book does not make your god look bad?

      BTW, it does not say that ALL children go to heaven. Some children are to be stoned to death if they are defiant to their parents- see the OT. In the NT, it isn't much better, because it still says for a child to obey their parents so the days of their life will be long. Humm…. Now quote me chapter and verse where is states ALL children go to heaven? It does not. As for Jesus wept, I don't think you have it quite right as to why he wept.

  • Makata

    Repent or wroth in hell.jesus is calling us to himself.Now is the appointed time.

  • Makata

    Believe it or not heaven and hell is real.In the Bible Jesus told a story about lazurus and the richman.Lazurus the poor begger died and went to heaven while the richman died and went straight to hell.The Bible says in hell he was in great torment.He lifted his eyes and saw Lazurus in Abrahams bosom and he begged Abraham to his hand in water to cool his tongue for he so thirsty.Let me say this,dont be caught dead without Jesus.please and please repent and escape hell.Jesus loves you.

  • Violette

    Well, if you are a Christian… You wouldn't mind if this is made up or not. You wouldn't be worried(if you are, just keep the faith and pray) because you know you have accepted Christ whole heartedly and believes in God. Instead, right now, you have to do your best to spread the words of God. Agree or Disagree with me, it's up to you.

  • Myriam

    I can ensure everyone in here that it is NOT true that Jean-Paul II is in hell. The children of Medjugorje have seen him not even 3 hours after his human death together with the Virgin Mary! He is in Heaven, looks young and is doing fine! So please…stop spreading such nonsense. Stop also to make people fear regarding hell because fear can NEVER be the right way. Fear COMES from Satan himself to distract humans! It is true that hell exists and it depends of your OWN decision if you go there. If you choose hell out of your OWN free full will then you go there. If you choose heaven out of your OWN free full will then you go there. Imagine you are doing the whole time bad things voluntarily to others, would you feel good in heaven? Imagine you are doing or even trying to do good things, would you feel good in hell? See what I mean? God is not the God of destruction but the God of love. He is not the God of fear but the God of hope. So stop spreading nonsense and make-belief that everyone is going to hell! There are many going to hell out of their free will while most are going to purgatory and only few go directly to heaven. Most are saved, so do not worry, continue to believe, continue to do your best and trust in God because his son has NOT died in vain on the cross! Now, when it comes to leaving religions out of fear to go to hell or because a Mormon woman says she would have been in hell and back and that all Mormons would go there, then that is wrong. Even Atheists can be saved if they do the right things and the will of God while on Earth! Why is that so? Well, if Atheists are doing good things, are showing love, then God sees it and he for sure will NOT forsake these souls either in their last moments…

    • Victor

      There is only one way to Heaven, that is Jesus Christ, whether being good or not won't take anyone to heaven. If you are reading in this block today and you are not saved , count your self lucky, because this might be your last chance to repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.

      People! this is a very serious urgent warning, Christ might come any minute from now, believe me you don't want to find your self unprepared, the wrath and agony of hell is indescribable.It is so serious that Jesus even advised us that if there is anything, including our organs that compels us to sin we must physically remove them, because is better to go to Heaven blind or with one leg other than land in hell in your full body.

      Watch out!

  • julieann

    i just want to have an answer for my question because i don't know what to say when my friends keep asking me how angelica saw famous people in hell when bible says there's a judgement? what it really means? pls answer me.Godbless us all!

  • julieann

    to myriam, you know what no one can say that pope is in heaven or in hell, whats important that Jesus love us so much that why he always uses people to warn us that hell is real.virgin mary is not worthy of our praises because shes only a human.Only Jesus Christ is the worthy of our praises.

  • mary

    i absolutely believe

  • cindy

    why are people so dumb.listen airheads.you might learn something.

  • tenjohn123

    the life is what we made it.. the hell is deserve to those people live on advantages ,dishonest, deceiver, laziness, selfishness and refusing the gift of god 'the salvation'. For those who have faith in him have 2nd eternal life..

