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Christian Group Says Michelle Obama 'Raised Red Flags'

Michelle ObamaAfter Michelle Obama said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that she was grateful that people were praying for the Obamas and "keeping the spirits clean" around them, videos started popping up all over the Internet.  The "Christian Investigator"  issued a press release to proclaim that "red flags" were raised whether she follows 'Biblical Christianity:'

The Bible does say that we should pray for our leaders. We need to pray that God would protect them and they would have wisdom to lead the country. We also need to pray that they would promote good Biblical positions.

However, the phrase "keeping the spirits clean around us" is a prayer that seems to have associations more with animism.

According to the Voice of the Martyrs website, animists believe "that gods and spirits are found in trees, rocks, plants, and other things. Some also believe in a great god who is above all the others."

Animists believe that witch doctors, medicine men, or shamans offer protection from the spirit world.

There are many different levels of animism. ChristianInvestigator.com is not suggesting that Michelle Obama is deep into animism, however, when a person talks about "keeping the spirits clean around us," red flags are raised.

In the Bible, the Lord said he would protect Christians who have the Holy Spirit. He may use good angels to protect a person. Also, the Lord said he would protect people from evil angels as they follow Him.

ChristianInvestigator.com President Steve McConkey says, "Was Michelle Obama referring to God's protection or was she suggesting an animistic voodoo type of protection? We hope the former, however, the big question: Does Michelle Obama reflect Biblical Christianity?"

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  • Bear Woman

    I wonder what they have to say about Rev. Muthee's praying and casting out of demons, etc. on Sarah Palin…..

    • Sweet! So true, Bear Woman.

  • Jody

    For crying out loud! I am horrified at the way Christian groups pounce on anything and everything they can to call the Obamas' faith into question. What kind of a witness is it to people who aren't Christians? I can't believe how hateful and insinuating some of these Christians are to others. Have they forgotten "thou shall not bear false witness"? I am a Christian and I am turned off by all of this. It is not enough to love Jesus. We are commanded to love LIKE Jesus.
    First the Obamas are terrible for attending the church in Chicago, then they are really secretly muslim. Oh no, wait! Wait! Really they practice voodoo animism. What's next?!
    There's just no telling what those who practice hate faith will come up with next.

    • I completely agree, Jody. It is just ridiculous how they attack virtually everything about the Obamas' faith … but of course, they feel as though they are "persecuted" or "discriminated against" if anyone questions their rhetoric.

      Great comment. Thanks!

  • Birdie

    Those idiots. Keeping the spirits clean is code for "prayer warrior" talk. As in Third Wave holy rollin christian talk.

    You'd think these idiots would understand their own code talk.

    • I have to admit, I didn't know that it was prayer warrior talk … I just assumed it was some kind of Christian phrase. I find it somewhat nauseating how the xTians find fault with virtually everything the Obamas say with respect to faith.

      Thanks so much for teaching me something new today!

  • WakeUpAmerica

    WTF? Do those people (x-tians) ever sleep? Criminy.

    • LOL! Well, if they're not sleeping, they're working on waking the rest of us up.

  • Diane

    These people are crazy!
    How many times have people "prayed" that somebody 'kill' Obama?
    Or that something happen so that he would leave the presidency?
    What is wrong with these people?
    They can't have it both ways.
    If they are praying that somebody kill Obama, then they can't complain if Michelle pray s that the spirits are clean

    • Excellent point, Diane!

  • majii

    This is just another attempt to paint the Obamas as "other." I'm used to this. I spent the first 18 years of my live living under segregation in a country I've always loved dearly, and I have had to deal with being treated by some people as not quite the same as others in this country. I retired from teaching public high school in GA for 33 years last year, and there was never one year in which I didn't have someone like these Christianists enter my classroom on conference days and open house days who didn't question my teaching credentials. They knew that I couldn't have had a teaching license unless I had completed college and passed the required tests, but none of that mattered when they finally met the teacher whose class their kids enjoyed so much. They simply couldn't believe why/how their kids could go home and say that Mrs. R was a smart U.S. History teacher. It's as if it's in their genes to do these kinds of things even when reality shows something entirely different. It also didn't matter that over 95% of my students consistently passed the social studies tests they needed to graduate. There will always be this type of nitpicking that these folks do where the Obamas are concerned because they simply cannot see that there is any way that an intelligent First Couple who happen to have been born African-American can have anything of substance to offer to America. It's a social sickness that will never allow them to consider gays, lesbians, immigrants, Muslims, atheists, Hispanics, African-Americans, etc as equal to themselves in anyway.

    • majii

      ***my life***

      Sorry, I'm still working on finishing my first cup of coffee for the day. LOL

    • Thank you for sharing, Majii. It is troubling that "the other" type of thinking still goes on, but at least those kids whose lives you touched in such a positive way will grow up with more enlightened views than their parents. I personally think that teachers are the unsung heroes of America and you definitely fall into the hero category.


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  • Mr. Timm

    Dont worry so much about your typos, Majii… but then, being a teacher, I guess you need to lead by example! Good post, by the way.

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