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1-800-Dial-A-Dominionist –If you're concerned about the religious right dictating your life and politics, take note.

They claim that they are God's prophets and apostles.  They claim that they have supernatural powers, can heal the sick and cast out demons.  They march around through neighborhoods, blanketing the community with prayer.  They claim that they can control hurricanes and natural disasters.  And they claim that they are charged with transforming the entire world to their "kingdom."

Meet the Christian dominionists.

dominon and domination over the earthFor months now, we have been talking about Christian dominionism on the God Discussion podcast with author and expert Leah Burton, who is a frequent guest co-host on the show. Burton, who serves as a board member on the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has been telling us about the dominionists' "7 Mountains Mandate," which envisions taking over the world so that souls can be "harvested" and Jesus Christ can come back and rule his "kingdom."

In an unusual move, leaders of Christian dominionism will be taking phone calls during a live webcast on October 4, offering us a chance to hear firsthand what's on their minds.  We've been noticing that this type of extremism is becoming less secretive, but it is still not totally in the open.  For those not familiar with Seven Mountain Theology and its infiltration into our society, we thought we'd touch on some highlights.

A Brief Overview of Christian Dominionism.

The exact titles of these seven mountains of culture that the dominionists want to rule seems to shift from time to time.  According to an announcement about the development of a "Christian Intelligence Service" that would consist of an "army of watchmen" reporting un-Christianlike activities to their leaders, they include:

  1. Spiritual and Moral spheres;
  2. Government and Politics;
  3. Media;
  4. Economy;
  5. Social Issues;
  6. Environment; and
  7. Education.

The Christian dominionists tend to use warlike language, claiming that they are spiritual warriors engaged in a battle to reclaim God's kingdom.  Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, atheists, humanists, and even mainline Christians who don't subscribe to their theology are not welcome in the kingdom that they envision.  In fact, these people will need to be "displaced."  (See the section about Sarah Palin below.)

"Supernatural" seems to be a buzzword, and they claim that with their God-given  powers, they will perform the same kinds of miracles as Jesus.  Their leaders self identify as prophets and apostles.  Citing the book of  Genesis, they believe that they are mandated by God to take over the world and dominate it.

1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Sheer Nuttery?  They've invaded our politics, our schools, our military.

At first glance, these Christian dominionists appear to be an oddball fringe group with delusions of grandeur.  It's easy to dismiss their influence as conspiracy theory until you start paying attention.  We've been noticing that right wing political pundits such as Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee have openly endorsed the dominionist theology, calling for prayer and action over the "7 Mountains."

… we call on all faithful Christians to join us in the fight to defend life, protect and revitalize marriage, and preserve religious liberty and the rights of conscience.  We must work tireless in all the “seven spheres of cultural influence:” (1) the home, (2) the church, (3) civil government / law / military, (4) business / technology, (5) education, (6) media, and finally (7) arts / entertainment / professional sports.

Kyle, for the People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch, has been chronicling the merger of the Christian dominionists with the right.  He shows the sheer number of groups, such as Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and the Alliance Defense Fund, that appear to be aligned with the goals of Christian dominionist theology.  While many supporting members of these groups may be unaware of Christian dominionism, they are unwittingly promoting it by following the voting mandates and "action alerts" dictated by their group leaders.

These dominionists are promoting "Christian nationalism" through their "historian," David Barton.  It's our opinion that revisions to the Texas schoolbooks, the ongoing "teach Creationism in schools" debates, the endless claims that there is no wall of separation between church and state, the drumbeat against gay rights and women's reproductive choice, the Family at C Street,  and so forth are products of Christian dominionism.

