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During National Bible Week, Group Promotes 'The Military Bible'

bibleNational Bible Week began on Sunday, November 21 and continues through Sunday, November 28.  According to the National Bible Association, which promotes the event that began in 1941, the last United States president to issue a message commemorating National Bible Week was Bill Clinton, in 1999.

Glenn Beck spoke at the 2010 National Bible Association dinner about "America’s need for God’s Word." The dinner honored military chaplains and was emceed by Fox News' Greg Kelly. In recapping the event (see video below), Kelly raved about The Military Bible with the Spiritual Fitness Manual that is being distributed by the National Bible Association to Chaplains from all branches of the armed services who request them.

According to a May 2009 article published at The Public Record, Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation said that soldiers were mandated to attend a Power Point presentation concerning the rash of suicides in the armed forces. The Public Record describes the presentation:

During the presentation on combating suicides, a PowerPoint slide advised chaplains that “Soldiers need to take care of each other and rid any thoughts of survival of the fittest. Almost all religions adhere to some form of Christianity’s Golden Rule, or the Categorical Imperative of Immanuel Kant.”

This PowerPoint slide includes an image of a group of silhouetted soldiers with one soldier up in the clouds looking at a large cross. In 2007, during a similar presentation, the same image was used but it did not include the image of the cross.

Slides two through four state: “Connectivity to the Divine is fundamental to developing resiliency that allows one to deal with disappointments,” “Emphasize the importance of spiritual health, connectivity with a faith community, and a relationship with God,” and, for a slide that follows a DVD of former football star Terry Bradshaw talking about his battle with depression, “Terry is very open about his faith in God and his relationship with his church. Spirituality is an invaluable ingredient in his battle with this disease.”

In one of the presentation’s last slides, the presenter is instructed to have the audience adopt a word rooted in Christian scripture as a “motto or mantra.”

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