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From the Raelians: Clonaid and the Clitoraid Pleasure Hospital

Claude Vorilhon is a 50-something-year-old guru who is now known as Rael. Once a sports writer, he was visited by aliens and now leads a religious movement based on the premise that life on earth was genetically created by visiting extra-terrestrials known as Elohim.

The Canadian-based Raelians number at least 50,000. They made the news back in 2001 when they claimed to have created the first human clone, long before anyone else. The uproar started when Massachusetts-based Advanced Cell Technology announced that it had cloned a human embryo as part of its research to perfect a technique in which embryos could be used as a source of valuable stem cells to treat diseases. Then-president Bush, the Vatican and others condemned the research.


The Raelians, however, said that they had already been diligently working on cloning a human and that their work was more advanced than stem cell production. The research company associated with the religion — Clonaid — was forced to leave the United States to an undisclosed country when the Food and Drug Administration warned that it would not allow experiments on cloning humans. Wired News reports that according to Rael, "Clonaid already has more than 3,000 individuals seeking to clone a person, and 55 women, all 'Raelians,' who are prepared to carry the cloned embryos to term."

Rael's group is the first religious organization to endorse cloning.

Clitoraid Pleasure Hospital.

Rael's group is providing the funds for Clitoraid Pleasure Hospital, which is being constructed in Burkino Faso, Africa. The Rael News site says that the hospital with provide a reconstructive procedure that will enable victims of female genital mutilation to have their sexual organs restored. Rael News reports that 200 women have already signed up for the procedure.

Rael's Thoughts on the Economy

For those who are not familiar with Rael, here is a video where he is advocating the creation of a world government and a world currency to save humanity.

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