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Deadlock is a novel about the impact of the Supreme Court today . . . and about imminent, real-life choices that will shape both its future and that of our nation.  She is a Supreme Court Justice.   She is an atheist.  And she is about to encounter the God of the truth and justice she has sworn to uphold.

For years, Millicent Hollander has been the consistent swing vote on abortion and other hot-button issues. Now she's poised to make history as the first female Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. But something is about to happen that no one has counted on, least of all Hollander: a near-death experience that will thrust her on a journey toward God.

Skeptically, fighting every inch of the way, Hollander finds herself dragged toward belief in something she has never believed in—while others in Washington are watching her every step. Too much is at stake to let a Christian occupy the country's highest judicial office. Even as Hollander grapples with the interplay between faith and the demands of her position, and as she finds answers through her growing friendship with Pastor Jack Holden, a hidden web of lies, manipulation, and underworld connections is being woven around her. It could control her. It could destroy her reputation. Unless God intervenes, it could take her out of the picture permanently.

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5 Stars It Makes You Think…
And that, to me, is a good book. This was a Kindle freebie and after reading it, I wanted to read more of James Scott Bell's books.

The plot was enticing…a Supreme Court Justice whose beliefs were well-formed, a change in her faith and how that impacted her position within the Supreme Court and politics surrounding that…some good twists including an "untypical" sub-ending and just a little twist for the real ending.

The logic and background were interesting. I started the book and didn't put it down until I finished it. A good read!

And now, I have to go read my second James Scott Bell book.

5 Stars A Great Story
Deadlock is a well crafted legal thriller that is hard to put down.

It centers around Supreme Court Justice Milly Hollander who has some major life happenings including a near death experience that makes her examine her relationship with God. That leads to a major transformation of her legal philosophy.

This happens about the same time that she is nominated to be the Chief Justice by a liberal president. Her new views cause major consternation for the president and members of Congress who share his philosophy. They make it their mission to destroy her.

Along the way, the author weaves in a subplot of a young woman who has a major legal battle with the abortion industry.

Overall, the story was excellent. It addresses issues of concern to all and will make the readers think. There are two things that I did not like. One is a plot twist that I would have liked to have seen done differently. Although the way it was written led to a major surprise, I think it took away from some excitement that could have occurred later on had it been done differently.

The other criticism was this: One of the characters, Jack Holden, had written a legal brief exploring the big questions of life, God, etc. during his own spiritual searching. Holden shares it with the Justice. Mr. Bell only provided enough of the brief to whet the reader's appetite. I would like to see him expand on that. He could actually write a complete future novel based around that.

In spite of that, this is a great book with superb character development. I highly recommend it.

1 Star Not a good book
This was a bible thumping adventure into a predictable story made up of boring characters. I can't believe I bought it and even more tragic was wasting time reading it..

4 Stars Christian Legal Thriller-lite
Deadlock by James Scott Bell is the story of Millicent Hollander, a Supreme Court justice who is a known atheist and liberal vote on the court. When she finds her life suddenly taking a drastic turn, she finds herself forced to face her lack of faith and re-evaluate everything she believes in. This was the first book I've read by Bell, and to me it seems a little like Randy Singer-lite. There's less emphasis on the law and characterizations and more on plot. It's very well written, and I enjoyed how Bell used coincidences to bring not just Millie but others to faith. But Millie's change of heart seemed a little forced, especially her decision at the end of the book. It also felt a bit like this was a set up for the beginning of a series (maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it felt). Bell does a good job of talking about Jesus and the Bible without proselytizing. This was definitely an enjoyable read, and I look forward to reading more of Bell's work, however if his other books are too similar to this one, I can see it would become formulaic.

1 Star not for the open minded
this poorly veiled right wing lecture portrays all liberals as drunks and athiests and the good guys as model christians.

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