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President Obama gives State of the Union address tonight, Michele Bachmann rejected by GOP for State of the Union rebuttal

Tonight at 9pm Eastern and 6pm Pacific Time, President Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address, sharing his vision for job creation, health care, and more.  Here are predictions from Christ Weigant of the Huffington Post as to what President Obama may talk about in his speech tonight.

The GOP, with a clear mind for the first time in years rejected Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) proposal that she give a Tea Party sponsored State of the Union rebuttal. She's going to give her own rebuttal anyway, as it turns out:

The GOP has selected Paul Ryan (R-WI) to present the Republican response to the State of the Union address. For those of you who wish to see Bachmann's Tea Party rebuttal, you can go to: www.TeaPartyExpress.org.

Here's a memorable Michele Bachmann moment in which she declares that God called her to run for Congress.

For those of you who like president obama's community gatherings, you can arrange or attend a State of the Union watch party with other people.  Organizing for America states:

This is an important speech for the nation and for this movement. That's why supporters across the country will be gathering at watch parties to see the speech, and to craft the strategy we'll use to support the agenda president obama will lay out.   You can find a "watch party" near you and watch the State of the Union with others!

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  • It's going to be interesting to see what, if any, reaction the religious right will have over the rejection of Bachmann, one of their darlings.


  • Oh, she's going to give her rebuttal anyway, dunno if anyone will watch her on the tea party website.

    • Mriana

      Those backward people have a website?

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  • Mriana

    That woman is crazy. Almost if not as crazy as Sarah Patin Place Palin. Sorry, but I didn't even finish watching that second video. She's too crazy to sit through more than a minute of it.

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