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Christian Domininionsts to take over the world by 2032

dominon and domination over the earthChristians are projected to take over the world by 2032, according to a book called Megashift by James Rutz.

The Christians that Rutz describes appear to be Christian dominionists, a new "army" of born again super-Christians who are supposedly endowed with supernatural powers, such as their ability to raise the dead.  They are reportedly increasing in number by 8% per year, especially in Africa, India, China and Southeast Asia.

As part of this explosion in the "new Christianity," non-Western missionaries are outnumbering Western missionaries. Africa, for instance, was declared the "Church of the Future" at the 2010 Lausanne Conference which embraces the principles of Christian dominionism, a sect of Christianity which seeks to take over the global culture in order to create a "Kingdom of God" where non-believers and "the wrong kind of Christians" will be "displaced" and "toppled" from various institutions.

The inside flap of Megashift declares God's new "end game" —

Brace Yourself for a Total Makeover of Planet Earth The world is changing hands – for the last time. It is not a mere shift in power, but a total transformation in how things happen. For centuries, tyrants and generals have swept across the Earth, crushing and raising empires. But 2003 probably saw the last war of massed armies. Military technology can now fry a million field troops in days.

In fact, all our centralized power structures are morphing into something else. Traditional, top-down systems are turning into gigantic, bottom-up co-ops.

The driving institutions of society are the family, religion, government, economy, military, science & technology, agriculture, business & industry, education, media & communication, and law- plus ancillary fields like medicine, sports, entertainment and the arts.

All of their structures have taken major hits in our lifetime. All (except law) have been decentralized, demystified, and democratized. All of them are about to be overwhelmed and put in vastly better shape by a kind of power you probably wrote off years ago: the spirit.

The Great Game is all about power and control. Till now, the main weapons in that game were knowledge, wealth, and force (also known as technology, money and violence). But now, as you read this book, you will see the unfolding of the main event, the great transfer of power. Time is up, and God is taking over – with a little help form His friends.

The new world force is an alliance between the Holy Spirit and our own human spirits. The main facets of this force are love, truth, wisdom, and a miracle-working spiritual power that has nothing to do with guns, gold or governments.

Until our generation, this force was held back or shot down by friendly fire – the traditional church. To be a Christian was to be subject to the stained-glass hierarchy and absorbed into its endless programs.

Now there’s a new ball game in town, and it has started in the ninth inning. So pull up a chair and prepare to be astonished. Or better yet, grab a uniform and get into the action. Welcome to the endgame of God.

Miracles and Supernatural Activity.

The book was enthusiastically reviewed on World Net Daily, which reported on Rutz' demographics of these "'core apostolics' – or 'the new saints who are at the heart of the mushrooming kingdom of God.'"  Rutz says that there are 702 million of these Christians, who do not participate in traditional Christianity such as the Roman Catholic Church, but instead worship in "house churches."  World Net Daily writes,

He says there are 707 million "switched-on disciples" who fit into this new category and that this "church" is exploding in growth.

"The growing core of Christianity crosses theological lines and includes 707 million born-again people who are increasing by 8 percent a year," he says.

So fast is this group growing that, under current trends, according to Rutz, the entire world will be composed of such believers by the year 2032.

"There will be pockets of resistance and unforeseen breakthroughs," writes Rutz. "Still, at the rate we're growing now, to be comically precise, there would be more Christians than people by the autumn of 2032, about 8.2 billion."

This new form of Christianity is driven by supernatural and instantaneous miracles:

"Megashift" attempts to document myriad healings and other powerful answers to the sincere prayers of this new category of believer, including, believe it or not, hundreds of dramatic cases of resurrections – not near-death experiences, but real resurrections of actual corpses.

Raising the dead has been touted by both African Evangelist Surprise Sithole and a group called IRIS Ministries, who claim to have performed hundreds of these resurrections.  Sithole  also claims to  have performed miraculous healings, such as replacing a man's liver on the spot.

