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This Week on God Discussion Radio: Coming Out Atheist

atheist logoEditorial update … If you missed the show, you can hear an archive.  Just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the play button on the Blog Talk Radio widget.  Also, if you'd like to be a guest on the show for similar  subject matter, contact us.  There's a contact link on the menu bar at the top of this page.  Thanks!  Deborah

A sizzling lineup of YouTube activists will be featured on this week's God Discussion show to talk about their experiences which led to non-belief and/or activism. Show access details are on this page, after the video.  Update – We heard from Richard Dawkins this morning and as a result, Dr. Elisabeth Cromwell will also join the discussion.

In "Coming Out Atheist," we'll explore:

  • The process of leaving "the faith" and why;
  • Reactions from family, friends or co-workers;
  • Having to hide atheism to keep a job or social status;
  • Political and social frustrations; and
  • Why atheists talk so much about gods, holy books and religion.

With links to their YouTube channels below, our panel includes (in no particular order):

the Thinking AtheistThe Thinking Atheist opened up his YouTube channel just over a year ago and the positive reaction was explosive, with over 22,000 subscribers to date.  A former Christian of 30 years, he "ultimately found that religion, faith and scripture lacked any true answers, especially in the (bright) light of scientific discovery and the truth of Evolution by Natural Selection."  With an insider's perspective of Christianity, he uses is skills as a producer "to stir the pot of debate and, hopefully, make it uncomfortable for anyone to be a mere spectator in the arena of ideas."


BionicDanceBionicDance is a talented animator from Seattle who "uses the Internet as a soapbox" to express her views.  She also holds the esteemed position as "Confidential Coordinating First Chief Deputy Executive Assistant to the Grand Poobah of Mars."  BionicDance did not have to deal with freeing herself from questions of faith, but is a prolific and popular YouTube activist who uses her skills to point out absurdities.


The Other Side 100TheOtherSide100 offers a regular commentary on morals, religion, society and life in general.  He also comments on the cowardly YouTube behavior by people who disagree with his views, who submit video responses but then don't allow comments to their video responses.   A musician, Dan is a personable and thought-provoking YouTube activist who shares his personal experiences and insight.  He promotes open discussion and a free exchange of ideas.


Zinnia JonesZinnia Jones is YouTube's "Queen of Atheism" and discusses an eclectic array of issues.  Sharing both wit and impeccable logic, ZJ has been compared with  Maggie Gyllenhaal,  Marilyn Manson,  Carl Sagan, Hillary Clinton, Noam Chomski, Janeane Garofalo, Lady Gaga, Janet Reno, Jeff Goldblum, Lilith Sternin, Daria Morgendorffer and Meg Griffin.  Among other things, ZJ delivers a rational response to homophobia and "transgenderphobia."


The Honest DiscussionerHonestDiscussioner addresses religion with a philosophical approach.  An atheist agnostic. he recently finished his "Philosophical Proofs" series which seeks to show fundamental philosophical problems with religion.  He writes, "Science is the drive to discover truth whatever it may be. Religion is the drive to discover truth when it agrees with you."


Joe ZameckiJoe Zamecki is a regular guest on the God Discussion show.  As the Texas State Director of American Atheists, Joe has implemented the Atheists Helping the Homeless program in Austin, where he spends many Sunday mornings handing out toiletries and food to the homeless who gather under "God's Highway," Interstate 35.  Joe has also been involved in rallies against the Texas State Board of Education's decision to rewrite social studies curriculum.  He has a YouTube channel that captures live footage of national atheist rallies, the Atheists Helping the Homeless in action, and among other things, religious activities.


DarkMatter2525DarkMatter2525 is another talented animator, with over 12,000 subscribers to his highly entertaining and provocative YouTube channel.  He explains, "On May 5, 2010, I became an ordained minister (call me reverend if you wish). I now have the legal authority to absolve you of your sins. If you are reading this, then you are forgiven, my child. (If you are wondering why I did that, think about this: Kent Hovind can call himself a "doctor" after getting a degree from a shack)  A belief cannot be insulted or offended. I'll rarely insult you personally, but I'll never tread lightly around your beliefs, because those beliefs tangibly affect the world. Nothing is sacred. Question everything."


We'll also be joined by Mark, who contacted us to tell us about how he lost his faith due to a family illness, and a relative newcomer to the YouTube activism scene, Matt, of the Aposticism channel.

Adam at the Creation MuseumLast, but not least, is Adam, the Man of Earth, who helps co-host the news segment of the God Discussion show.  Adam is an agnostic atheist who's college degree is biology.  He comments on a variety of subjects at YouTube, but his passion is the evolutionary biology debate.  Adam and The Honest Discussioner (above) joined another friend in attending the Godless Gathering last month.  They visited the Creation Museum, where Adam was approached by armed guards because he forgot to turn off his video camera in an area of the museum containing copyrighted images.  Here's  part of his video series from the Creation Museum:


During the show (access details below), we run a web-based chat room that's quite entertaining, with spirited conversations and some interesting comments from listeners who can't call in. In the event that the phone lines are full and you are unable to dial in, you might want to post your questions or comments in the chat room and Deborah, the host, will read as many on the air as possible so the guests can respond. To participate in the chat room, you need to register a username first. You might want to do this now, so you're ready to join the conversation. Registration is free, but BlogTalkRadio requires email confirmation.  How to register:


Show Details.

We hope you can join us for the God Discussion show on Thursday, July 22, 2010, at 7:00 PM Pacific time (time conversions below). The show lasts for 2 hours but we've reserved 3 just in case we need the extra time.  As always, calls are welcome and the web-based chat room will be open, which we will monitor as best as we can in order to forward your questions and comments to our guests.

We’ll start the show off with Adam, the Man of Earth, for a quick review of what’s been happening in the news.

Time: Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m. PACIFIC (see time conversions below)

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