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Poll: Have you had a near death experience?

graveyardOn this week's God Discussion show, we will be talking with Pastor Kevin Benton, who says that he experienced hell in a near death experience.

Our question this week is this: Have you had a near death experience? By "near death experience," we are talking about incidents where there was some sort of spiritual or "out of body" element that you experienced when you almost died.

Without regard to whether these experiences are real or can be reproduced, such as with the God Helmet, take a second to vote in this week's poll. Your answer is anonymous, but for the poll to work right, it does capture IP addresses so that there is not double voting.

If you'd like to share what happened during your near death experience, please share your story in the comments. These types of stories are fascinating, and other readers will enjoy hearing about your experience.

The poll will be open until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, January 23, 2011.

Have you had a near death experience (NDE) that had a spiritual/out of body feel to it?

  • No. (36%, 13 Votes)
  • Yes. (25%, 9 Votes)
  • I have not ... but would like to experience one. (19%, 7 Votes)
  • I almost died, but there was nothing spiritual or paranormal about the experience. (14%, 5 Votes)
  • Not sure. (6%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 36

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    • kellyofsiam

      When I was 10 years old (56 yrs ago), I almost drown..I recall being just below the surface of the water looking up at the sun through the water. Someone jumped off the dock and saved me.

      I seem to recall I could see myself during this time, but, it is so long ago & I've learned not to trust my memory…that I don't think anything particularly spiritual occurred. I have held that after that everything was "extra" time …also survived the V'nam war & a car wreck…both of which should have sent me to the dirt.

      • I have had 3 … the first at 11 years old. They were quite interesting — I'll probably mention them in the show Thursday.

        Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly!


  • FP

    Everyone knows the standard definition of near-death, but for me I experience something else. When I sleep, when I lose focus and daydream, I float from my body. I can see my own back, I can see what people are doing or saying in the next room, and it creeps them out everytime. Everyone says I can super hearing, but in actuality I just really seem to be able to get next to them. I don't know how to explain it.

  • LadyFriend

    I was thinking about this today. I am wondering if there can be connections drawn (I tend to mean neuro/bio) between near death experiences and the meme that one cannot die in one's dream. Given my tentative belief that near-death experiences are brain fireworks, I wonder if there might be any connection. Maybe not, but just an idea that keeps popping into my head. They are both brain states that are not fully conscious and have to deal with expectations of death. I'd love to hear any thoughts.

    • Hi Lady Friend,

      I think about this quite a bit, as well. I actually have "died" in my dreams and also had NDE experiences. What I would love to do is sit under the "God Helmet" and see how similar the experiences are.

      Our show on Thursday should be interesting … I hope some of these questions come up. Hopefully, I'll have the show page up tomorrow.

      Thanks for your excellent comments! 🙂

  • The problem with treating near death experiences as absolute evidence for an afterlife is that individuals have different experiences. Some may be taken to 'Hell', some may see a light, some may be rolling in the green grass with their first puppy from 80 years ago.
    As a believer, I accept the Biblical testimony concerning the afterlife, the resurrection, etc. I don't accept the hallucinations or dreams of anyone as evidence, be he minister or not.

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