The supposed Christlike supernatural powers and militant, God's army type of rhetoric fuels Christian dominionist rivival-types of conversions.

Generally speaking, Christian dominonists seek to take over "7 Mountains of Culture," as described by the National Day of Prayer Task Force here in the United States as:

  1. Government,
  2. Military,
  3. Media,
  4. Business,
  5. Education,
  6. Church, and
  7. Family.

The "government" mountain involves the creation of "Christian nations," such as in Uganda, which journalist Bruce Wilson revealed. Once their ends are achieved, Christian dominionists believe that they have paved the way for Jesus Christ to return and rule the earth.

Christian dominonism alive and well in North America, broadcasting out of Maricopa, Arizona, the home of intercessory prayer plunges.

While much of the Christian dominionism in the United States takes on a more conservative look inspired by fears of secularism, such as endorsements of the 7 Mountains takeover by Newt Gingrich's REAL, Mike Huckabee and the National Day of Prayer Task Force, these non-Western countries experiencing an explosion in "the new Christianity" have been influenced by American preachers who prey upon their poverty and inherent superstitious beliefs.  The Christian dominionist movement and particularly, the "apostolic" and "new reformation" branches of it, focuses on the supernatural, on miracles, on prophesies, "spiritual warfare" and intercessory prayer.

In North America, there are a number of high profile dominonist preachers who describe themselves as apostles and prophets, such as Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, Lance Walnau, Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones and Canadian Todd Bentley, the latter quite controversial over his divorce and violent preaching style in Lakeland, Florida.

One of these Christian dominionist ministries is Patricia King's XP Ministries (and XP Media, Extreme Prophetic and similar groups) operating out of Maricopa, Arizona, a town south of Phoenix that received public attention when Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol bought a house there. King is allegedly Todd Bentley's "mother of faith" who ordained him.

In the following XP Media broadcast, we see Bentley, Jones and King talking about "the 3rd heaven," raising the dead and so forth.  Jones frankly talks about how their message appeals to Africans, who already believe in demons and supernatural activity.

XP Media provides a wealth of supernatural, Christian dominionist teachings and testimonies.  It's a blend of New Age and Christian dominionist teaching aimed at appealing to individuals frustrated with control, where members claim Christlike powers, including having power over tornadoes, seeing "glory clouds" and raising people from the dead.  Lance Walnau, Billy Graham, and others are featured on the site.

King recently outlined her ministry's plans for the year 2011.  The group is sponsoring various missions in Maricopa, Arizona geared toward women (@ 5:25 in the video), and worldwide, with a focus on Thailand and Cambodia. As to Cambodia, King declares that by helping the poor and the victims of sex trafficking there, the ministry can transform Cambodia into a "completely Christian nation" (@ 2:25 in the video). King says that the "earth is tipping' in their favor and that "the Lord has revealed" that they must focus on Asia.

Christian dominionists believe that they are "mandated" to bring the gospel to Asia and that when the majority of Chinese convert, Jesus will return.

Maricopa, Arizona, is the scene of "intercessary prayer plunges" and spiritual warfare, focusing on revival and awakening, with a big conference scheduled for February (@ 7:25 in the video).

As to the 7 Mountains takeover, XP Media has a strong focus on taking over the "media mountain" by creating "God's media army." XP Media "trains and equips a media army" by teaching acting, film writing and directorship, writing, Internet networking and so forth. This "intercession force" has its own media production company.

King's XP Media is certainly not the only company pushing Christian dominionism but provides a comprehensive example of the blend of Christianity and occultism that particularly appeals to people in non-Western countries, who are embracing the "supernatural" aspect of Christian dominionism.

This new form of Christianity may stand a strong chance of growth in North America, as well,  because of its appeal to ordinary people who feel that they lack power in their lives or society, as Rutz' Megashift concludes:

This megashift to a new, responsible society is attracting thousands in North America who want a lot more from their faith than a warm pew, a commercial-grade sermon, Nashville-level music, and a Brownie-point religion that may or may not get you into Heaven, depending on whether God grades on a curve.

