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The Bible Slam: Deuteronomy Chapter 17

Here, we get a prescription for Bible justice.  As long as there is more than one witness, anyone guilty of worshiping the sun, the moon, any "host of heaven," or any other gods shall be stoned to death.  In other words, non-believers are to be killed. The witnesses throw the first stones, and then the rest of the community can join them.

Again, we are told that Bible God hates animals with blemishes and they're not to be used for sacrifices.

Anyone who refuses to listen to a priest or judge is to be killed.

Once the Israelites get to the promised land, Bible God will appoint a king to rule over them.  The king isn't to be greedy with horses, gold, silver, and multiple wives. The king can't get horses from Egypt; in fact, no one is to return to Egypt.

(Chelev's "Moses voice" is due to an earlier passage that states that Moses had a speech problem.)

Discussion Points.

Lately in the United States, we are constantly hearing about how we are a "Christian Nation" and that our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and form of government are based on the Bible. Our form of government is hardly based on the appointment of kings, killing of people who question the judges or priests, or killing non-believers, as described in Deuteronomy 17 (SAB – King James Version).  Barton picks and chooses amongst quotes and the Bible itself to justify his Christian nationalism (see Right Wing Watch's analysis).

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