Possessing the Gates of the Enemy – A Training Manual for Militant Intercession

Possessing the Gates of the Enemy – A Training Manual for Militant Intercession

This book is a wealth of information on prayer and intercession. It covers everything from the call to intercede to conducting "spiritual mapping" and praying to break strongholds over your city. This book is a definite for intercessors, pastors and other spiritual leaders to understand the depth involved in spiritual warfare.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Awesome for Intercessors
This book really opens your eyes and introduces one to the realm of intercession. It is straightforward, simple, and well-put-together.

5 Stars Cindy Jacobs
A truly gifted intercessor writing a truly gifted book about how to fight for the Lord for your community and this world.

1 Star closed minds and preconceived notions
this is a book written and read by those zealots with closed minds and loud mouths. shut up and let people think freely. hatred is learned behavior and this book among many others of the sort are an outright attack on human nature. don't believe in any "god's" teaching. look at our world for yourself.

5 Stars Great for small group!
This is a good book on prayer and lends itself well to a small group study. It's well written and full of interesting approaches to prayer. It also defines a lot of common terms that many of us find confusing – standing in agreement, binding and loosening, bringing down strongholds, etc. Overall, a good book to keep and study.

5 Stars Possessing the Gates of the Enemy,: A Training Man
I highly recommend this book for all leaders,intercessors/prayer warriors.

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