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Christian Dominionism Watch: What the 7 Mountains Mandate Means to Dominionists and What America Will Be Like After Dominionist Takeover

Seven Mountains of AmericaWe have been carrying a number of articles here about Lance Wallnau's teachings about "the 7 Mountains mandate" which basically call for Christians to take over seven "spheres" or "mountains" of culture in order to unleash a Christian Kingdom for Jesus to rule over.  Non-believers, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, deists, Jews and "the not-the-right-kind-of-Christians" are not welcome in this "Kingdom."

In the following video, The Seven Mountains of America, produced by SteeleFin Productions, we get a glimpse of how exactly the takeover of America will look in the minds of Christian dominionists.  Here's a summary — the video follows.

The Mountain of Education (Ryan Merchant).
Education nowadays is based on secular humanism, which is "a religious worldview based on atheism, naturalism, evolution and moral relativism."  Secular humanists have "infiltrated" the school system, molding the minds of children who will grow up to influence government.  School violence and poor grades are because of secular humanism.  Education will "return to its [Christian] roots."

The Mountain of Business (Phil Lundrigan).
Economic problems cannot be solved unless God is put back into business.  The moral fabric of the entire nation must be re-established and social responsibility belongs in the "rightful hands" of the church.  Business decisions must be birthed in prayer.

The Mountain of Family (Ami Miller).
The "family mountain" is attacked more than ever before.  Abortion must be stopped and there should be more adoptions.  Morality must be brought back to the family and divorce, which is getting close to 50% of all American marriages, needs to be replaced with true covenant marriages.

The Mountain of Media (Bailey Seng).
Newscasters shift the outcomes of elections, porn is prevalent and "unholy agendas" are promoted.  The voice of media — which includes print, radio, television and Internet news — will be "transformed into a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord."  Voices of holiness will rise up in the media proclaiming Christly truths.

The Mountain of Religion (Pradeepan Jeeva).
Christian congregations are shrinking.  All of the unbelievers, the Mormons and the Muslims are growing in astonishing numbers in America and represent threats to Jesus' church and the Christian nation.  Christians are bringing reformation to the religion mountain and performing "signs and wonders."

The Mountain of Arts & Entertainment (Matt Finley).
The God standard has been removed from the entertainment industry and man's standard has been lowered.  Dreams from heaven and the purpose of God needs to be in the arts and entertainment industry, otherwise, America will fall.  A "mighty army" of young people will infuse God's creativity in art, music, film making and theater production.

The Mountain of Government (Sarah Weinberg).
America's government was founded on biblical principles and God's wisdom.  We have forsaken God and have the blood of 50 million babies on our hands and rampant perversion and darkness.  The government will honor God, protect life and pass righteous laws.

For all of these areas, Christians will bring about radical reformation. Do you think religion is a force for good (poll opens in new window)?

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  • The problem here is that Christianity was never meant to be a world religion. It was only meant to call out a 'little flock' from amongst men for the purpose of converting the world in the Kingdom (millennium) Age. The marriage of church and state has been devastating, not only for Christianity, but also for nations that have claimed to rule for Christ.
    The Church was to convert people by the 'foolishness of preaching' not by coercive state tactics. The takeover of the U.S. government by right wing Christianity, if it happens, will only hasten the demise of the U.S.

    • "The takeover of the U.S. government by right wing Christianity, if it happens, will only hasten the demise of the U.S."

      I completely agree, COinMS. I have the unsettling feeling that this is starting to happen.


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  • Benny

    The founding fathers did NOT intend The United States of America to be a 'Christian nation' or any other kind of theology. It's in the Constitution bro

    • You're quite right, Benny. It's amazing how many people buy into Christian nationalism, however.

  • Robert Tobin

    The way you bigotted Christians are going by flogging the lies from the worst book of fiction ever written, the "Holy" Bible the United Christian States (that is what I call it) will become a nation of brain dead zombies and a Third Wold Country.
    The Bible is not the word of "god". There is no "god". The bible is a poor plagairism of Egyptian Astrotheology.

    • Quite frankly, I don't think a lot of self-professing Christians read the bible. They really should, from cover to cover. It would make them truly understand what their faith is all about.


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  • Quite frankly, I don't think a lot of self-professing Christians read the bible. They really should, from cover to cover. It would make them truly understand what their faith is all about.<<

    Deborah, I understand what you are saying. As a Bible Student, though, I believe that reading the Bible cover to cover wouldn't make them understand their faith. The Bible is grossly misunderstood and misrepresented by the vast majority of Christians, IMHO. Many people are against the Bible and Christianity because of the behavior of many Christians, both Catholic and Protestant.