Rutz's open Christianity solves the three biggest problems of the church, he says: "We've gotten rid of all the expensive buildings and paid pastors. Plus, you never have to listen to another sermon. This is the next step up from Protestantism."

As the author of the 1992 best-seller The Open Church (230,000 sold, counting all editions), Rutz appeared on more than 80 TV and radio stations, up to and including TBN and CBN (Pat Robertson on The 700 Club). He is chairman of Open church Ministries and has been a full-time writer for 31 years.

Sales of his newest book, MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power, could pass half a million and create demand for well over a hundred interviews. It's a shocker. Among other things, Rutz's research has found 51 countries where God has raised people from the dead, mostly in the last 15 years (all footnoted, some with photos). These are not near-death experiences, but bona fide resurrections of corpses.

Rutz (rhymes with klutz, he says) has an endless stream of astounding but documented reports of varied miracles from around the world. Your audience will be spellbound. But far more important, Rutz and his house-church friends are offering your fans a doable new 24/7 lifestyle where lives get straightened out, long-standing problems get solved, wimps turn into world-changers, and everyone experiences the strong presence of God.

The miracles are being done by ordinary people worldwide—millions of them. For example, China already has over 110 million Christians who are authorized to take power roles in the church. And since 2001, Rutz has taught former Hindus across India who have now planted perhaps over 10,000 house churches. The revolution is headed this way, and he is ready to tell your audience how they can change their lives by starting or joining a family-like, interactive, highly participatory team.

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  • FANTASTIC article! Scary, but really well done, with a lot of information.

    • Thanks! There's so much of this information … links upon links upon links.

      I find the movement disturbing, at best.

      Deborah aka The God Discussion Reporter

  • Older_Wiser

    Love the "kitchen chat" in full makeup and dyed hair. : )

    Wondering if this fraud will welcome Bristle to the neighborhood?

  • Elizabeth Young

    I will have to read this article more closely than the skimming I just did. My first reaction based on Christian Dominionists in this country: "The Great Game is all about power and control. Till now, the main weapons in that game were knowledge, wealth, and force (also known as technology, money and violence)." Nothing has changed. The big players are now called Apostles and the shepherding movement is all about power and control. The sheeple will be expected to follow their shepherd.
    What I really find interesting is the fact that they have waited for the Apocalypse for generations, but God never came through. Then we got the thought that if we did some things like rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, God will be forced to bring on the Apocalypse. Now, its "to heck with God, we can do this by ourselves, and then Jesus will be forced to come back to rule". Sorry folks, you need to spend more time reading the New Testament. Even the literal readings should convince you, you are wrong.

    • Good comments, Elizabeth, and thank you!

      It's a bizarre blend of occultism and Christianity … sort of like a "Jesus Version of The Secret." My first reaction on this was to laugh it off — such as raising people from the dead — but the alarming thing is how this Christian dominionism has manifested in so many different forms to appeal to different audiences and is slowly infiltrating the "7 Mountains" that they wish to possess.

      We're going to be publishing a number of articles citing exactly where the dominionism is having influence.

      What you said about 'forcing God to bring on the Apocalypse' is so on target.


  • Anno

    Looking at the bright side: Well, since they are supposed to take over in 2032, at least that means that the world is not going to end in 2012, right?

  • Evil, evil individuals, they are the worst of charlatans, You want to prove yourself a true Christian? deny this BS, it is the worse of human compassion, it is horrible

  • According to the National Gardening Association, nearly half of all Americans participate in gardening.

    This is a very interesting statistic. Just by being connected to nature, one begins to feel dimensions of a spiritual reality not felt by others. Gardeners understand these sensations; spiritually inclined individuals feel this as well. Just as there are all kinds of plants in the garden, each and every one has a unique root structure with specific means of tapping their roots downward. As every good gardener knows, implanted plastic edging is a neccessary separation to protect garden bed plantings from invasive turfgrass roots that would otherwise suffocate the root structure of garden plants. Eventually, the root structures will connect at the deepest levels.

