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Dominionist News Verses: Cindy Jacobs Anoints Future U.S. President

dominon and domination over the earthAt the "Ring Of Fire Convergence" in Jakarta, Indonesia held August 19-21 2008, Cindy Jacobs of Generals International talked about the "7 mountains mandate to change the society" which is fundamental to Christian dominionist theolgy.  In her talk, she inspired her audience to "take over" education, religion, family, government, arts and entertainment, media and business.

Beginning at 5:20 in the video below, Jacobs describes how she called a young man out of the crowd when she was preaching in Mexico and told him that he would be the next president of Mexico.  He claimed that since a child, he was preparing to become the next president.  She also claimed that she called a young man out of a crowd of her listeners who will be the next president of Argentina.

At 6:07 in the video, she claimed that several years ago, she "anointed" a young man to become a president of the United States and that he finished law school and is serving in the military in Iraq.  She told him, "Don't worry, you're not going to die.  You need to be president."

Jacobs commissioned those in her audience to become "super wealthy" and to own all of the diamond mines and oil wells so that they could control countries and donate to the missionary projects.  Speaking of wealth, her Generals International was struggling financially because it was being attacked by four vortexes of demons.  Someone came through and donated a $15,000 matching grant gift, which was fulfilled.  On the Generals International site right now, she's asking for 5,000 "partners" to pledge $20 a month.  As of today's writing (July 11), there are 253 partners.

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