It is alarming that Congresspeople have openly joined up with Lou Engle, a proponent of dominionism, in so-called "PrayerCasts."  It's alarming that public officials have endorsed and/or participated in the blatantly dominionist May Day rally.  But perhaps more disturbing is the dominionst influence in the armed forces.  Our military is filled with evangelical Christians who are trying to convert service members into their cause. Mikey Weinstein, founder and director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, described this movement:

What we're fighting here is a subset of evangelical Christianity that goes by a long name: pre-millennial dispensational reconstructionist dominionist fundamentalist evangelical Christianity. There's an organization for officers called the Officers Christian Fellowship, and for the enlisted folks called the Christian Military Fellowship. The first goal is a 'spiritually transformed' U.S. military. The second goal is [to be] ambassadors for Christ in uniform—by the way, if you check the last 2,000 years, that hasn't worked out too well. Thirdly, [they are] empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Even mainline Christians are alarmed by this movement.  When Janet Porter's Faith2Action radio show was dumped by the VCY America network due to her promotion of Seven Mountains dominionist theology at a May Day prayer rally, the network interviewed Sarah Leslie and posted an explanation:

Sarah Leslie is an author and researcher, a member of the board of directors of Discernment Ministries and also a member of the Discernment Research Group.

In response to the May Day event held this past Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, Ingrid and Sarah brought to listener attention a movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation. This title was coined by C. Peter Wagner during the 1990’s.

Featuring teachers such as Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, and false "prophetesses" Cindy Jacobs and Stacey Campbell, the New Apostolic Reformation is centered around a theology of dominionism. It teaches that Christians can take down demonic spirits in order to take back territories and institutions for Christ. The movement is post-millennial believing that Jesus will not return until Christians take over the 7 Mountains. These “mountains” are institutions like the media, entertainment, the economy, etc. In other words, their eschatology requires that instead of reaching people with the gospel one heart at a time, they believe they are to conquer the earth one demonic spirit at a time and make the earth perfect so that Jesus can return.

Getting It From the Proverbial Horse's Mouth — Call A Dominionist.

connect with a dominionstIt's impossible to track all of the dominionist activities and groups in one article because their movement is so pervasive.  Rather than nitpick terminology, such as whether they are officially called New Apostolic Reformationists, reconstructionists, etc., we agree with Leah Burton that it's easier to just lump it all into one title:  Christian Dominionism.  Their goals are the same — to take over the "7 Mountains' of culture.

When it comes to understanding their line of thinking and goals, we have an opportunity to hear what they are up to from their own mouths and to ask them questions.

On Monday, October 4, from 6-9 p.m. Central Standard Time, the darlings of the Christian dominionist movement will "connect" with the public via a live webstream event hosted by Generals International:

Join Mike and Cindy Jacobs live for GI: Connect! This is your opportunity to connect to Generals International with any questions or comments. We will have phone lines open, or you can send us your question by clicking here. Mike and Cindy will be talking with their guests, Peter Wagner, Lance Wallnau, and Jerry Tuma, about current events and the economy.

QUICK UPDATE:  The phone # is 972-514-7729.

Who are these people?  Here's a brief overview of the people involved in the webcast.  By no means do they represent all of the leaders of the Christian dominionist movement.  Watch the videos and ask yourself if you want government, media, the military, schools and our culture "transformed" and dominated by these people and what they represent.

C. Peter Wagner, Apostle In Chief … and his theology's influence on Sarah Palin.


C. Peter Wagner

C. Peter Wagner is the founder of Global Harvest Ministries and a leading figure in the so-called New Apostolic Reformation (which we've included in the shorthand term,  Christian dominionism).  He runs the "Wagner Leadership Institute," self-described as "an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip the saints for kingdom ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12)." Students are awarded diplomas when they complete the course.

Wagner has proclaimed that he presides over "the International Coalition of Apostles" which "brings together over 500 recognized apostles."  In the following video, he is "celebrating the formal apostolic alignment of Todd Bentley," a former teenage criminal who found Christ and became involved in the ministry. Bentley was involved in the "Lakeland Revival" and sponsored "Joel's Army." (After an adultery scandal, Bentley dropped out of the scene but is now back. The rest of this "ceremony" is at the end of this article.)

One of the "7 Mountains" is business, and here, Wagner sends an address to "The Kingdom Economic Summit" in Austin, where he congratulates the summit's sponsors for their work in "transforming" the workplace:

As reported by Bruce Wilson, one of Wagner's "apostles" is Mary Glazier, who leads the Wasilla prayer group that Sarah Palin joined. Glazier fought a witch in 1995 and now advocates religious cleansing of entire lands by believers in her movement.  She preaches that people will be "displaced" and "toppled" from various institutions and that the Christians will take over.  As to each individual's disposition, she claims their fate lies with God but that they will have an opportunity to "switch allegiances" and join the dominionists.