    It is possible to believe in the Bible and be against war, against oppressive wealth accumulation, and for universal healthcare, for environmental stewardship, etc; in short, it's much more logical to be, dare I say, liberal if one truly believes the Bible to be true.


  • telena hulotov

    all of you are feared of a christian take over when you havent even noticed the zionist jewsilluminnatti have allready taken over and with the noahide laws allready signed and in place by bush in 92 you are all looking down the wrong hole and taking it up the backdoor.I dont knoqw who these christians are but if they are anything cose to the ones on television then it is the same old jew screw who financed all of them anyways.also taking the bible as literal word of god requiresa a mind set i do not want to be around.

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  • They've gone and lost their minds! Education is secular, not Secular Humanism and there is no place in the public schools for religion, unless it is studying religious texts as literature. Private religious schools should not be funded by our taxes either. IMHO, the religious need to get out of everything that is public and mind their own business, because this country never was a "Christian Nation" and if it were, who's Xianity would be? The Church of England? After all England is our Mother Country. Church of Ireland? The Vatican's? Not that all Catholics are Italian, but we do have an awful lot of Italians. JW? Mormon? Pentecostal? Church of God? Methodist? Presbyterian? Lutheran? After all there are German people in this country. Baptist? If so, which branch? How about we have a Buddhist Country? After all there are some people who ascribe to Buddhism in this country too.

    They will be the demise of this country if the psychopaths get a hold of out gov. Wait, they already have and we need to get the whole lot of them out of office before they put us into a Dark Age with their ignorance and stupidity.

    • Right on, Mriana. They already have infiltrated the government. This stuff is alarming. People (myself included) talk about "the 7 Mountains" academically, and choose quotes here and there about the extremist views of these folks, but I personally think this video nails it on the head so people really get what this is all about.


      • I couldn't get past the first minute and half of that video.

        • LOL! Aren't you glad it's summarized! 🙂

          • Yes, because that way I don't have to sit through all the nauseating BS. 😆 Thank you.

  • Ken Wood

    I've a couple of questions.

    Is there any evidence to support this god character or this jezus character of which you speak?

    Could your religion be based upon a lie?

    • You'll have to ask the producers of that video, Ken. I'm personally a freethinker.


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  • He's a farce.

    Firstly, those "7 mountains" are already owned and dominated and ruled, but not by christians, and never will be, in this age. Dominionism, also known in Reform and Presbyterian circles as Reconstructionism, is a FALSE teaching and NOT found in the Bible or anywhere in true christianity. It is designed to deceive " christians" into accepting a form of " Theocracy" in order to blame them for it, on the one hand, and 2. to usher in a forced unification of " belief" among the all- inclusive one world religion that is being introduced through what is called "chrislam", a hybrid false religion mixing apostate " so- called " Christianity" and Islam. It will use noahide courts and noahide laws, those actually being Jewish, to declare that anyone embracing the Savior and Messiah as found in the New Testament, to be guilty of blasphemy against the one God of both Judaism and Islam, and enforced by Islam. Can anyone say "Sharia Law"? So- called Dominionism is a RUSE, a CON JOB to bring in Theocratic rule, but it has nothing to do with biblical truth, and its purpose will be to exterminate authentic followers of the biblical Messiah. It will usher in the time of the " man of perdition", a charismatic pretender of peace that will set himself up as god. Dominionism is a Ruse to facilitate

  • Truth is All-Important

    The " Jesus" the video speaks of, is NOT the Messiah of the New Testament, but will IN TRUTH be the great pretender who will POSE as if he were, who the Bible WARNS us of repeatedly,, as he will rule with an iron fist the whole earth, and force all to worship him, imagining himself by demonic possession to be " god". . Every false teaching is to deceive, and comes from the father of Lies. It is NOT the people who call themselves "" Christians" that dream up this garbage, but the the minions of satan that are false leaders and false teachers that have snuck into the so- called and now apostate " church". The people sitting under those false preachers do not understand that they are being fed a pack of false teachings, just as everyone in the world is too., including you. Falsehood has led the world into a snare, and this is why it's so essential that we

    • Truth is All-Important

      I have had to go to the oldest of the Bibles to learn, but not the Vulgate. The Truth WILL be found, but not in the world, and not in church buildings or in the " church" systems. YHUH is real, so is Yahusha, who the west falsely calls " Jesus". Search Him out, keeping in mind that falsehood says that truth is relative, when in reality, it's singular.

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