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News from the Egg People Front: Personhood Initiative Will Appear on Mississippi Ballot Next Year

egg personA Mississippi judge ruled that Mississippi's personhood initiative can be on next year's ballot because the state constitution recognizes the rights of citizens to change the constitution.

The initiative defines as "person" as existing at the moment of conception, giving it constitutional rights.  (See the potential consequence of personhood amendments.)

It is possible that the ruling will be appealed.  The plaintiffs are Deborah Hughes and Cristen Hemmins.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the state and national chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union are filing briefs in the case.  The Clarion Ledger interviewed Hughes and Hemmins' attorney, who explained the case:

"The Mississippi Constitution says that the Mississippi Bill of Rights is sacrosanct and cannot be modified through the initiative process," Johnson said. "This proposed measure would do just that, so its adoption would violate the constitution.

Les Riley with Personhood Mississippi appeared on the American Family Association's Focal Point with Bryan Fischer to talk about the amendment and how God is opening the doors to protect the unborn.

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  • http://theweeklyworldview.com Doug McBurney

    150 years from now you will be remembered to history the one who called the Personhood advocates "egg people". You will be on par with the KKK and the dehumanizing terms they tried to popularize.

    You will join them on the ash-heap of history, or you will see the error of your ways. I hope for the latter.

    • http://www.goddiscussion.com admin

      The zygotes are the "egg people," not the advocates. But thanks for your comments.

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    • http://www.goddiscussion.com admin

      The Revealer is an excellent daily source of religious news … Highly recommended.

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