    In my opinion, hateful religious rhetoric has one purpose, and that is to cause individuals to illuminate, disentangle, and reconnect with their own respective deepest roots. Let's all make a special effort to tap our roots and get connected in our physical and in our inner gardens.

  • Adalis

    I highly doubt this will happen. According to the statistics, many are leaving Christianity, especially in Europe. And paganism is growing by leaps and bounds.

    • I agree, Adalis. I can't imagine Europe turning all Christian dominion-isy … but unfortunately, the dominionists have been making tremendous inroads politically. We'll have more on that later here at God Discussion. As far as the general population, though, I think Rutz may have been making his projections based on Uganda and other African counties, as well as the Asian areas experiencing extreme 'revival.'


  • Veronica Leigh

    I wonder if Microsoft can sue XP Ministries and XP Media for use of the name XP? I mean XP Media edition was a copyrighted name of a Windows distribution. Just sayin.

    • Interesting point, Veronica. The similarity had crossed my mind, too. I'm not sure what the 'XP' is supposed to mean with these ministries.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  • As far as I can tell, the Lausanne movement does not subscribe to Dominion Theology – in fact, in explaining the original Lausanne Covanent, John Stott argues against it.

    • I wondered about this, too, Andrew. I believe what you are talking about is this:

      We also remember his warning that false Christs and false prophets will arise as precursors of the final Antichrist. We therefore reject as a proud, self-confident dream the notion that man can ever build a utopia on earth. Our Christian confidence is that God will perfect his kingdom, and we look forward with eager anticipation to that day, and to the new heaven and earth in which righteousness will dwell and God will reign forever. Meanwhile, we rededicate ourselves to the service of Christ and of men in joyful submission to his authority over the whole of our lives.

      However, as pointed out in the three discernment ministry reports that are linked in this article, this movement and the call to permeate all of society through "the cultural mandate" (see Part 6 of the doctrinal statement and the articles just referenced) has been tied to Bill Bright, C. Peter Wagner, Luis Bush and others who promote what we loosely describe as "dominionism" here at God Discussion as sort of an umbrella term to cover Latter Rain, Roman Reconstructionism, Dominionism, New Apostolic Reformation and others of like kind. I highly recommend reading the well-researched reports in the article I just linked … they give a comprehensive analysis that is more than can be summarized here in the comments section.


  • Scary stuff…it seems like this country is producing more and more of these extremest nut jobs every day, I'm wondering how many people are seeing this and buying into it

  • rabbiviking

    I am a Christian who had what is referred to as a "born again" experience, albeit a politicized cliche by now.

    Please count me out of this fascist, Christian Theocracy. It literally makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.


    • It is good and encouraging to know that there are Christians like you out there, Rabbiviking.


      • rabbiviking

        My worldview changed dramatically shortly after my son parachuted into Iraq at the March, 2003 invasion. I actually voted for George Bush and was a conservative, Republican, fundamentalist. But after witnessing the changes in my son caused by combat & the false reasons the Bush Administration gave for this invasion, I began my own journey, which included politics and the re-examination of my faith. We're out there, but it took a brick over my head to change me….lol!

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  • Mike

    I'm a Christian and I don't like what dominion is doing to our faith. People like Tod Bentley do NOT speak for what most of us believe. Christ would never kick people like that.

    • rabbiviking

      Mike: Thank you for your keen response. No, the Dominionists represent the VERY REASON the Colonial Patriots fought off the British and the founding fathers drafted our Constitution with a First Amendment; to protect citizens from those like the Dominionists.

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  • ObserverOfEvidence

    In related news, the Greys are increasing their anal probing. By 2023 every person on earth will have a probe permanently implanted in their anus.

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