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Christian Dominionism: The Christian Intelligence Service

dominon and domination over the earthChristian dominionists want to control seven areas of culture, including, in its latest wording:

1. Spiritual and Moral spheres;
2. Government and Politics;
3. Media;
4. Economy;
5. Social Issues;
6. Environment; and
7. Education.

As we've been reporting here, the dominionist movement is becoming increasingly public with its agenda.  Right Wing Watch reported yesterday about a particularly disturbing goal of the dominionist movement, as announced in the Oak Initiative:  To set up a Christian Intelligence Service.

This Christian Intelligence Service will be used to build the Christian dominionists' media empire:

This is for training an army of “watchmen” who are skilled in discerning important issues or events as they unfold, and can gather basic information about it that is accurate and trustworthy.

According to its workshop outline for a conference to be held toward the end of August, the Oak Initiative also plans on setting up councils and leaders to orchestrate the takeover of the seven spheres of influence described above.

The Oak Initiative's August meeting will feature known Christian dominionists such as Rick Joyner, Sam Rodriguez, Lance Wallnau, Jerry Boykin, Bob Weiner, and Cindy Jacobs.

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