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10,000 cows die in Vietnam–weather to blame?

Adding to the mass of animal deaths going on worldwide since January 1 of this year, in Vietnam over 10,000 cows and buffalo died due to harsh weather conditions.  The Huffington Post reports:

Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the news this week that more than 10,000 cows and buffalos died nationwide due to harsh weather conditions.

Cattle have been dying throughout Vietnam, which has had a particularly intense winter. The northern mountainous province of Cao Bang was hardest hit with 2,260 dead cattle, per Thanh Nien News. Some have said the number of total dead cattle may be as high as 13,000.

Mass animal deaths have been in the news quite a bit lately. Hundreds of birds were found dead in South Dakota early this week, and before that birds were found dead in Italy and birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, among other incidents."

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  • majii

    But, according to many Americans, changes in climate CANNOT have negative effects like these. IMHO, these are only precursors to what is down the road as our climate continues to change and America refuses to address the issue in an aggressive manner.

  • It’s a terrible thing to see another stark reminder of dying animals, we haven’t even finished the end of the month of January and the world has seen a mass of freak examples of this type all over the world.
    It kind of makes you really think what exactly is going on in the world that cause such tragedies, I’m not one for believing in coincidences but rather see this as a synchronised string of harrowing events.
    I hope my gut feeling is wrong about all this but it doesn’t look good, hope is my friend and I hope the truth will surface….

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