The Creed – The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

The Creed The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

Newly revised and expanded, this is the perfect introduction to the beliefs of Catholicism and a unique and invaluable guide for studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This revised and expanded edition of The Creed is highly recommended for students of Ecclesiology, Christology, Church History, and Catechetical Theology.

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4 Stars The Nicene Creed Fully Explained
Excellent historical discussion on The Nicene Creed. Reads like a well-written narrative: captivating and enlightening. Highly recommend.

4 Stars The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology
The product was as described and delivery was within timeframe selected.

5 Stars Top of the chart
I will use this seller again and again. The book was in excellent condition (new) as stated. In addition to that, it arrived days before the estimated time of arrival. Thanks!

5 Stars An excellent introductory approach to theology
This book is a one volume compendium of Catholic Theology organized around the Nicene-Constantinople Creed. In addition to a detailed explantion of basic theological principles, the book also traces the history of the creed especially during the first centuries and details the many heresies that contributed to each word being carefully chosen for the final product. The author offers the reader many keen insights into the inner workings of the magisterium as each ecumenical council wrestled with the many agendas presented by the disparate factions who were represented.

4 Stars Made the Creed relevant for me today
Marthaler's book was extremely helpful to me in putting the Creed into a context that is relevant for me today. Gender and the Nicene Creed by Elizabeth Geitz, an Episcopal priest, is an excellent companion to it, offering a completely different perspective. Worship is much more meaningful to me now that I have a clearer idea of what the Creed means. Mindless recitation is over for me!

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