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Researcher Says Biblical Ark of the Covenant Was a Radio-Like Communication Instrument

Moses and the ArkRoger Isaacs, a language and literature graduate who served as an executive with The Public Relations Board, an international public relations agency before it was sold, says that various words in the Bible have been mistranslated. The correct translation, he says, leads to startling information.

Words Mistranslated in Biblical Texts.

In trying to understand the Biblical ark of the covenant, Isaacs repeatedly found words in the Bible that did not seem to mean what they say, such as "holy," "glory," "clean," "unclean," "sin," "atone," "plague," and "soul." Rather than writing them off as inconsistencies and contradictions, Isaacs spent countless hours investigating clues about these suspicious words across 18 neighboring languages in academic archives, digs, museums, and libraries in the U.S., Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and England.

He says that together, the redefined words paint a startling picture of the Ark of the Testimony (aka Ark of the Covenant) as a communications device and that presented daily dangers to the ancient Israelites who owned it.

A Walkie-Talkie Device for Communication with a Radioactive God.

In his book, Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony. Communication Through It. Protection From It (Sacred Closet Books, 2010), Isaacs explains that the Bible describes a communications device used by Moses to speak with God. He also says the Bible describes the presence of radioactivity which constantly threatened the Israelites as they crossed the Wilderness from Egypt to Canaan over three thousand years ago.

Isaacs says the Bible clearly describes the Ark as a radio-like instrument that received communication through a cloud that transmitted sound waves. He describes the cloud as being extremely radioactive and, thus, requiring several protections from it such as sacrifice, incense, special clothing, and chemicals.

From the early 1950s until 1965, Isaacs worked with his father, the noted hematologist and biblical scholar Dr. Raphael Isaacs, on the theory that is in Talking With God. This collaboration culminated in a monograph on the subject entitled "Puzzling Biblical Laws" (Bloch, 1965). After Dr. Isaacs' death in 1965, Isaacs launched into independent research on the subject, which has become the foundation of this book.

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    I doubt Mr. Isaacs research capabilities when this same tale was told in Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • I thought it was sort of silly myself, Enigma! 🙂 I like the Raiders of the Lost Ark analogy.

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