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May 21, 2011, End of the World Activities Gather Steam: Believers told that gays are signs of the end times; that they'll need to say goodbye to pets

Belief that the world is ending on May 21, 2011, has become a global phenomenon. The May 2011 end of times paranoia started with Harold Camping of Family Radio, who says that mathematics in the bible point to that date as the day that Jesus Christ is coming back to declare judgment on the world.

Believers are encouraged to make signs and distribute them in order to warn humanity of its impending doom and to repent and find Jesus.

The effort has extended beyond the United States, as documented by eBible Fellowship, which shows pictures of "blowing the trumpet of warning" signs displayed in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guatemala City, and Singapore. The website, which is dedicated to promoting Camping's doomsday message, has a missions map showing the sheer number of radio stations, billboards and "tract" distribution efforts worldwide.
May 21 warning

The RV Caravan, Extended Missions and the "Goodbye to Pets" Policy.

Family Radio is promoting "caravan RV mission trips" where people can apply to join the caravan to distribute tracts proclaiming that May 21, 2011, is Judgment Day.  In the terms and conditions for participation in "Project Caravan," the application states on page 3:

We have decided that it would be very unwise to allow pets on the Caravan.  Pet owners must say goodbye to their pets a few months earlier than in May, 2011.

"Project Jonah" is similar to the "Project Caravan," except that it involves traveling to country to country to warn of the upcoming May 21, 2011, Judgment Day.  Once approved, the missionary's commitment lasts until May 21,  2011.

Gay Pride a Sign of the End Times.

Camping preaches that homosexuality is such a shameful abomination that it normally is 'in the closet," but since God is about to destroy the world, the sin has been "let loose" and now the world is seeing gay pride parades and same sex marriage.  He says that open homosexuality is a sign of the end times just like in Sodom and Gomorrah — proof, he says, that the world is indeed ending on May 11, 2011.

The Rapture and Judgment Day.

Family Radio teaches that the rapture and judgment day (the end of the world) will happen simultaneously following a "tribulation" that everyone must endure:

In Matthew 24, Christ gives us an outline of the signs or events that will take place just before the end of the world. He declares in Matthew 24:21-31:

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

When we examine these verses, we shall see that the rapture not only immediately follows the final tribulation, which believers must endure, but that it will occur simultaneously with the end of the world. Thus, it must occur simultaneously with judgment day.

Camping's Previous Predictions … and Explanation As to Why People Do Not Believe Him Now.

Camping made a similar prediction back in 1994.  From Religious Tolerance:

1994-SEP: Harold Camping, president of Family Radio predicted on his radio programs that the end of the world would happen sometime between 1994-SEP-5 and SEP-27. He said that he did not know the precise day because Matthew 24:36 of the Christian Scriptures says that "no man knows the day nor the hour." He interpreted a reference in John 21:1-14 to the disciples being 200 cubits from the shore in the Sea of Galilee as meaning that there would be 2,000 years between the birth and the second coming of Jesus. He estimates that Jesus was born on 0007-OCT-4 BCE.

In one of his sermons explaining why people don't believe or understand the May 21 prediction, Camping explains to his congregation that God has blinded some people because they are "lost" and therefore not saved because they sinned somewhere along the line and are already dead.

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  • Dan

    It's gaining steam, because we are very close to the date.

  • Keith

    Hocus-pocus lies from another Fred Phelps who teaches lies and hate.

  • Michel de Nostredame

    Pablov equation … Nought by nature but by man … In the rush to self-fulfill … Any prophecy can become 'truth'.

