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Moehler: Theistic Evolution Is a Direct Attack on Biblical Authority

science vs religionWriting for The Christian Post, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, argued that theistic evolution is a direct attack on biblical authority.

He coined as dangerous the remarks of Professor Karl Giberson of Eastern Nazarene College, who wrote that “I am happy to concede that science does indeed trump religious truth about the natural world. Galileo and Darwin showed this only too clearly, even if it is completely lost on Ken Ham and Al Mohler.” According to Mohler,

Giberson throws the Bible under the scientific bus. We should be thankful that his argument is so clear, for it puts the case for theistic evolution in its proper light – as a direct attack upon biblical authority.


In Giberson’s view, anyone who holds to the truthfulness and historical character of these biblical texts is simply intellectually backwards and unsophisticated. I can only wonder if the parents who send their offspring to Eastern Nazarene College have any understanding of what is taught there – and with such boldness and audacity.

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  • You know what, Good for Giberson. This world is changing and although the Christian right will not go down without a fight, I see more and more Christians opening their eyes to the fact that Blind faith does not trump free thinking. Free will is what we are and I know that the Christians can't stand it. Your losing boys and girls, I don't mean to be hurtful but please, the sooner you open your eyes the sooner you will see what's right in front of you. A life of happiness and wonder and can never be beaten into submission by a book every again. Good luck on your path those of you who make it out alive.

    • What gets me about Mohler's remarks is that he seems to be saying that biblical literacy is in order, even in the face of Galileo's findings.

  • Bernie

    What I find perplexing is in the face of evidence that, stacked atop one another could fill an entire gym, they still can't see it. Just the 'one literal day' clause that they hammer into the children in Sunday school is a blatant smack in the face of Almighty God Himself. He cries 'audacity', yet he does not have the clarity of mind and soul to realize that it is man who is audacious in encapsulating all of infinity and the magnificence of God into a 24hr period. Now, that my friends is sheer audacity!

    It's not as if men have made up the natural laws, we discovered them through the Grace of God. If, after all, all things come from God, then where do you suppose the laws of science and nature stem from? My guess is the Creator Himself.

    I, for one, find such beauty and expressed adulation for God in evolution. Evolution is a part of God to me.

    God Bless, and Peace

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  • It's a simple matter people…

    If you believe that there's God who created the earth, naturally the world is old when God created it, because God did not create the earth from single tiny organism. He created the earth as already grown up and fully matured like when He created Adam. He did not create Adam in a fetus form. When Adam appeared he was already a matured man. If the scientists were there during creation and did the autopsy and DNA testing naturally they will say he is already about 20, 25, 30 years old, etc… because God really created him as fully grown and matured man… so the scientists will say…"ohh! Adam was created 20, 25, 30 years ago, etc!!!" LOL!.. bear in mind…that's how God created him (already grown up).

    In science, the scientists will say that the earth is already million years old or so… Yes!… because that's how old it is when God created it from the start. He created the earth as fully matured and complete planet. When it was created, there were already old rocks, stones, dried leaves, etc. included in the creation… The scientists will show that as evidences. LOL!!! lol!!! to deceive people from believing God.

    If you don't believe in God… whose lost? 🙂

    • themanofearth

      So… Basically what you're saying is that the actual age of the universe is less than 10,000 years but we find it to be older than that because God created it to appear to be older than it actually is and expanding with light already in rout to the earth, radioactive decay already in it's various states, nebulas already forming into multiple solar systems, supernovas already expanding, and various forms of life on this planet that appear to be definitively related to each other through a common ancestor (and that's just the stuff off the top of my head) so that…?

      If his goal in creating the universe AS IS was to fool us into thinking that the universe, life, and culture formed over billions, millions, and thousands of years respectively; the god of the bible might not be as incompetent as he appears to be.

      So IS god simply trying to fool us into thinking that the universe is billions of years old and If so what do you think his motivations are?

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