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Egypt Protests Intensify – Internet Shut Down, Ham Radio Usage Fills Airwaves, Viral YouTube Video Demands Rights for Christians, Muslims, Atheists

Egyptian protests"We will not be silenced, whether you are a Christian, whether a Muslim, whether an atheist … you will get back your god-damned rights and you will have your rights, one way or another," shouted an angry demonstrator in a popular YouTube video about Egypt's protests that is going viral (see below).

The video was created by Tamer Shaaban, self-described as "Another Egyptian who's had enough." Shaaban's Facebook page is no longer available, and with threats of the video being taken down, the Youtube video description says:

Important message to youtube and people who flag this video: If it gets flagged or removed, it will be uploaded 10 more times.

Internet Shut Down in Parts of Egypt.

The Egyptian government has stepped up its clampdown on the media and communications services ahead of massive protests expected after Friday prayers. Internet services are shut down in Cairo and down in other parts of Egypt.

Security forces have been heavily deployed in anticipation of massive protests led by the largest anti-government group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has called on people to demonstrate Friday. The Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Essam al-Arian, warned that Egypt will "explode" if the government continues its policy of repression and does not listen to the people.

So far, 9 have been killed in the demonstrations which are calling for an end to the decades-long rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

US President Barack Obama urged the Egyptian government to shun violence, saying the recent demonstrations have provided an opportunity for the government to adopt political reforms.

Street protests erupted in Egypt four days ago, and were inspired by the recent uprising in Tunisia that led to the overthrow of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Circumventing the Internet with Ham Radio.

According to "Operation Egypt" on Facebook, a ham radio operator says that the radio waves are packed. The group is advocating "HamSphere," a ham radio software transceiver that will operate on a PC.

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  • There is a great power in the unification of people of different religions. If they do declare it as one of the basis for revolting to reach it, it can very well gain on support quickly in the international community. Besides, it can contribute to some major changes in the region later on. I hope it all goes well for Egypt and there will be no more civilian casualties due to disrespect for life of some of the forces included.

  • Trade and industry concern for the Egyptian crisis
    The main concern is about Suez canal since it is placed in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
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    Carl Olms

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