  • Troy Wilson

    I know not the day or the hour or year, but I do know the signs are here. Within one hour the two in the streets who testify of Christ are killed and within that same hour around the world people will be able to see and they willl rejoice over their deaths.
    We now have that ability with cell phones , camera's and satellite communications.
    Preparing for the end times is not what is needed the most. Preparing for the Glory the Lord has provided freely in his gift of grace and Love and kindness to those who believe in his life.These are the things we need to attend too with much attention and truth.
    We should look upon those in need of food, and feed them, those who are cold and provide them a coat, bless those who have little and preach the Word of God.
    No denominations just truth and always remember that every bible created had someone placing words in certain ways.
    The knowledge of God is inside of you so listen to the breath you breathe and life will flow from you and your mind should attend to things that are good.
    God Bless the ones who will endure harsh times. Amen

    • Frank

      The world will end in 5 billions of years after a supernova explosion ( the ex-sun)!
      The earth is 4.5 billion years old and will be working for at least few more billion of years
      I do not see the end approaching
      Enjoy your trip to heaven during the rapture
      I will be here enjoying life

      I think that people hoping for judgment, death and heavens need the psychiatrist
      Why do they not accept that life is unique and beautiful
      there is neither upcoming end nor rapture, or travel in new dimensions
      I wonder what’s goign to happen if the prediction will turn out to be wrong!!

      I will laugh laugh fatly!!
      Sorry for my english I am not a citizen

      Good bye again to everybody
      have a nice trip
      to the fantasy land!!!!

      • Agreed.

      • Nathan

        Frank you just have no clue how real the jesus christ is. Im not saying that the world will end on 21st of may but there is a judgement day. there are people that have seen things that you can't even imagine man. Im just saying.

  • Eric1776

    The end of the world will not be in 2011. We have not entered the 7oth week of Daniel, yet. Therefore, many events listed in the Book of Revelation are still in the future. For instance, there is no Antichrist yet. There is no Mark of the Beast yet. There is no rebuilt temple in Jerusalem yet. And there is no 7 year peace treaty with Israel yet. These things will happen someday soon, but keep in mind that the 7oth week of Daniel is seven years long.

    • anon

      Yes, but you are forgetting many people believe in the rapture of the church. So, May 21st could be the "rapture" & the antichrist, mark of the beast & 7 year tribulation could start on this date!

      That said, I don't really bye into Camping's claim…

  • Andrew

    That's total bull. I agree with Keith .

  • Eryn

    Does anyone think IM wrong for believing in God, being scared but not believing this stuff? IM freaking out, i still got lots of life to live 🙁

    • Liz

      Listen, don't worry. It's ok to be frightened a bit by this but get right with God and study His word. Pray and lean on God. Jesus said no one knows the time nor the hour. He could could return right now or he could return in 50 years, we do not know. Our duties as christians are to serve God and do his will. We should not worry about what man says. These theories are man made. Finding math in the bible to find the supposed day of christ's return is not going by God's word but going by your own understanding. I speak from the position of someone who had many a frightened and troubled night's sleep because I worried so much about all these dooms day "prophecies" but then I began to realize, who are you going to believe, Man or God? Lean on God and His understanding. We don't know when this will happen but WE MUST KEEP WATCH and never fall away from our faith.

      • Frank

        I am sorry

        I think you believe in the realm of bullshit!!!

        Jesus is just an ancient myth,
        It was invented by Saul from Tarso ( s. Paul) and brought up and fixedd as a cult by the emperor Constantine only to keep the peace in his reign!! He was a pagan and he died as a pagan
        They invented the myth of Jesus CHrist for people like you who wants to fool themselves with confortable but fake words
        The eternity is here and on this world
        We are just a dust in the wind
        life is one and beautiful
        Enjoy your rapture, I will be here laughing
        AH AH AH

        Poor deluded
        good luck

  • Jesus Christ

    1900- 1.6 Billion People;
    2010- 6.8 Billion People;
    110 years- 5.2 Billion People;
    Solution to problem- Stop Creating Babies;
    It won't be God that destroyes the earth, it will be a nuclear war or over population. Which ever comes first.

    • JC, is so true. My bet is nuclear war though, which I hope does not happen.

  • Frank

    I am sorry guys…

    I think you believe in the realm of bullshit!!!

