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The Bible Slam: Deuteronomy Chapter 20 (The Rules of Engagement – Slaughter the people but save the trees)

Deuteronomy 20 (see SAB's King James translation) starts a barbaric rant by Moses that will continue on for a few chapters.  In this one, we are given Moses and his God's rules of engagement:

  1. God will join the Israelites and fight the battles for them (verse 4).
  2. Various rules are given concerning who may or may not join the army.
  3. If the people of a city agree to surrender; that is, just give up their homes and possessions that they have worked hard for so that the Israelites can just take it over, the terms of peace are that all the residents have to become slaves to the Israelites (verses 10 and 11).
  4. If the people of the city refuse to just hand their city over and fight for what is theirs, then all the men must be killed by sword.  The women, children, cattle and plunder can be taken and enjoyed by the Israelites (verses 12 through 15).
  5. As to cities lying within the promised land, virtually every living being shall be killed, including men, women and children (verses 16 and 17).
  6. It's okay to kill human beings, but not trees (verse 19).

(Chelev's "Moses voice" comes from an earlier biblical passage that Moses had a speech problem.  For a more mundane reading that doesn't include swear words, visit the "about" page which is linked below.)

Discussion Points.

Next time someone tells you that it is impossible have morals without reading and believing in the Bible, have them read this chapter.

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