Cindy Jacobs – The New Age With a Twist of Brimstone.


Mike and Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike run an outfit called "Generals Intenational," whose mission is to achieve "societal transformation through intercession and prophetic."  On her website, Jacobs describes herself:

Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations.  Perhaps her greatest ministry is to world influencers who seek her prophetic advice.

In 2009, Peter Wagner handed over "the mantle of leadership" of the "Apostolic Council of Prophetic Leaders" to Jacobs, who accepted the responsibility on the condition that Wagner and his wife remain involved in the leadership.

Jacob's ascent to this position began humbly.  In discussing her "supernatural life" with CBN's Pat Robertson, Jacobs admitted that she had battled depression and in the midst of this condition, received a miraculous visitation from an angel of God who appeared in her kitchen and told her that she'd be speaking all over the world and that there would be "a great awakening" and a "Jesus people movement."

In her appearances on "God Knows TV" and elsewhere, Jacobs has a tendency to rattle off all sorts of predictions that are aimed at unidentified persons in her listening audience. (Here's an example: Go to Part 1 of the "Intercessory Abolitionists" episode from July 19, 2010, and fast forward to minute 21.)  These "personal prophesies" and even the "current event prophesies" seem a lot like the rants of a new age psychic who has the ability to draw in the gullible.   "Birth of God Knows TV" explains why:

While on a ministry trip in Spain, Cindy Jacobs turned on the TV in her hotel room and was shocked to see how many fortune tellers where (sic) telling people to call and get information on their future. This stirred up a challenge in her heart and she started talking to the Lord about it.

The Lord then challenged Cindy and said: “I can do much better than that. I want to show the people the true prophetic gift and My heart for them”. Now, several years later, the Lord has provided the means and the people to put on the air the TV show God Knows and the program is touching millions of lives.

We've carried a number of video clips of Jacobs giving her prophesies, where she declares future presidents and world events.  Not only is she a "prophet," but she also claims to have the ability to cast out demons.  Here she is, casting out the spirits of homosexuality, bisexuality, pornography and perversions:

Not only can Jacobs heal people, cast out demons and prophesy, but she can unleash storms. Writes Kyle at Right Wing Watch:

Given the relatively recent rise of self-proclaimed prophets and apostles such as Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle within the Religious Right movement, I've recently read several books by Engle, Peter Wagner, and Johnny Enlow to try and get a better understanding of the theology and agenda behind this movement.

Yesterday, I finished reading Jacobs' "The Reformation Manifesto: Your Part in God's Plan to Change Nations Today" and just wanted to highlight a section that exemplifies the difference between the standard Religious Right leaders and this new breed of prophetic intercessors.

Whereas people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell regularly made (and, in some cases, continue to make) news for claiming that specific natural disasters were the result of God signaling his displeasure with humanity, activists like Jacobs regularly take responsibility for unleashing these sorts of events.

In her book, Jacobs recounts an incident in 2006 when she came to Washington, DC for a conference. During her visit, God gave Jacobs a "prophetic word" that He was going to "wash Washington" and gave her a vision of "angels in chariots of fire encircling the area, waiting to be invited in." Jacobs delivered her prophecy to the conference, noting that "not only were we interceding for the upcoming mid-term elections in our nation, but for righteousness and justice to be released into the courts."

According to Jacobs, "there was tremendous warfare in the heavens that night" following her prophecy … which was then followed by a rainstorm which flooded the nation's capital.

Lance Wallnau – Seven Mountains Strategist and Professor.


Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau operates a website called "Lance Learning," which offers seminars and courses to teach Christians how to take over the 7 Mountains.  Amongst his offerings is 7M University, described as,

7M University is a powerful, comprehensive training portal designed to bring your life into alignment with its original God-breathed design. Starting with foundational Kingdom and personal development teachings from Dr. Wallnau, the 7M University is continually adding courses to build up Believers to take their mountain of influence.

The 7M University will constantly be adding courses in a variety of subjects encompassing Kingdom ideology as well as specific spheres of influence like:

  • Business
  • Family
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Government
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • The Media
  • Science and Technology

These courses will be authored and presented by the leaders of today and innovative pioneers of the next generation who are discovering the keys to unlocking this transformation.

