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James Manning: Your Ugly Granddaughter Will Have Sex With Her Dog

James ManningJames Manning of the Atlah World Missionary Church is warning his followers of the dangers of homosexuality and how the church has to push against it.  He claims that it leads to bestiality and that if the LGBT agenda goes through, if your granddaughter thinks she's ugly, she can fall in love with her dog and sex with it.

Manning claims that the church needs to start calling gays and lesbians fags, bulldaggers and sodomites to get attention, claiming that this is not hate.  He also ranted about pedophiles in the Catholic Church and Pastor Eddie Long.

Last week, Sarah Palin had "favorited" a tweet by Ann Coulter about the Atlah church, creating controversy in the media.

About D.

  • This so-called man of God is actually all the horrible things he described and attributes to LGBT Americans. If only his mother had had an abortion, there would be one less hatemonger in the world.

    And to state the obvious, anyone who spends so much time thinking about what homosexuals do in their bedrooms has sexual issues of their own.

    Bottomline: Get a man, Rev. (if you can find one dumb enough), or else just STFU.

    • The man is obsessed! He's known to come up with all sorts of bizarre stuff. Makes me wonder what his congregation is like.

  • Diane

    You know, POTUS Obama's Rev. Wright sounds sane compared to this lunatic.
    And this is Sarah Palin's Favorite Tweet on Twitter??? (Before we were told she didn't know how to 'favorite' on Twitter).

    • Glad you caught that about Palin not knowing how to 'favorite.' Manning comes up with all sorts of bizarre nonsense.

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