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The Bible Slam: Deuteronomy Chapter 21 (Biblical Family Values)

In this chapter, we learn that if a corpse is found but the cause of death is unknown, then a cow's neck must be broken.

Moses then lays down some family values types of laws.

When taking women hostages during war, it is okay to rape a woman who has been captured so long as she goes through a period of shaving her head and "paring" her nails.  If a man is not satisfied with her sexual performance or just plain doesn't like her, then he can set her loose but is not allowed to sell her for money.

Rules are given to men who have two wives and male heirs.  The firstborn male of the beloved wife cannot get more favor than the firstborn male of the hated wife.  In fact, the firstborn son from the hated wife gets double inheritance. Females don't get any kind of an inheritance.

Sons who are stubborn, rebellious, gluttons or drunks are to be stoned to death.  But people who are "accursed" by the Biblical god are to be hanged to death from trees.  Their corpses are to be buried during daylight hours, on the same day that they were executed.

Note: The narrator uses language that some would find offensive. See the alternate links in the narration section below.

Discussion Points.

The King James Bible is often declared to be the 'inerrant word of God' that defines traditional marriage and family values.  But Deuteronomy 21 (King James version) clearly says that:

  • It's okay to have sex with women against their will.
  • It's okay to have more than one wife.
  • Disobedient children must be killed.

Does the Bible define "faith, family and freedom" as proposed in the following ad?

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