Wallnau is one of C. Peter Wagner's "apostles."  Here he is, explaining how Christians can covertly and overtly take over the Seven Mountains.

According to Wallnau, the Bible has to be the basis of all of the mountains; otherwise, there will be no freedom and democracy. He claims that the foundation of the prosperity of nations  is the teachings of Jesus.

Jerry Tuma – The Christian's Economist and Investor.

Jerry Tuma

Jerry Tuma

Jerry Tuma is a certified financial planner who formed Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc, in 1983. A favorite Christian radio guest and speaker at various Christian dominioinst events, Tuma served on Janet Porter's "May Day Committee" for the Christian dominionst rally that eventually cost Porter her radio networks. He was also a keynote speaker at Cindy Jacob's "Raise Up An Army Convergence" in April 2009.  He was a special guest at Chuck Pierce's "Zebulun School" earlier this year, which Pierce described in his " A River is Rising" newsletter:

The Stair Steps to God’s Prosperity!  Zebulun School with Special Guest Jerry Tuma (Monday, May 3)
I am looking forward to our next Zebulun School class on Monday, May 3.  As we are progressing from Passover to Pentecost, we must prepare to advance from redemption to multiplication and outpouring.  That is why I have invited Jerry Tuma to join me for our next Zebulun School class.  The Lord has given him a message on “The Stair Steps To God’s Prosperity”. In addition to providing an update on present economic issues facing our nation, this teaching will address how God’s people can create prosperity starting from the micro perspective (i.e., little by little) and then moving through to abundance.  Much of this will be personal in application, but since Jerry’s teaching will primarily focus on principles in God’s word for creating prosperity, the teaching will be equally applicable to businesses.


In our interviews on this subject, Leah Burton has explained that "All Christians are not dominionists, but all dominionsts claim Christianity."

Find out for yourself what these dominionists' agenda is at the "GI Connect" web feed. Do we really want a "Christian nation" run by these people?   As nutty as their behavior may appear, these people are very well organized and know how to get out and vote.  Whether you are a skeptic, non-believer, mainstream Christian, Buddhist, American Muslim or other "non-dominionist," this is information that you need to know about before heading to the voting booth this November. If you're not planning to vote, maybe it will inspire you to do so.

(Note: We don't know if they will have a 1-800 tollfree line; we just thought the title was catchy.)

We'll leave you with the remainder of Todd Bentley's "prophetic commissioning" that was attended by C. Peter Wagner and his band of apostles in order to demonstrate the type of behavior that these "apostles" engage in. If you don't have time to watch all the videos, check out the second one below (which is number 3 of 4).  Seriously, is this what we want our culture to turn into?

{video link}

{video link}

{video link}

About D.

  • Janet

    I used to be a Dominionist but didn't know that there was a name for what I was believing and standing on. I used to watch many of the people in this clip. Thankfully, God moved me out of this circle mostly because I moved away geographically from the people who I worshipped with. Now firmly on the more liberal side, I can now look at this and see the lack of love. Your whole focus is controlling your circumstances and walking in the power that has been given to you through Christ Jesus. Never did we spend time on loving the unloveable – i.e. poor, homosexuals, people rejected by society. It was an US vs. THEM mentality and if you didn't agree with US then you belonged to THEM, who by the way we will dominate by the Holy Spirit Power within us. Ugh. Thank God that He removed me from this. I remain a Spirit Filled, Evangelical Christian. But, now, I love all people. I love the LBGT Community and no longer condemn them. In fact, I ask for their forgiveness not only for myself but for the hate being spewed out of my Christian brothers and sisters. Waiting patiently for the Father to stop them.

    • You nailed it, Janet — It seems to be a huge "us vs. them" thing, especially with their never-ending focus on spiritual warfare. It is refreshing to "digitally meet" thoughtful and discerning Christians such as yourself who see these dominionists for what they are. I don't see how their message has anything to do with the Christ who they profess to worship, who taught that the greatest thing is love.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's inspiring.