    Jesus is just an ancient myth,
    It was invented by Saul from Tarso ( s. Paul) and brought up and fixedd as a cult by the emperor Constantine only to keep the peace in his reign!! He was a pagan and he died as a pagan
    They invented the myth of Jesus CHrist for people like you who wants to fool themselves with confortable but fake words
    The eternity is here and on this world
    We are just a dust in the wind
    life is one and beautiful
    Enjoy your rapture, I will be here laughing
    AH AH AH

    Poor deluded
    good luck

  • steven

    To feed the poor and cloth them is spiritual. It means to tell them about the gospel. Feed them spiritual gospel and don't just step over them. Treat them as an equal and teach them freely, because freely Jesus gave to us.
    Of course you want to feed and cloth them as well, but that is material, not the one good thing, the gospel.

    • Behold! A perfect example of the poison that is religion. I wish improving peoples' standard of living way the primary goal for everyone. Sad.

  • Gennady CAbatic

    I know the end times and the judgment day will come but nobody knows it when… and God intentionally want it that way so that every moment we will exert effort to obey his commands..I am not certain that May 2011 is the end of the world but i am also not certain when it will happen… a parable in the bible mentioned something like this… "a man was asked what will he do if he knows that the end is tomorrow"..guest what the guy answered… he will just do what he is normally doing everyday… In short there is no substitute for doing God's will everyday..

  • In know signs are pointing toward the end of days!!! if you have not been a good person well its time to prepare yourself spiritually before its too late regardless of the date o the end times… You also need to think about Death who comes like a thief in the night. because you might die before the end times come.

    • What? That made no sense. I can't decide it if it's your English grammar, your logic, or both.

  • am going to recap a point I recently made to see if someone here has the guts to respond:

    I wonder if you think it is fair for God to damn me to eternal torture for a finite crime that he set me up for and knew that I would commit? Especially when he provides no evidence for his existence and requires belief based on faith after he provided me with a mind that functions based on reason in every other area of life. I would be willing to bet that in your gut you think it's a bit harsh. As such, I believe that you are far more moral than your God.

    At the risk of coming off condescending, literally EVERY generation since the time of Jesus has thought that these were the last days. LITERALLY EVERY GENERATION. Do you know how many times the apocalypse has been imminent?

    I actually would like to propose a real question to anyone out there that thinks judgment day is coming (now or later). Why do you anticipate the end of the world so enthusiastically? One caveat – I know that you think there is a utopia at the end, but there is massive suffering and torment in the meantime. How can someone anticipate an event happily that will result in the blood flow that your tribulation promises? Am I really that bad of a person? I don't think so. I volunteer. I do my best to follow the golden rule. I want to make the world a better place to the best of my ability. Do you REALLY think I deserve to suffer through tribulation and then an eternity of torture?

  • I was actually listening to the most recent podcast on my way to my parents' house. As if on cue, I drove by a huge billboard for 5/21/11! Who the hell is funding these people?

    • LOL! I've been seeing their ads here on this site … someone is dishing out a lot of money on Google advertising!

  • OMG! It's that creepy Rev. Kane without his hat!

    He scared me to death. The rest of the movie wasn't so scary, but that dude was.

  • spaul

    when the day comes ill be ready for what ever god has in mind for me .for i ame a sinner and jesseus died for us .i will not say it cant happen may 21st or in 200 years for some day grace will take us home .god bless all

  • Hi, Everyone

    What we believe in is our own decisions. I know for me I am a firm steady believer in jesus Christ. I can honestly say I was aised and have felt in my heart all my life. God is real and he is coming back for the church. There's no atomic bomb or something that juss gae us life Jesus died for u so we can have life. I am not worried is Jesus returns because I will be ready. I've seen the power of god I KNOW once in your life you have o so those that say they don't believe start going by faith and not by sight. As his word instructs us too. God is merciful and forgiving don't think that whatevr kind of sin you have commited is not going to get you to heaven. Because he gave his life so we could ahve that forgivness and he says If you are going to ask for forgivness he's faithful and just to forgive them. Our father knows us all. So if the world is ending there is no reason to freak ou or try and hide because he did say in his word the day would come. But I don't put a date on it. Because he said I will come as a thief in the night no man knows the hour.. So put all your fith and trust in GOD and know he will take care of you if you surrender and let him. He loves YOU!!!

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