    God create soul for those who are deserving to serve him. Those soul is not rested but they are given responsibility for a cause. That's what are we exist. Honestly, No religion can save us… We are not alone in this Universe… Just live a life with no fear, just spread the words to inspire and give them hope. Hundred of religious books have different historical figure but the same content.

    We've got a long road to overcome just pray.

  • tenjohn123

    I read this articles that deep in the cauldron of Hell lies the deceiver… They are the Priest, Bishop and pastors. Their tongue is touch on the lake of fire. Whose the one do you want to believe. It's You!

    Personally, I believe in Universe and Science.. I believe in God particles.. surely Science discover and it is not shown in public.

    Higgs and Boson theory nearly discover the soul or spirit matter. HAR1 (the difference between human and apes ) the missing link of human being. Universe is wide and infinite.

    As long As I understand, 'God create this world and Us by his Love, love is part of universe it has infinite meaning'.

  • johnkillrory

    Near death encounters can be used by evil spirits to feed off of the energy of the spirit of the person who has not truly died.
    If i was Jesus I would never show them this and I would not want to see it if i was him. It seems he felt pain for them so why go there does not add up. The words said that a man was in hell and wanted to go back and tell his family about the place of hell. He was told NO! that even if someone had come back people would not believe. He said it will not happen or be allowed for an evil and bad people. He said they have the prophets and the word.? The way she makes it is that not very many people will escape hell. The word says that John saw a number of people that no man could number standing before GOD saved.To me that sounds like most humans alive will be redeemed. Evil spirits will do what she said was happening to her they feed off of the fear and then tell people about this and it only draws people farther away from GOD.Remember perfect love cast out all fear and fear is not of gOD

  • Lexi

    Whether it is true or not about what happened with this girl, isn't it important that we take the underlying message of which we receive from it?

    I strongly think that it is important for us all to repent regardless of whether this story is true or not and to turn away from satan (if you are going down his path) and to try and follow our Lord God. In other words, don't make this story the reason why you repent. It's like your repenting because you’re saying to yourself something like "I don't want to end up in hell and go through torture like all those people mentioned". This only shows that you aren't repenting for the right reasons.

    Repent because you love God, because you believe that he made his only son die on the cross to forgive us our sins, because you truly care and want to be with him in that beautiful indescribable heaven.

    God loves each and every one of us no matter the circumstances. Don't you feel it's only right to return that love and trust to him and truly mean every part of it? Repent to help yourself build that relationship with God and to help you focus on that journey towards him and know that he will keep you in his heart and will certainly guide you in times of trouble.

    It's a story with a good lesson and it's a nice story because it gets most of us stopping for a moment to examine our own life carefully and hopefully makes most of us question ourselves asking "am I really living the good Christian life God wants me to live?"
    Just remember,
    'I Keep God and God Keeps Me'

    I Love you God and forgive me for all my wrong doings.

  • jjm

    Much of the grammar doesn't come from an 18 year old girl. Besides. The Word of God has already been written. Who needs dream testimonials?

  • jjm

    "Kids who play Pokeman or watch too much TV are in hell."

    Children do not go to Hell. Read your Bible. This story is pure deception.

  • Hsoe

    No problem we didnt have TV nor pokeman in childhood! Immagine, a kind of special place!

  • MBG

    God has given us the freedom to chose our destiny..We have the bible as our basis if this girl is saying the truth or not. There are verses included which supports her testimonies and they are all true. I believe that heaven and hell is real. It is our choice..we are free to choose where we want to spend eternity..

    • dee

      What supports her theory?