  • KatzKids

    Please address the International Transformation Network (ITN) also. This is part & parcel of the movement. In Hawaii, we had two candidates running for Gov. – Duke Aiona (R) & Mufi Hannemann (D) who are Dominionists. We defeated Hannemann in the primary, but Aiona is the big threat. His Lt Gov candidate is Dominionist and we defeated another Democrat Dominionist running for LG, & I'm not sure the Democrat who was chosen for LG is not a stealth candidate as well. They belong to Transformation Hawaii and are connected with ITN, the Ugandan & South America group.

    Transformation Hawaii has already infiltrated, at least one, of HI's High Schools thanks to their dominionist Principal. They mapped the school, established prayer captains for all activities etc. Their plan, of course, is to take over all schools. Aiona has already said he wants to lift the cap on Charter Schools. He's still trying to keep a low profile & says he won't be governing with religion but we know what a lie that is. Bruce Wilson has covered the Hawaii situation very nicely, but it needs to be spread more widely for any "Transformation" group – because they are everywhere – in the 7 Mountains.

    Thanks so very much. We all must do everything we can to stop these folks.

    • So glad to hear from you, KatzKidz. Hawaii is a prime example of what happens when these "dominionists" (a loose term to cover the transformationists and all of 'em) get control. Bruce Wilson has done an outstanding job of exposing them.

      One of the key points you brought up is "stealth candidates" … and this illustrates why people need to know who they are voting for, regardless of political party.

      We'll definitely follow your advice and write some articles about this. I think it would be an excellent God Discussion podcast. Do you think folks in Hawaii would be interested in participating?

      Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Barbara Rice

    I simultaneously feel pity and thanfulness toward Kyle over at PFAW and Leah because I know that they watch all of this drek, so that we don't have to. For example, I became physically ill, after a minute, watching a Lou Engle "Call", which was a hybrid of an arena rock concert and a Nazi rally, led by a cast member of Hee-Haw. Cindy Jacobs makes Tammy Fay Baker look like Madame Curie. What a piece of work!

    I shouldn't make fun of Cindy. For all of her tacky appearance, she makes more money than I do! She also wields a lot of power.

    This is the first time in modern history that someone is using Christianity to form an industrialized totalitarian corporatist state. If these people succeed, it will be worse than Iran's Islamic Republic, because the US is so much more technologically developed than Iran. I could envision a telescreen in every bedroom and bathroom so that Secretary of Morals O'Donnell makes sure you don't amuse yourself.

    • Barbara, your comments are s-o-o-o-o priceless!!!!! You have a wonderful sense of humor and witty writing style.

      I have nothing to add other than I share your misery. I watched the "Value Voters Summit" and ended up with a case of dysentery for three days. Seriously. Add to that, the American Family Association's live feed would occasionally screw up and play the live presentation as well as all their archives at the exact same time, meaning that there were about 15 or so Christian nationalist presentations blasting out of my speakers at once. I couldn't help but think "My name is Legion."

  • KatzKids

    I'm sure they would be interested. Here is a link to an article by Kathleen Sands, an Associate Professor of American Studies & Theology at the University of Hawaii. I heard a podcast where she was talking about this and she said she was willing to come on any radio broadcast to share information about these folks.


    Juan Wilson, the publisher of this excellent blog would be a good contact for you to locate other reliable sources. They've had many articles, including those from Bruce Wilson about the movement.

    I also found this link re the movement in Hawaii. I'm not familiar with Let Us Reason Ministries but the article provides a bone chilling look at Transformation Hawaii/ITN.


    I hope this helps somewhat. I do recommend contacting Kathleen Sands.

    • Excellent material, and great tips, KatzKids! Wow. Thanks.

  • Cady

    Typical crybaby liberals. We are a CHRISTIAN NATION. We need Christian vlaues in education, government, family and the media. When they took prayer out of school, pushed pornography on our families and allowed sexual deviants out of the closet our nation went downhill and now the ACLU rules everything and the secular socialist government is taking away our religious liberty.

    Eph. 1:10-11 That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him: In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will.

    GOD WILL WIN this battle.

    This is a calling and Apostle Jacobs and Apostle Wagner were called by the Lord to help us in these troubled times. GOD BLESS THE USA.

    Beck/Palin 2012

    • Cady,

      Thank you for sharing your interesting perspective.

      Are you saying that everything is predestined? If so, would this not mean that God predestined the removal of prayer in school and so forth?

      I'm not sure how you are losing your religious liberty. It seems to me that the dominionist theology will take away everyone's religious freedom.

      I look forward to your response,

  • Here is the phone # to call in:


    • They updated their call-in #:


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  • Lynda

    I wish Christianss would stop attacking each other, listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is after all the greatest councellor and Get on with the business of Sharing the GOOD NEWS with all people.I believe God is moving in power, I believe Jesus did heal the sick, cast out demons, calm storms, speak prophetically, stand for righteousness when it was being perverted and He loved humanity.Not only that, Jesus told us to go do the same, so ok im not into the 7 mountains of influence per say, however lm definately not into a non- influential church either who spends more of its time fighting its own than fighting for the freedom and salvation of the ones Jesus died for.l respect those who stand for righteousness and fight for the biblical principles because they work and they promote Gods love and Gods ways. We are an army, but do we really know who the true enemy is….come on bride of Christ stop self- harming and lets get the message of Jesus love and salvation out there to the ones who need it…..

    • rabbiviking

      Criticizing an abhorrent form of the Christian message, is not "attacking", but exposing a dangerous movement within the Body of Christ, one which causes harm to others. "Contend for the faith, once for all time, delivered to the saints." (Jude 1:8) That word, "contend", could also be translated, "put up a stiff resistence." "Dominionism" is an appropriate word for this theology. True love necessitates brutal honesty. History bears witness that whenever Church and State are joined together, the Church loses its salt and the State is emboldened to control and oppress. Normally, this movement could be written off as another cultish, Christian sect, if it not for their powerful lobbyists and wealthy political groups supporting it. I wonder what the original twelve Apostles and first Christians would say to this movement, most of whom were martyred for their faiths. Maybe they weren't quite spirit-filled enough to take dominion over the Roman Empire? Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world." I don't think he really want his Sheep to declare a Church Sharia Law in the U.S., or any other country. Amen.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    These Dominionist people made me afraid for my country. I think we need to worry less about Al Qaeda and more about the Christian theocrats who want to take over our country because who knows what all of us who aren't like them being "displaced" means..could mean Nazi like concentration camps or mass exterminations for all I know. I do know this, I can't speak for anyone else but we must not let them win because the day we do is the day America being the land of the free and the home of the brave will be gone forever. I wonder if Homeland Security is aware of these zealots and hopefully have put them on terror watch lists already or if they haven't they should do so immediately. These people are likely only a few heartbeats away from strapping on suicide bomb-vests and blowing us unbelievers up. The terrorists are among us and they aren't Muslim..they're Christian.

  • rabbiviking

    Jonathon wrote: "I wonder if Homeland Security is aware of these zealots and hopefully have put them on terror watch lists…" Be careful what you wish for Jonathan. If a majority of Republican, Fundamentalist, right-wing Tea-Baggers come to power in the next election, guess who will be in charge of Homeland Security? They might just be coming for you and me. I agree, we need to be wary of these Christian zealots who wish to merge church and state into a Christian theocracy. But the last thing we want to do, is surrender more of our rights to the federal government in the interest of "security." History reveals this always backfires.


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  • How much more sick and disturbing can it get? First off, of course Cali is going to have a major earthquake, but no human or deity is going to cause it. That's just nature and it's been happening since the earth formed. Secondly, you cannot cast out homosexuality nor is it a spirit or demon. That's just plain crazy to think that it is. And what's Uncle Harlin (Colonel Sanders) doing at the Kingdom of the Economic Summit? Isn't he suppose to be ticking off PETA by chopping off chicken's heads and cooking them? OK so as a vegetarian, he upsets me too, but not like PETA. Oh yes, I forgot… Animals are here for us to use (like they are slaves) and in turn he makes lots of money.

    I digress though, but if I wanted to take the time to tear into their insanity, I would. Unfortunately I have my own Xian nutters to deal with right here. However, I don't want any of the Religious Reich in office and making government policy.

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  • t's impossible to track all of the dominionist activities & groups in article because their movement is so pervasive.

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