  • Jasmin

    I feel this is a concocted story to make people feel afraid and to try to feel in control of them. I feel it's all a lie. Her mother didn't call the doctor? Waited all that time with her dead and didn't call the authorities? Rubbish! Kids like to watch TV and some like Pokemon. It's harmless, They are kids.I think she herself should worry about the wrath of God with all her lies.I've read the bible extensively when I studied with various religions. What has turned me off to organized religions is that it's about controllig people. I feel that as a human it's important for me morally to do my best not to harm, humiliate or deceive other living souls. And it is best for us to help each other. But a lot of humans love to take advantage of others and it makes them feel like they are better that others when they put others down or are able to control them. I made a conscious decision not to eat animals, so another living being would not be harmed for me. If every human would do their share to be responsible for this earth and help each other and stop whyning about their life, then God would be happier with us. This girl and her mother is telling a fabricated story so they can get attention. It makes Christians look evil and controlling. I've witnesses quite a few miracles in my life and I do know there are unseen forces around us. THey can be good or bad. But what this girl is trying to imply reminds me of the Pharisees trying to make the law more strict that what it was. They put down Jesus so they can make themselves seem better than them. Judgement day, when the dead rise is when the living and dead will be judged. It says so in the bible.

  • Jay

    Don't you see? That is why Jesus brought Angelica to hell, because people aren't taking hell seriously enough. He is using Angelica as a warning for his people. If you study the bible, everything that happens aligns with what the bible says. As far as the child, it wasn't because he was watching cartoons. I never thought children ended up in hell, but never in the bible does it say children don't end up there. People probably thought Jesus' disciples were CRAZY when they told them they walked on WATER !! Jesus shows us miracles when we reach out to him. He shows us these things when we give him our all, not half. You should not be a fool. Wake up. Hell is real.

  • Rex Winkus

    Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora of Equador is delusional and suffering from a mental pathology, a trait she shares with all people who would rather live and interpret life according to artificial/abstract words in a book than to trust the beat of their own heart, the sweetness of their own breath, the workings of their own flesh and bones, and all the vibrancy that experiencing the natural/real world has to offer. How sad, to be so enculturated/indoctrinated that they feel they must live life according to the politically-motivated stories contained in a Bronze Age book than to freely live and experience life itself.

  • Soonbok

    I'm finding one thing that's not matching up in this testimony; the young woman said that there were "kids" in hell. All kids go to heaven, because they do not have the ability to understand that Jesus died for us. They say they do, but their minds are not developed that far yet. They do not know right from wrong.

    I'm not here to brag, or say I'm better than anyone. If Jesus needs to speak to you, He will. Just because I heard him does not signify that I am better or worse than someone; we are equal in Christ. But, He spoke to me once, and never once was I told "Quit playing Pokemon!" or "Quit listening to the Beatles!". I felt so much love and peace I almost cried, when I heard him. Some of you may say "How do you know it was Jesus and not a demon?". I don't think God would let a demon speak to you during communion (Where I heard it), and I don't think demons can transmit feelings of love- love is pure and holy, not dirty and sinful (Unless it is love of something that is not pure or if it's love of a false god or sinful.). If I hear a voice, I test it, and ask it if Jesus Christ came in the flesh. They can be very tricky sometimes, those demons.

    No, I'm not delusional or crazy, either. Some people just need to hear God instruct them once in a great while. If He hadn't, I don't know where I'd be right now, and I'm almost 100% sure if God hadn't did what He did when He did, my friend would've committed suicide, or gotten on drugs, or something detrimental.

  • Man, this is some crazy stuff…. can't believe every single "NDE" you hear, though…. everyone please go read your bibles and stop relying on man made visions. I guess that's wrong to say. Maybe she's not making it up? But all I know is NONE OF US HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. We may claim we understand that there is Sheoul AND Hell, or only Hell, or that MJ's music isn't satanic, but we simply do not have the capabilities as human beings to understand all of God's mysteries. Nobody knows when the end will come, not even CHRIST. Stop listening to false prophets (again, not sure if she is one or not, just saying) and READ the WORD!

    Amen. God bless

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